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Friday, December 14, 2018


Christmas is headed our way at break-neck speed and Prairie Rose Publications is doing our part to make this A VERY MERRY PRP CHRISTMAS with a gigantic sale. Yep, we are talking GIGANTIC—with many books and BOXED SETS priced at .99 and some books being offered for FREE!

But snap them up NOW because this sale only lasts for three days---December 14-16. This weekend is when the magic happens at PRP and Imprints for some excellent bargains--not only for yourself, but for those on your gift list, as well, and you won’t have to break the bank to give the gift of reading some fantastic stories!

We’ve got stories in all genres, for every reader on your list! Each day we’ll feature a few with their blurbs and covers, but every one of these thirty-six selections will ALL BE ON SALE FROM FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, THROUGH SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16! So stock up and save – and get your gifts bought right here, right now! What a choice--and you can't get any better than .99 and FREE!

Let’s start off with a BANG! How about FOUR books for only .99? MAIL-ORDER BRIDES FOR SALE: THE REMINGTON SISTERS is a boxed set of four books about four sisters who must run for their lives—but who are they running to? As mail-order brides, they don’t have much choice! This set is penned by Livia Washburn Reasoner, Jacquie Rogers, Celia Yeary, and Cheryl Pierson—and you won’t find a better bargain anywhere!

Brought up in the wealth and comfort of Eastern “old money” in staid and proper Philadelphia, the Remington sisters are forced to scatter to the four winds and become mail-order brides. In order to gain a fortune, their sinister step-father, Josiah Bloodworth, has made plans to marry them off in loveless marriages. Time is running out, and no matter what lies ahead in their uncertain futures, it has to be better than the evil they’re running from…

And speaking of debutantes, how about this story from PRP author Becky Lower, THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE? This is the 1st book of Becky’s “Cotillion Ball” series—a page-turner you won’t want to put down until you reach the very end. And it’s all yours for only .99!

Beautiful Ginger Fitzpatrick wants nothing to do with New York City’s conventional society— after all, she is a bloomer-wearing suffragette who holds a position in her father’s bank! Her mother is determined her willful daughter must go to the popular Cotillion ball and look for a suitable husband during the “season”—and Ginger is given no choice. But when she meets her brother’s best friend, handsome Joseph Lafontaine, the mysterious man sets Ginger ablaze with a mere glance—and gives her second thoughts about remaining single.

Have you ever read one of Kaye Spencer's stories? Well, buckle up for a wonderful, emotional ride in A GIFT OF CHRISTMAS HOPE! Give it a try--it's FREE!

A shooting over a poker game, a family seeking revenge, a blizzard sweeping across the Texas Panhandle—it’s more than the world-weary gambler known as Lady Sapphire can handle without help. Determined to make it to her childhood home by Christmas Eve with her stagecoach full of treasure, she needs an escort, and there’s no time to be choosy.

Neal Behlen, a drifting gambler and occasional lady’s man—depending upon the size of the lady’s bank account—has his eye on the contents of Lady Sapphire’s mysterious steamer trunks. Taking on the job as her temporary bodyguard seems a lucrative venture and a pleasant diversion, since he plans to work in bedroom benefits along the way.

The price of their business arrangement is steep—their hearts—and both are reluctant to pay. What they need is a gift of Christmas hope, but will it arrive before it’s too late for love?
Do you love medieval stories? How about an entire collection of them for only .99? ONE WINTER KNIGHT is a wonderful anthology of romantic holiday stories about knights and their ladies!
You’ll be held spellbound by this boxed set of captivating stories from some of today’s top medieval authors, as well as some rising stars in this up-and-coming genre. Lindsay Townsend, Deborah Macgillivray, Cynthia Breeding, Keena Kincaid, Cheryl Pierson, Beverly Wells, Patti Sherry-Crews, and Linda Carroll-Bradd have woven eight excellent Yuletide tales of love lost and found that are sure to keep you reading far into the night.

This collection of novellas makes a wonderful holiday gift for hours of entertaining reading—for others, or for yourself! These stories are certain to keep you enthralled as you read on to find out how these knights and ladies find their very own “happily-ever-after” endings ONE WINTER KNIGHT…

And now from medieval days of yore to present day contemporary times, Diana Tobin offers up a truly heartwarming story, SANTA NICK that’s guaranteed to give you that “warm fuzzy” holiday feeling—and for only .99!

With Christmas on the way, six-year-old Faith Reynolds is determined to get the very best present ever for her widowed mother—a new husband—but one that would be a nice daddy, too. Though Faith’s mother, Jenny, is not a big believer in Santa, a chance meeting with handsome high school teacher Nick St. Clair might just change everything.

Have you been NAUGHTY OR MICE? In Livia Washburn’s novelette, there’s a chance for true love to be wrapped up under the tree…maybe. Snap it up for FREE from December 14-16!

Dan Callahan's daughter was supposed to take care of her fourth grade class's pet mice over the Christmas vacation—or so she claimed. Melissa Logan, the little girl's teacher, wondered why she had gotten close with the handsome single dad, only to have him back off unexpectedly. But when the mice went missing, the truth about everything came out, and the search for the elusive creatures led not only to unexpected secrets from the past but also to the answers that two lonely people had been seeking without even knowing it.

