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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New Release -- Her Forever Dreams (A Coverton Mills Romance Book 3) by Agnes Alexander

Handsome ranch owner, Seth Armstrong, has been trapped in a loveless marriage for too many years to count—until his crazed wife, Eve, decides to murder him and their son, Hunter. Though Seth had tried before to negotiate divorce, Eve has threatened him numerous times with keeping their three children from him—something Seth couldn’t live with. Now, he and Hunter have barely survived being gunned down by the woman he should have left years before.

During a separation when his children were young, Seth met and fell in love with Julia Halsey, a woman who understood Seth better than anyone, and loved him too much to see him hurt. She disappeared from his life once she realized Eve meant what she said—but Julia had no idea she was pregnant when she decided to uncomplicate things for the man she loved. 

Years later, when Seth’s two sons’ paths cross in a most unlikely way, Julia comes back into his life again. But will their former lives apart—and the people they’ve known—allow them the happiness they so richly deserve after so many years of separation? 

Someone is out to hurt Julia, her son, and even Seth and his family—but who? And why? Even though Seth and Julia only want to put their patchwork family together as one after all this time, someone is determined to keep Julia from realizing HER FOREVER DREAMS…


The second week after Christmas nonsubscribers to The Coverton Mills Gazette rushed out to buy a copy so they could read the sensational story of the paper’s owners. Everyone in town was talking about the fact that Eve Armstrong had gone berserk and shot her husband and her son. Nobody knew why.
Father Saves Son COVERTON MILLS— On January 4, 54-year-old Seth Armstrong, local businessman and co-owner of the Coverton Mills Gazette, jumped in front of his son and saved Hunter Armstrong’s life. 

Hunter Armstrong, 24, is co-owner, editor and publisher of the Gazette.
According to witnesses, Armstrong and his son were looking over the new equestrian facility at Armstrong Farm when Eve Armstrong, 53, walked in and opened fire on her husband and son with a hand gun.

The first bullet caught Hunter in the right shoulder. His father then jumped in front of him and was hit by the next three shots. One landed in his left side, one grazed his right temple, and the third shattered his right hip. He is listed in critical condition at Memorial Hospital.
According to horse trainer, Theo Beeler, he and two other hands rushed into the barn to see what was happening.

When Eve Armstrong saw them, she ran out, got into her Cadillac, and sped away. No motive has been given for the assault.

The incident is under investigation.

January 7, a new headline appeared.
Eve Armstrong Found Dead COVERTON MILLS—The body of Eve Armstrong, 53, was discovered last night in a secluded area near Rightway Lake. She died of an apparent self-inflicted bullet wound to the head.

Mrs. Armsrong’s body was discovered in the late afternoon by Clete Atkins who was rabbit hunting in the nearby woods. She was being sought for the attempted murders of her son, Hunter Armstrong, and her husband, Seth Armstrong, who remains in a coma at Memorial Hospital.

January 10, a short headline announced the interment.
Eve Armstrong Interred COVERTON MILLS— In a private ceremony, Eve Armstrong, 53, was laid to rest in Coverton Mills Memorial Gardens.

Surviving are her husband of 34 years, Seth Armstrong; three children: Ashley Armstrong Bradshaw of Atlanta, Jessica Armstrong, and Hunter Armstrong of Coverton Mills. Also surviving are two grandchildren.

The day after the interment, Seth Armstrong began to awake from his coma.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Here's hoping each and every one of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family, lots of great food to eat, and a bounty of blessings!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Well, it's here--the very last day of our PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE has arrived. We hope you've had a chance to grab every one of these excellent reads for .99 and free--and that you are going to enjoy reading each and every one of them in the winter months to come!

We have so many great stories here at PRP--these are just a sample of what's available--and we hope you'll choose even more of our authors' works to enjoy! Don't forget to sign up for our NEWSLETTER (on the sidebar) so you'll always know about our great sales and new releases.

