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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Book review: Myra’s Escape by Agnes Alexander

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Escape is her only choice…

Myra Felton’s grandfather has sold her to a banker to pay his debts! But Myra will not become the property of the evil Cosmos Hubbard—she plans her escape… With her future uncertain, she leaves in the dead of night for Charleston, the largest city of any size, vowing to lose herself there. But a chance encounter with a marriage broker gives her the best plan of all—with no money of her own, she agrees to travel to Wyoming, as far from Cosmos Hubbard as she can get!

He’s desperate for a cook…

Anson Barlow fears mutiny from his four younger brothers if he can’t come up with someone to cook a decent meal for them all once in a while! It’s hard enough to run a thriving ranch such as the Circle B without having to worry about cooking and cleaning—talents the Barlow brothers lack. When he signs a contract for a housekeeper, he doesn’t realize that also means a wife.

Love is waiting…

When Anson meets Myra at the train station, she’s not at all what he’s expecting. He can’t protect her from the gossips if he takes her home without marrying her—and though he may be many things, he is not that cruel. But though the marriage may protect her from vicious jealousy in the town, what will happen when Cosmos Hubbard shows up to claim the woman he says is rightfully his? Will MYRA’S ESCAPE have been for nothing?

My review:

I was looking for a sweet historical story to vanish into for a few hours and this book caught my eye.  

I loved the premise of a woman on the run finding herself married to a man and taking care of him and his 4 brothers (a la the classical musical I still adore to this day, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers).  The family bond the brothers have, and the way they envelope Myra into their lives was heart-melting.  I giggled at the brothers antics and enjoyed getting to know them all and fall for them all just a little.  

Anson knew what he wanted in a woman at his ranch but got so much more when his mail order bride showed up.  He was a rancher gentleman - rough and strong and protective, but had a gentle, compassionate side.  He was exactly what Myra needed in a man just like she was just what he needed in a woman.  Myra gave him the feminine softness and presence in his life and home, and showed the promise of the amazing ranch wife she'd become.  I loved these two together and how their relationship was easy and how the 'bad guy' story lines just pulled them closer together.  

There was alot going on in this story, and surprising twists on how it all plays out.  But it all flowed together nicely into one awesome afternoon spent dreamin' in the old west.  The charm of this story swept me away and left me with a happy-vibe as the last page turned.

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  1. Congratulations. What a great review. It certainly sounds like a wonderful read.