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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New Release -- Her Forever Dreams (A Coverton Mills Romance Book 3) by Agnes Alexander

Handsome ranch owner, Seth Armstrong, has been trapped in a loveless marriage for too many years to count—until his crazed wife, Eve, decides to murder him and their son, Hunter. Though Seth had tried before to negotiate divorce, Eve has threatened him numerous times with keeping their three children from him—something Seth couldn’t live with. Now, he and Hunter have barely survived being gunned down by the woman he should have left years before.

During a separation when his children were young, Seth met and fell in love with Julia Halsey, a woman who understood Seth better than anyone, and loved him too much to see him hurt. She disappeared from his life once she realized Eve meant what she said—but Julia had no idea she was pregnant when she decided to uncomplicate things for the man she loved. 

Years later, when Seth’s two sons’ paths cross in a most unlikely way, Julia comes back into his life again. But will their former lives apart—and the people they’ve known—allow them the happiness they so richly deserve after so many years of separation? 

Someone is out to hurt Julia, her son, and even Seth and his family—but who? And why? Even though Seth and Julia only want to put their patchwork family together as one after all this time, someone is determined to keep Julia from realizing HER FOREVER DREAMS…


The second week after Christmas nonsubscribers to The Coverton Mills Gazette rushed out to buy a copy so they could read the sensational story of the paper’s owners. Everyone in town was talking about the fact that Eve Armstrong had gone berserk and shot her husband and her son. Nobody knew why.
Father Saves Son COVERTON MILLS— On January 4, 54-year-old Seth Armstrong, local businessman and co-owner of the Coverton Mills Gazette, jumped in front of his son and saved Hunter Armstrong’s life. 

Hunter Armstrong, 24, is co-owner, editor and publisher of the Gazette.
According to witnesses, Armstrong and his son were looking over the new equestrian facility at Armstrong Farm when Eve Armstrong, 53, walked in and opened fire on her husband and son with a hand gun.

The first bullet caught Hunter in the right shoulder. His father then jumped in front of him and was hit by the next three shots. One landed in his left side, one grazed his right temple, and the third shattered his right hip. He is listed in critical condition at Memorial Hospital.
According to horse trainer, Theo Beeler, he and two other hands rushed into the barn to see what was happening.

When Eve Armstrong saw them, she ran out, got into her Cadillac, and sped away. No motive has been given for the assault.

The incident is under investigation.

January 7, a new headline appeared.
Eve Armstrong Found Dead COVERTON MILLS—The body of Eve Armstrong, 53, was discovered last night in a secluded area near Rightway Lake. She died of an apparent self-inflicted bullet wound to the head.

Mrs. Armsrong’s body was discovered in the late afternoon by Clete Atkins who was rabbit hunting in the nearby woods. She was being sought for the attempted murders of her son, Hunter Armstrong, and her husband, Seth Armstrong, who remains in a coma at Memorial Hospital.

January 10, a short headline announced the interment.
Eve Armstrong Interred COVERTON MILLS— In a private ceremony, Eve Armstrong, 53, was laid to rest in Coverton Mills Memorial Gardens.

Surviving are her husband of 34 years, Seth Armstrong; three children: Ashley Armstrong Bradshaw of Atlanta, Jessica Armstrong, and Hunter Armstrong of Coverton Mills. Also surviving are two grandchildren.

The day after the interment, Seth Armstrong began to awake from his coma.


  1. Wow, what a powerful story this looks to be. Looking forward to this one. Doris

  2. Ooh... Nice cliffhanger... 'began to awake from his coma'. I'm hooked. *grin*