NAUGHTY OR MICE is a heartwarming Christmas novelette from award-winning author Livia J. Washburn. Funny, poignant, and romantic, it's a charming "tail" you won't soon forget.

Got a Young Adult (YA) reader on your list? You can’t go wrong with C.A. Jamison’s POLARITY--CHILDREN OF THE ORB: BOOK 1. For ages 13 through adult, this story is the first of a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way from start to finish—all that for only .99!
Rush James and his brother, Chris, are “plasmetric” people—a unique life form born of human parents. Their blood cells are alive with alien electronic energy—and living a normal life in the human world creates havoc for those of their kind.

But Rush and Chris aren’t alone—there are others. The Children of the Orb must find one another to survive. Trulie Morgan is the positive to Rush’s negative. When they touch, polarity moves energy, their passion grows, and the battle of opposites begins.

But the danger is very real for all of them--both from humans and from others of their kind. As they search for the answers they're desperate to find, someone is killing humans and animals. When an attempt is made on Trulie's life, Rush is determined to get to the bottom of it--even if it means it could be one of their own--one of the CHILDREN OF THE ORB.

For a Young Adult story with a “retro” theme (and this is one that all ages will enjoy), try out Randy Lee Eickhoff’s THE CHRISTMAS SPIDER – it’s FREE!

Christmas promises to be a bitter time of change for Samantha “Sam” McCaslin following the death of her mother. At thirteen years old, tomboyish Sam tries to fill her mother’s place on the family’s South Dakota ranch, the Bar X. Pressure from her grandparents forces her father to choose between sending Sam to live with them, or seeking a housekeeper to help at the ranch.

When Mrs. Six Feathers and her two children, Sarah and Timmy, arrive at the Bar X, Sam deeply resents their coming. She chooses to ignore them as much as possible. But when Sarah and Sam become the victims of Billy Kincaid’s vicious bullying, a bond begins to develop between them as they fight back.

As Kincaid’s behavior becomes dangerously psychopathic, Sam’s very life is threatened. With only her quick wits to survive Kincaid’s ruthless cruelty, every second counts. Will her friends be able to help her in time, or will she become a victim of Billy’s deadly vendetta? At what should be the happiest season of the year, Sam will learn just how important family really is…

Who loves Westerns? Especially westerns that are only .99? Try PUSHED TOO FAR, the first in J. L. Guin’s series! Here’s the scoop!

James Stone has been on his own almost all his life after the death of his parents early on. Kindly neighbor Eldon Greyson takes young James under his wing, making him a partner in his freighting business—until the fateful night when they’re robbed, and Greyson is murdered by “Laird” a mysterious man James vows to find and bring to justice.

Though years have passed, James has not given up on finding his mentor’s murderer. When he is caught in the middle of a train robbery, he sets out after the outlaws to recover the money they’ve stolen from him. Tracking them leads him to the small town of Eaton, where a bank robbery takes place minutes after he rides in.

With the town’s lawmen killed and wounded, Stone takes over temporarily, but all hell breaks loose with the arrival of Ike Langley’s gang of thieves—and James Stone finds he’s been PUSHED TOO FAR

How about an entire volume of short stories for that western reader on your list? Here’s one that can by yours for FREE right now! TRIPLE SHOT WESTERNS is a collection of three stories from each of three of the best western authors in the field that will take you back to the days when men settled their differences with their fists and guns on the dusty streets of Small Town America. Mountain men, miners, lawmen, outlaws and drifters come alive in these stories that create this great collection of tales for lovers of the Old West.

Authors John D. Nesbitt, Kevin Crisp, and Les Williams offer up an assortment of nine stories of western action that will keep you turning the pages until you finish every last exciting tale! Settle back in your easy chair and snag your copy of TRIPLE SHOT WESTERNS for some mighty fine western reading.

Calling all Science Fiction lovers! Michael E. Gonzales has a wonderful series out, and DARK MOON RISING is the first of the set. Right now, it’s only .99! Be sure to snag this one for the sci-fi readers on your list!
When a quake cracks the Moon apart and swallows a habitat with eight people inside, their survival is in question. Sergeant Hugh Pacherd takes command of the group, his primary goal to protect the woman he loves. Hugh discovers he’s on shaky footing, battling not only the elements, but the many powerful emotions at play within the band of survivors—envy, hatred, insanity, and the love between himself and Dr. Mary Eddington.

Inside the Earth’s satellite, they discover an alien base and a moldering spacecraft. Awakening the still-conscious but disembodied minds of ancient visitors could be their salvation—or the death of planet Earth.

An alliance is formed that both groups may return home. But there is a murderer loose—one of the humans—and Hugh believes the aliens can’t be trusted, either.

Deadly secrets threaten to destroy all life on Earth. Hugh Pacherd is the only man who might stop humanity’s destruction—but will he have to give up Mary to do it?