Here's one last look at all our FREE AND .99 BOOKS on the very last day of our sale, along with some of our other boxed sets for .99 for even MORE reading pleasure. Get them while you can at these excellent bargain prices!






Monday, November 20, 2017


All right! Here we are on DAY 4 of our wonderful PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE AND GIVEAWAY! Just take a look at what we've got in store for you today from our PAINTED PONY BOOKS and TORNADO ALLEY PUBLICATIONS imprints!

Let's start with JAMES J. GRIFFIN'S A RANGER TO RIDE WITH--the first book in his LONE STAR RANGER series! Available now for only .99!

Nathaniel Stewart’s life changes in the blink of an eye when his family is murdered by a band of marauding raiders. They’ve made one terrible mistake…they didn’t finish the job. Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel is very much alive and ready to exact the justice his mother, father, and older brother deserve.

Taken in by a company of Texas Rangers, he begins to learn what it means to survive in the rugged wilds of Texas. Each of the Rangers have something to teach Nate, as they come to call him, and he’s a fast learner. When some of the same raiders later return, Nate proves his mettle when he saves the Rangers from being ambushed and wiped out.

A RANGER TO RIDE WITH is the first story in the western series, LONE STAR RANGER. Look for A RANGER TO RECKON WITH, book 2, and all the others that follow!

From our TORNADO ALLEY PRESS imprint, ANGELA CRIDER NEARY'S LI'L TOM AND THE PUSSYFOOT DETECTIVE BUREAU: THE CASE OF THE PARROTS DESAPARECIDOS is on sale for only .99! Angela's debut novel is the first of a delightful series that you will not want to miss--for the cat lovers on your list, especially!

Someone is stealing the parrots of Telegraph Hill! San Francisco is plagued with a rash of exotic birdnappings, and it's up to Li'l Tom and Lola of the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau to track down the culprits and put an end to this sinister scheme. With the help of a motley crew of cats, one rat, and a dog, they'll venture into the dangerous back alleys of Chinatown to rescue the brilliantly plumaged captives!

LI'L TOM AND THE PUSSYFOOT DETECTIVE BUREAU: THE CASE OF THE PARROTS DESAPARECIDOS is a whimsical, all-ages mystery featuring a pair of charming feline detectives. Packed with action, humor, colorful characters, and vivid settings, it's a delightful reading experience for young and old!

And for our FREE offerings being featured today--RICHARD PROSCH'S WAITING FOR A COMET is available! FOR FREE! WAITING FOR A COMET is the first in Richard's incredible series of stories about Jo Harper's growing up years in 1910 Wyoming.

During the long, hot spring of 1910 it seemed all 12-year-old Jo Harper could do was wait. Wait for her father, wait for her friends, wait for the comet that might appear in the sky and wipe out the whole town of Willowby, Wyoming once and for all. But when wild west legend Abby Drake arrives in town lugging an orphaned baby calf, an old-fashioned revolver, and a mystery shrouded with superstition, it’s up to Jo to take action. Why is Abby in town? Who is she after? And what secrets can Jo coax out of her own arch enemy, Emily Bly?

Action, humor, and real life history combine for an exciting mystery about one girl’s summertime quest for family, friendship, and justice on the windburnt Wyoming range at the dawn of a new century.

Another wonderful story we're featuring today is RANDY LEE EICKHOFF'S THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY. FOR FREE! This is from our PRAYERS AND PROMISES imprint, and what a great tale this is!

Sara is a blessed donkey with a magical story to tell! She has been with the Holy Family since before Jesus was born—for she was THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY. From the seemingly endless journey to Bethlehem that long-ago night of his birth, to the dark day of his crucifixion, Sara bears witness to the most important happenings of all time. When she saves the Holy Family from two would-be robbers, Jesus grants Sara immortality—a gift she takes seriously. Never far from Mary’s side, Sara vows to protect her from other humans who would cause her harm.

