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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Book review: Outlaw Heart by Tanya Hanson



When ex-outlaw Bronx Sanderson arrives in Leadville, Colorado, he has plans to make a new start and put his past behind him. But right away, he meets flame-haired Lila Brewster, a beautiful widow who reminds him of someone from the past he’s trying to forget.

Lila does so much for everyone else at the mission she and her late husband, Emmett, started, she has no time to think of her own wishes. It comes as quite a surprise when she finds herself attracted to Bronx Sanderson—especially since she’s vowed in her heart to keep the mission—and her preacher husband’s memory—alive.

With advice from Doc Holliday and a meddlesome landlady, can Bronx and Lila make their own future? When a Pinkerton detective shows up, Bronx is between a rock and a hard place—but he’s determined to quit running. Lila’s domineering brother-in-law also arrives in Leadville to try to force her to marry him. If Bronx is arrested, what choice will Lila have?

My review:

Outlaw Heart shares the sweet story of Bronx and Lila finding themselves, as well as each other, when life looks bleak. Themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and restoration are shared throughout.

Lila has a heart of gold and unconditional love for the outcasts. She also carries multiple heavy burdens given to her by her late husband, all of which she learns to come to terms with. Bronx has a desire to rebuild his life and fix past transgressions, but struggles with feeling lost and overwhelmed. When Lila and Bronx meet, they both struggle with the instant connection, and despite the burdens and worries and fears, still can't help but reach out to each other.

With some help from unlikely sources and some surprises mixed into the multiple uncertainties, Bronx and Lila prove what strength and beauty and faith they have in themselves and each other, delivering a sweet and much deserved happily ever after.

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  1. I always love Tanya's wonderful stories! This one is no exception. Tanya has her own unique writing style that I just enjoy so much, and her stories are always so captivating! Really enjoyed your review, Michelle!

    1. Thanks!!

      I thought it was fun getting to see Doc Holiday in it -- kept making me think of Tombstone and Young Guns and all those kind of movies I watched as a teen with his character in it -- boy, did he get all over the place!

  2. Congratulations, Tanya! Outlaw Heart is a great story.

  3. I loved this story, not only for the characters, but because it's set in such an amazing place. Doris

    1. The setting was pretty unique! I liked the twist with it.