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Thursday, September 24, 2020

FREE BOOK Beneath a Horse-Thief Moon (Prairie Moon Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition by Elizabeth Clements

Free Promotion runs Thursday, September 24, 2020, 12:00 AM PDT through Sunday, September 27, 2020, 11:59 PM PDT for this first book in the Prairie Moon Trilogy. 

Amazon shows the second book as the first book. Hopefully we can get that straight before book 3 comes out on October 1st.


U.S. Marshal Chase Reynolds is on a mission—to track down an escaped train robber, even if it takes him into the wilds of Canada! Hot on the outlaw’s trail, he follows him into the Canadian West—and encounters more than he bargained for when he’s taken prisoner by a beautiful woman.

Sara Cranston is trying to hold on to her ranch that a band of outlaws is determined to steal from her. A woman alone, she’s “easy pickin’s”—and this ruthless crew is after more than the ranch—there’s a legend of buried gold hidden somewhere on her land.

Sara and Chase have a shared past—one that is full of lies and secrets…and love. Seventeen years have gone by, and the passion is still there between them—but will deceit and mistrust keep them from the happiness they both crave?

Chase has a duty to bring in the outlaws, but now he must work fast to do it before they murder the woman he loves. Can he convince her the future is still theirs for the taking if they only survive to enjoy it? Anything can happen BENEATH A HORSE-THIEF MOON…

I loved this heartwarming adventure from talented debut author Elizabeth Clements.
—Jacquie Rogers, author of the Hearts of Owyhee series


Whistling Blaze over, Chase pulled rawhide strips from his saddlebag and hobbled the outlaw. There wasn't much he could do about the man's wounds except clean them with water from his canteen. Folding his handkerchief over the bloody stumps, he bound them with the man's bandana.
“I'd just as soon see you bleed to death,” Chase muttered to the unconscious man. “One less outlaw. But dead men tell no tales. And I want to hear all about your rustling partners.”
Murmuring to calm the skittish tethered horse, Chase slung the outlaw across the saddle and tied him down with a rope. He did the same with the dead man, although neither was a featherweight. His shoulder throbbed and burned like hell. Blood trickled inside his sleeve.
“Hold it right there,” a familiar voice growled behind him.
Damn, I'm getting old if a woman gets the drop on me twice in one night.

Be sure Amazon shows the price for buy the book as free before clicking to buy it.



  1. Ooh, congratulations! I'll be sure to download and share for you

  2. Elizabeth,

    Good luck and best wishes with your upcoming release.

  3. Many congratulations, Elizabeth!Looks a winner!

  4. I am so happy for you, Elizabeth. Congratulations! I liked this book and I need to read the second one before the third one comes out.