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Friday, January 25, 2019

Book review: A Kiss in Time by Lorrie Farrelly



Texas Ranger Colin Carter owes his life to a girl who appeared out of nowhere to save him. His gratitude quickly turns to passion, and Cady Corcoran loses her heart to him in return. Now all that stands in their way is time: Colin was killed 25 years before Cady was born. Will these two star-crossed lovers ever have Time on their side?

My review: 

Eek! This little short story delivered some sweet goodness in an explosive little package.

Suspend belief and imagine a dream world where you know the history and feel connected to it, and then realize... You're not dreaming, but living your dream.

Cady and Collin's love story swept me away with its charm and sweet. And those kisses? Whew, I was glad I had a fan on! It's a great little story to escape into.

Oh, and can we just keep starin' at that cover for a while!?  I stinkin' LOVE it!!

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  1. Congratulations, Lorrie. That is one heck of a great review. I know you are over the moon.

  2. This was a wonderful story. I love Lorrie's writing.

  3. Dang, how did I miss this? Better late than never. Doris