Join Sara and Mary on their travels together in this unforgettable story for all ages. Who can say that animals cannot talk if they wish? Especially one as special as THE DONKEY THAT CARRIED MARY…

From teenagers to Grandma and Grandpa, everyone will love this story told by Sara, the donkey who carried Jesus’ mother, Mary, on their journey and lived out the long life Jesus promised her, always at Mary’s side. Not a Sunday school lesson, but a warm and funny story of animals and people that brings Biblical events alive in a new way.
—Judy Alter, WWA Hall of Fame writer and author of the Kelly O'Connell Mysteries

What a great bunch of stories we've got on sale! Remember, tomorrow is our last day of the "PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE" here at PRP! Be sure to snap up these great bargains, and spread the word to everyone else about these wonderful reads for .99 and FREE!






Sunday, November 19, 2017


Do you love westerns? How about readers on your gift list? Well, pardners, you're in luck, because we have some wonderful selections to offer for .99 and FREE!

If you are looking for some fantastic bargains, we have them right here! Today we're featuring SUNDOWN PRESS, and do we have some great reading ahead for you--and it can be yours right now for .99!

First up is one of our latest collections of 14 exciting western short stories, BEST OF THE WEST!

Grab a cup of coffee and settle down into your easy chair to ride the range with some of the most exciting tales of the Old West you’ll find anywhere! This collection is called BEST OF THE WEST for a very good reason—IT IS!

These fourteen stories will have you standing beside lawmen and outlaws as the bullets fly, saddling up some of the best horseflesh to be found West of the Mississippi, and wagering your livelihood on the turn of a card. Tales that include savvy swindles, gunfights, loves lost (and found!), the making of an outlaw and the secret protection of a president will draw you in and hang on tight.

This anthology is bustin’ with acclaimed Western authors such as James Reasoner, Livia J. Washburn, Jackson Lowry, Kit Prate, Charlie Steel, Richard Prosch, Big Jim Williams, Cheryl Pierson, J.L. Guin, Clay More, and David Amendola.

What are you waitin’ for, pardner? You’re burnin’ daylight! Happy trails!

Are you a Civil War buff? Sean Gabhann's HARPER'S DONELSON is one of the most realistic accounts of those times you will ever read, and his research is impeccable. Best of all? Right now, this exciting book can be yours for only .99!

The first book of this Civil War trilogy begins in the winter of 1862, as the nation is being ripped apart, with both Federals and Rebels seeing no end in sight and hoping for victory. Lieutenant James Harper, a junior officer in the Union army, aspires to command a company—but faces his dismal future at the hands of an officer who will vindictively do whatever he must to keep Harper at the bottom of the heap.

Katie Malloy, a young girl who has been sold by her father to the wily owner of a whorehouse, has settled into her new life as a saloon-girl—for the time being. She’s got big plans to get herself out of this predicament, and vows one day she’ll be more than the soldiers’ whore.

Corporal Gustav Magnusson, a young Quaker in Harper’s company, butts heads with Harper from the very beginning.

But capture by the enemy forces them to work together to protect their men from sadistic Rebel Captain Bell—who wants nothing more than to see his Yankee prisoners dead. Will General Grant’s campaign against Fort Donelson open the door for an ex-Federal Marshal, a Quaker farmer, and a soiled dove from Iowa to make their mark in the world—if they live through it? Three lives intertwine against the backdrop of the battle which made Ulysses S. Grant’s reputation—a living hell where everything familiar fades, and the only thing that matters is surviving—however they can.

But wait, there's more! We've got two free books to feature today, too!

SOUTH OF RISING SUN by J.D. McCall is a wonderful western story that you will not want to miss--and you can't beat FREE!