Nothing is as it seems—not even the valiant soldier, determined to save the woman he loves and the band of humans from a DARK MOON RISING…

One last wonderfully romantic story before we leave our features for today--HARMONICA JOE'S RELUCTANT BRIDE, by Sarah J. McNeal! This is the story that started her Wilding series--a fabulous time travel story you will not want to miss, and it's FREE!

When Lola Barton inherits a rundown plantation, she believes her life has finally taken a positive turn. But, when she finds a mysterious trunk in the attic, it takes her into the past and to a man with dark secrets—and she’s married to him.

Be sure to join us tomorrow and Sunday to see our featured selections for .99 and FREE, but remember, you can purchase all these books from December 14-16 for these unheard-of prices. See the list of links below!




  1. What a golden opportunity to provide the gift of romance, adventure, travel, or fantasy for Christmas! So much talent for so little!

    1. Right, Mike! Heck, if I hadn't read them all I would buy them all for myself! LOL I might do it anyhow just to have them all on my kindle. LOL

  2. Well hey, I'm gonna go get me some of these. I already bought most of them when they came out, but I see some I didn't get and I'm not passin' up this bargain for certain!

    1. At .99 and FREE, you can't pass up a deal like this! And such a great idea for gifts, too!

  3. Replies
    1. YES! So many good stories just waiting for those "bad weather" days ahead! And the price is right!

  4. We've got some amazing bargains here just in time for Christmas. I was encouraging our authors to talk about their books a little bit, so I'll talk about Sabrina's story in MAIL ORDER BRIDES FOR SALE: THE REMINGTON SISTERS. Livia and I, along with Kathleen Rice Adams, hatched this plan and asked Jacquie Rogers if she wanted to participate in a 4-book set about 4 sisters who were going to have to run as far as they could to get away from their stepfather, who they are almost certain murdered their mother and is just hanging around waiting for a chance to nab their inheritance money.

    My sister, Sabrina, was the youngest one of the 4 and pretty unsure of herself since she had 3 older sister who'd always watched over her. Anyone who is the youngest in the family can relate! LOL

    Sabrina really comes into her own when she has to select her own husband--and she doesn't choose the one that her oldest sister would have picked for her. Sabrina goes to Indian Territory and finds she has an inner strength she didn't know she had. I really did love her personality and the way all these stories meshed together and came to a final ending that was just perfect for all of them. Kathleen was not able to complete her story because of some health issues, but Celia Yeary stepped up to the plate and wrote Lola, the oldest sister, with Jacquie and Livia writing the others.

    For .99 you can't beat this set--these are all full-length stories, and I know you or someone on your Christmas list will enjoy them!

    1. This is a wonderful book. I read it when it first came out and loved all the sisters. Each was so different, as sisters would be but more so as each character was written by a different author. The twists and turns of each sister's life often took me completely by surprise. I treasure this book even more as it was the last work that our beloved friend Celia Yeary wrote.

    2. Yes, Linda. I don't know what we would have done without Celia. She was so great to step in for Kathleen, and I'm sure at the time she, too, was having her own health issues that perhaps she wasn't even aware of. I'm so glad she wrote this story and was part of this set. It means a lot to me.

  5. A fantastic deal and just in time for Christmas. I'm going to load up some of these bargains. Thanks, Cheryl and Livia.

    1. Jerry, with winter looming, this sale will sure come in handy to stock up on the reading material! And there are so many good books and sets!

  6. Hi, Cheryl! The Remington Sisters looks wonderful. I love connected stories by different authors. As fun to read as it is to write.
    My novella in One Christmas Knight, To Play with Cats was my first attempt at a medieval romance. I was so scared to write it, but I'm glad I pushed myself because it was fun to research and I do like these characters very much.
    Caterina Glanville is the youngest daughter of six daughters born to a minor noblemen. Her best hope of making a good match is at the earl's court where she is a lady in waiting to the earl's wife. Learning where her place is in the social hierarchy is stressful, made more so by the arrival of a handsome knight.
    Hugh DeLacy has just returned from the Crusades where he's developed a taste for the fine things he's seen in the East. Unfortunately as the second son of a baron, he's not in line to inherit and the Crusades has emptied his purse. When he sets his sights on a wealthy heiress and she seems immune to his charms, he develops a plan to make her jealous by flirting with her rival--Caterina.
    The clumsy, young lady stumbles into his arms as well as his heart. Will he give it all up for love? And will she have him once his plan is exposed?

    1. Patti, I loved that story. All the stories in ONE WINTER KNIGHT were wonderful and all so different! There's a lot we writers can do with ONE WINTER KNIGHT! LOL

      Thanks for your kind words about The Remington Sisters--we had so much fun working on that!

      Merry Christmas, Patti! So glad you stopped by and gave us some insights about your story!

  7. Just three days ago (December 12th), I wrote a blog article about my story A GIFT OF CHRISTMAS HOPE right here on the Prairie Rose Publications' blog. I shared bit of historical background, and I included an Excerpt. This is a spicy story to warm-up a cold wintry night *wink wink*.

    1. Kaye, that story of yours really touched my heart. Well, honestly, all your stories really touch my heart. And it was nice and spicy, for sure! GRIN!

      So glad you came by, and I hope readers will scroll back and read your blog post! Merry Christmas!