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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Prairie Rose Publications: PRESS RELEASE—PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS: Welcome to PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS (PRP), a fast-rising publishing company devoted to publishing westerns, western romances, and historica...


Welcome to PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS (PRP), a fast-rising publishing company devoted to publishing westerns, western romances, and historical romances written by women. (GUYS, don’t stop reading here! There is something for you in their other imprints listed below.)

PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS was opened in August, 2013, by LIVIA WASHBURN REASONER and CHERYL PIERSON, two authors who saw a need for such an imprint.  Usually, when people think “westerns” they think of male authors and male readers—but that’s not true in today’s world. Many women are just as interested in reading—and writing—western and historical novels as their male counterparts; and of course, western and historical romance has always been popular among the ladies!

Their guidelines for submission are easy to follow. They’re looking for well-written stories that will make readers want to come back for more. They will be looking for well-drawn characters, plots that unfold deliciously as you’re telling your story, and endings that take place when the tale is over—not when the word count is up. No erotica. Pretty simple, huh?

Because of that, PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS will be publishing writing projects of all lengths.  Digital format as well as print copies WILL be available for projects that are novel and novella length. Short stories will be available in digital format, only. The exception to that will be short story anthologies that are published by PRP, and those will be available in both formats.

Short stories, novellas and novels will all be available at PRP for readers to enjoy—and for you authors to decide which length best suits each of your writing styles.

Everyone listen up, because these next three imprints are open to anyone to submit to!

When the opening for Prairie Rose Publications was announced, immediately people asked about a line for the younger readers. Because of those many requests, PAINTED PONY BOOKS was born. Painted Pony Books is an imprint specifically for westerns and historical works for Middle Grade readers (ages 9-12), Young Adult (ages 13-17), and New Adult (ages 18-24) categories. Our website is still under construction but we are accepting submissions for Painted Pony Books at the e-mail addresses below.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can—and does. For those who write contemporary and futuristic offerings, PRP has an imprint for MG, YA, and NA—TORNADO ALLEY PUBLICATIONS; and for adults, FIRE STAR PRESS. With this up-and-coming publisher, you’re covered.

Prairie Rose Publications looks to provide excellent, entertaining stories for those readers who enjoy tales of the historical past and Old West days, whether there’s a bit of romance, none at all, or a whole lot of it! Painted Pony Books and Tornado Alley Publications, for the younger reader, open up many possibilities to all writers of stories for the Middle Grade, Young Adult and New Adult age groups, no matter the time period. Fire Star Press is a quality imprint for all authors to submit any contemporary or futuristic story to for publication.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Cheryl or Livia at the e-mail addys below. They look forward to working with you and taking a look at your submissions.