U.S. Marshal Alistair Taggart has spent almost seven years protecting the citizens of Bleeding Kansas from the lawlessness surrounding its push to achieve statehood. Now, Kansas has entered the Union as a free state, but the violence threatens to continue when the Civil War erupts only three months later. During one of Taggart’s regular visits to the former Kansas territorial capitol of Lecompton, local rancher James Harper enlists the marshal’s help to catch the cattle rustlers intent on stealing his livelihood. But Kansas is just beginning its reign as the wildest state in the Union, and Taggart must also deal with Jayhawkers, highwaymen, unpredictable weather, and those hell-bent on revenge. Taggart finds his job further complicated by a runaway slave and animals gone delinquent, along with his own concerns that age may finally be catching up with him. Solving the case will prove harder than Taggart ever imagined, and its resolution will cost him dearly. Sometimes, justice only comes with a price…

Our last feature of the day is THE OUTLAW BILLY STARBUCK by Kit Prate. What a storyteller Kit is! You won't want to miss this tale of hers! And right now, you can get it FREE!

When Will Simpson decides to turn outlaw, he does it up right! Robbing trains will bring him the fame and wealth he craves—and will also ensure he’ll end up with the girl he loves. But his first train robbery goes awry and he makes a lifelong enemy of payroll guard Kyle Lassiter, who loses his arm in the heist. THE OUTLAW, BILLY STARBUCK, as Will calls himself now, turns his attention to the stage lines and the payrolls they carry. But he’s met his match with expert stagecoach driver Simon Tyree, who is determined to deliver the payroll—along with some unexpected passengers—to safety, come hell or high water. In a twist of fate, Billy Starbuck realizes he must join with Tyree to keep himself and the woman he loves alive when his old nemesis forces him to show his hand. But will his decision come too late? When vengeance comes calling, will Simon Tyree protect THE OUTLAW, BILLY STARBUCK…

Don't forget, we have tons of great bargains available during our Pre-Black Friday sale!






Saturday, November 18, 2017


Hi everyone! We're back for DAY 2 of our wonderful PRP Pre-Black Friday Sale and Giveaway, and we are so excited! Today we are featuring our FIRE STAR PRESS and PRAYERS AND PROMISES imprints, with more super stories than you can shake a stick at!

Our first feature deal of the day is one of our recent boxed sets from FIRE STAR PRESS based on music! This was such a fun collection to put together and very different. Each story deals with a theme from a different decade, with the music of the time woven throughout. It's on sale for only .99!

Some song titles evoke memories not only of the song, but also of the time…the era…the place. They call for stories all their own, and at Fire Star Press they’ve inspired a new boxed set!

From the 1940’s through the 1980’s, each decade is represented by a song that was made powerhouse-popular during the time. In Tanya Hanson’s “NEARBY”, two lonely people in war-time wish for “Someone to Watch Over Me”—but they may be surprised to know who that “someone” is.

Racial tension divides a small town in LOVE AND PREJUDICE by B.J. Betts when two young people wonder what could happen “If I Loved You”…

Can true love happen in “This Magic Moment” when two young lovers fall for one another at CRAZY HORSE HIGH by Sara Swann-Barnard?

Ella M. Kaye’s A MELODY IN THE DARK turns near-tragedy into something “Wonderful Tonight” for a young Pittsburgh couple.

In C.A. Jamison’s A DANCE TO REMEMBER, a burning-hot one night stand with The Phantom, a male stripper, leaves a beautiful fashion designer with one thought—“I’m On Fire”…

Pull up a chair and settle in for five music-inspired love stories through the decades that will take you down a breathless walk through memory lane…

STALKING HER DREAMS is the first in a contemporary series by Agnes Alexander, featuring a middle-aged hero and heroine. This story will have you on the edge of your seat, and hoping for a happy ending! This is one story you will be staying up late to finish once you start it! Available now at a special price of only .99!

At a book signing, Heather Masterson, a successful mystery author, comes face-to-face with a successful rancher who bears the name of one of her fictional characters. The “real” Alex Hargrove is fascinated by Heather, and she is just as captivated by him.

They both believe that they are fated for one another as their feelings evolve quickly, and a simple friendship becomes love in a short period of time.

But in a diabolical mystery plot of her own, Rachelle Albright, an unstable alcoholic fan of Heather’s, has a different idea of the way this story should come to a close. She fancies herself in love with the fictional Alex—and the only way to have him for herself is to rid the world of Heather.

