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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Thankful Season by Kaye Spencer

Autumn... My favorite time of year.

These are the months during which I recharge my inner batteries. I reassess what lies behind me. I look to the future in anticipation of experiences and discoveries yet to come as I travel my life's journey.

For these few weeks, the reclusive loner in me sheds her January through September "Get off my lawn!" cynicism and embraces the joy and wonder of October colors, crisp morning air, cooler days, shorter nights, the sight and songs of Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes flying over my house, smaller migrating birds stopping at my birdfeeder, foxes coming in to help themselves to the cat food I keep out for feral cats, and... well, just... *sigh*

The Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas seasons have always held a sense of comaraderie and togetherness for me, which I attribute to the family traditions of my youth. I passed these traditions on to my now three grown children and they, in turn, have blended them with traditions of their own creation for their children. I savor being included in all of their holiday celebrations. While they are unique in their differences, there is familiar sameness, too.

Over the past year, my inner writing fire diminished until I feared there wouldn't be an ember left to ignite my creativity again.  But Cheryl and Livia rekindled my inner spirit not long ago, and I'll bet they don't realize it. So thank you, ladies. Here's looking forward to a more productive writing year for me along with best wishes for another fabulous publishing year for Prairie Rose Publications as well as for my sister and fellow authors.

Until next time,

Kaye Spencer

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  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year! I love having to wear socks and sweaters again. I know it sounds silly but the first time I have to pull a pair of socks out of my sock drawer because the air is crisp and cool, I have a little moment of thankfulness. Everything about this season and especially November, which has a lot of our family's birthdays and Thanksgiving.I'm glad to hear you got your writing mojo back. I understand that too.

    1. Ooh... and the first pair of sweats of the season, and the long sleeve thermal shirts, and long coats with scarves... my list of warm fuzzies to wear goes on and on. LOL December is the month of many birthdays in my family. Three grandkids and my daughter, who happens to share her birthday with her oldest daughter (7th). I tease my daughter and granddaughter that one of them should have been named Pearly Mae, because they were born on Pearl Harbor day. *snort*

  2. If it weren't for the lack of daylight, I would like this season even more. I know we have more than 300 days of sunshine, but it doesn't stick around long enough. (Grin). I do count down the days until Solstice then I'm on a tear to enjoy the winter. One thing, I get more reading and writing time.

    Looking forward to the stories and other wonderful things that will come forth in the coming year. Happy Fall/Autumn and enjoy the Holidays. Doris

    1. And I'm a I-don't-like-lots-of-sunshine girl. I have the opposite of SAD. The sunshine makes me grumpy. I like short days and long dark nights. Happy Fall to you, too. ;-)

  3. Aw, Kaye, that is really sweet--you're right...I didn't know Livia and I had done anything--that's the beauty of life--we blunder along and we don't know what we've done to help other people--or how we affect others at all, in so many cases. :))))

    I'm always sad to see summer go. But oddly enough...this year, I was glad to see fall. Still I miss summer when it leaves. LOL You made me feel very introspective. I remember fall days of childhood with fondness--and I miss them--they seem now to be special somehow--maybe because we looked forward to Halloween, and knew Thanksgiving and Christmas would soon follow.

    Great post, Kaye.

  4. Cheryl,

    It is so true that we don't know how the tiniest helpful action or a small kind comment affects others. All we can do is try to offer more positives than negatives.