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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


BY: Celia Yeary
Blurb and Excerpt: A Christmas Wedding

~~*~~Kailey Lovelace, maid of honor in her brother's Christmas wedding, hopes the best man Alex Dunn won't bolt when he sees she is six feet tall and has frizzy blond-reddish hair. At the airport, she almost loses her breath when she learns he's even taller and looks like a dream. If only he likes her enough for the week of the wedding to go smoothly.
~~*~~Alex Dunn, recently discharged from the Army, can't believe his good luck when he meets his partner for the wedding. Kailey is just the right height and gorgeous, as well. He looks forward to a pleasant week in Texas.
~~*~~What could possibly go wrong?

When they finished and all the chitchat had diminished, Kailey walked upstairs to brush her teeth. Alex followed, but before she entered her room, she turned to him.

“Hey, I have an idea. Want to play a little one-on-one? It’s cool out, just right for a game.”

He sort of blinked and pulled back his chin. “You know how?”

The question caught her off-guard, because the entire world took one look at her and believed she played basketball. She opened her mouth, closed it, and while she wanted to say, “Of course,” she didn’t.

“Something wrong? Did I say the wrong thing?”

A smile curved her mouth slightly as she gazed at him. “That was the sweetest thing anyone could say to me. Did you know that?”

“Sweet? What do you mean? Girls don’t usually play one-on-one. I was just surprised.”

“You’re the first man I’ve ever met or gone out with who didn’t ask if I played basketball. It never occurred to you, did it? Or if it did, for some reason you didn’t voice it.”

“No, I didn’t think of it, but I’ll ask now since you do know the game.”

“No basketball. I ran track. Long-distance, anything other than a sprint or short race. I’m too tall and leggy to race the shorter girls who have thick calf and thigh muscles. So, do you want to play?”

He flashed that special grin that made the dimple appear. The one that he used when he was truly happy and delighted. “Yep, sure do.”

Chills skittered down her back.
Celia Yeary...Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

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