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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Book Review: Valentine Angel by Gail L Jenner



Jake Morris is a lawman, but—wounded and near dead—his survival depends upon Mary Hastings who discovers him half-hidden in her family’s woodshed. Practical, determined Mary nurses him back to health. But danger is not far off; the outlaw who wounded him has continued to pursue him, and now threatens both Mary and her sister, as well. More than just an intriguing and attractive woman, Mary becomes the Valentine Angel who not only helped heal Jake’s body, but also helped heal his heart.

My review:

Mary and her sister, Sarah, have their hands full when they discover a wounded man in their shed. Mary quickly shows the strength and resourcefulness of her character by taking charge and taking care of the wounded sherrif. She's definitely no nonsense, and hasn't fully given up on her dream of her own hea.

Jake was wounded by a outlaw he was tracking, and somehow managed to make it to a safe spot where he could find help and healing. And not just help and healing for recovering from the gunshots, but he also found healing for his heart. He was man enough to accept help, and man enough to claim his woman! Who wouldn't want to be his angel?

This is a cute little valentine story to spend an hour getting lost in.

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  1. Wonderful review! Congratulations, Gail. I am so happy for you.

  2. I remember this one well! On "oldie but a goodie"--loved it!

  3. AN "oldie but a goodie"--not "ON" LOL Great story!

  4. Missed this one. Adding to my list. Doris