A storybook ending doesn’t seem possible for Heather as Rachelle enlists the aid of a man from the past who’s out to settle the score with Alex. How can there be a happy-ever-after ending for Heather when someone is STALKING HER DREAMS…

For another wonderful story, jump over and snap up Sarah J. McNeal's CAST AWAY HEART, available now FREE!

After her fiancé humiliates her and breaks her heart on what was to be their wedding day, Ella Dubois has vowed never to open her heart again. Nickoli Vesa, a Romanian pianist, has loved Ella for years, but she sees him only as her best friend. How can a deserted piano heal a shattered spirit and inspire it to sing again?

Our last featured offering today is from our PRAYERS AND PROMISES imprint, a story of hope, SHATTERED VOWS by Linda LaRoque. It's FREE right now, so be sure to snap it up!

Annie and Stuart Rayburn have loved each other since high school. Their life is idyllic until their baby dies of SIDS, and Annie falls into a deep depression. Months of therapy help her recover, and they look forward to another child sometime in their future.

Despite his own grief Stuart tries to comfort Annie, yet when he reaches for her in the night, his advances are rebuffed. In a moment of weakness, he turns to another woman. Stu learns his night of infidelity produced a baby girl. The mother died in a car crash, and her will gives Stu custody.

Stu can’t deny the child is his, and he’s determined to raise her. He begs Annie’s forgiveness. Hurt and angry, Annie must face her demons, decide if she can forgive Stu, and love the innocent child, or divorce him and move on without the only man she’s likely to love.






Friday, November 17, 2017


Hey everyone! Welcome to DAY 1 of five fabulous days of sales and giveaways here at PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS! We're getting a jump on Black Friday with our PRE-Black Friday sale--a week ahead of time!

The best thing about this sale is we have some fabulous reads marked down to .99--new and older--and also some GIVEAWAYS for these next five days! 

Every day we will feature a different imprint, but all these books will be on sale and freebies for the entire five days of the sale. 

Today, we want to feature our PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS imprint, which are historical books--not just westerns--and do we have some deals for you!

Let's get started with SWEET TEXAS CHRISTMAS--a brand new Christmas anthology with four stories from the old west, complete with some tasty recipes for the holiday season! You can snap this excellent collection up for the next five days at the super price of only .99!

Christmas in Texas couldn’t be sweeter than these stories of lost love found and new love discovered at the most joyous time of the year! SWEET TEXAS CHRISTMAS is a boxed set of Christmas novellas that will warm your heart and keep you reading long into the night to see how these couples find their happily-ever-after ending! 

With the holiday season in full swing, these western heroes and their ladies come together in a delightful collection of four deliciously sweet Yuletide stories you’re sure to love and remember. Authors Stacey Coverstone, Cheryl Pierson, Sarah McNeal, and Marie Piper have penned these scrumptious Christmas tales just for your reading pleasure, along with a special surprise in each story! 

Each of these holiday tales includes a delectable dessert recipe guaranteed to bring an added measure of Christmas sweetness your way! There’s nothing quite like a SWEET TEXAS CHRISTMAS!

Do you love medieval stories? Take a look at this next offering--our newest holiday set of medieval stories, ONE YULETIDE KNIGHT! During our PRE-BLACK FRIDAY sale days, ONE YULETIDE KNIGHT is yours for only .99! EIGHT excellent novellas you won't want to miss!

Find a comfortable easy chair in front of the fire and grab your copy of ONE YULETIDE KNIGHT from the authors at Prairie Rose Publications! Travel back to medieval times to celebrate Yuletide with these dashing knights and their spirited ladies in a wonderfully romantic boxed set of stories you won’t want to put down! Lose yourself in this collection of eight exciting stories of medieval days penned especially for this most joyful time of year.

With exciting tales by talented authors such as Deborah Macgillivray, Lindsay Townsend, Keena Kincaid, Cynthia Breeding, Angela Raines, Patti Sherry-Crews, Beverly Wells, and Dawn Thompson, you’ll find it hard to put this collection down until you’ve read to the very end!

Don’t miss these adventures of holiday romance spiced with medieval danger in ONE YULETIDE KNIGHT!

Also, don't forget MAIL-ORDER BRIDES FOR SALE: THE REMINGTON SISTERS is priced at only .99 as well. This is a FOUR-BOOK set--that's right, FOUR BOOKS, for only .99!

Brought up in the wealth and comfort of Eastern “old money” in staid and proper Philadelphia, the four Remington sisters--Lola, Lizzy, Belle, and Sabrina--are forced to scatter to the four winds and become mail-order brides. In order to gain a fortune, their sinister step-father, Josiah Bloodworth, has made plans to marry them off in loveless marriages. Time is running out, and no matter what lies ahead in their uncertain futures, it has to be better than the evil they’re running from…

And now we get to the FREE part of our features for today! We are extremely proud to offer our very first Christmas anthology we put out here at PRP--WISHING FOR A COWBOY--FREE during our sale!

Cowboys, kisses and love in the holiday air make for a special recipe in each of these wonderful new stories. Christmas miracles can happen when you're WISHING FOR A COWBOY!

*A Christmas Miracle* by Phyliss Miranda Acceptance comes not through frosty eyes, but from the warmth of loving hearts. *Outlaw's Kiss* by Cheryl Pierson A long-ago schooldays crush is rekindled by an Outlaw*s Kiss that sparks true love, and a new future for Jake Morgan and Talia Delano. *A Husband for Christmas* by Sarah J. McNeal A haunting night of horror and a wish for a new life. *Peaches* by Kathleen Rice Adams When a strong-willed schoolteacher invades an irascible rancher*s Texas range, not even the spirit of Christmas may be able to prevent all-out war. *A Gift for Rhoda* by Jacquie Rogers A mail-order bride disaster! *Her Christmas Wish* by Tracy Garrett Her only wish for Christmas was the man who left her behind. *Covenant* by Tanya Hanson Can a Christmas blizzard ignite love gone cold? *Charlie's Pie* by Livia J. Washburn A wounded man, a desperate woman, a gang of ruthless outlaws...and the best pecan pie in Parker County!

Need more western Christmas romance tales? Well, here's another collection headed your way FREE as well! A HERO FOR CHRISTMAS by Cheryl Pierson contains four unforgettable novellas that are sure to entertain you--and the price is right! FREE!

A four-story Western collection from award winning author, Cheryl Pierson 

A Night for Miracles 
Widow Angela Bentley takes in three children and a wounded gunman one snowy Christmas Eve. Angela determines to keep her distance—until the children drag in a scraggly Christmas tree. Will she find love on this, A NIGHT FOR MIRACLES?

A holiday skirmish sends Union officer, Jack Durham, on an unlikely mission for a dying Confederate enemy. Will a miracle be able to heal his heart and reunite him with his beloved? 

Meant to Be 
Robin Mallory is shocked when she is tackled by a man in a Confederate uniform. A flat tire and a coming snowstorm have stranded her in the middle of a re-enactment – or is it? 

The Gunfighter's Girl
Persuaded by a vendor, Miguel Rivera ~ El Diablo ~ makes a foolish purchase—scarlet ribbons. Will they, and a mysterious meeting, set him on a new path? Can he find his way back to the love he left years before?

We have MANY other stories from all our imprints to feature here on our blog in the days to come, but to make it easy, we want to go ahead and put the "BUY LINKS" all in one place so you can shop for gifts (AND FOR YOURSELF!) easily. Be sure to come back every day and take a look at all these wonderful books and let others know about this fabulous sale and giveaway. 

With winter on the way, you can never have too many books, and especially at this "STEAL OF A DEAL"--.99 and FREE can't be beat!

The old prices still show on some links below, but the discounted price is on the Amazon page.