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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Book review: The Viking's Yuletide Woman by Cynthia Breeding


866 A.D.

Ruthless Viking Prince Ivar is determined to avenge his murdered father—even if it means marrying a Saxon princess who will do whatever she can to escape him. Ivar and his men take over the Saxon stronghold of York, England, in the hope of forcing King Aelle to surrender. He holds Princess Aethelthryth, King Aelle’s daughter, as a prized hostage---or so he believes.

But the “princess” captive, Ella, is a lowly maid who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She bears a striking resemblance to Princess Aethelthryth who has been spirited away to safety. Ivar’s captain, Bronwolf, mistakes her for her mistress. Though he is attracted to Ella, Bronwolf turns her over to Ivar, as is his duty…but the fires of desire have already been kindled between the captain and the maid.

Ella continues her pretense of being the true princess in order to protect herself from the brutish Viking prince and his men, but her plan is turned on her when Ivar decides to make her his bride to seal the alliance between their people.

When Bronwolf learns her true identity, there is only one thing he can do to save her from Ivar’s fury at being duped—he must find a way to get her to safety. Can he protect Ella from the barbaric Prince Ivar, or will it cost both of them their lives? Will Ella consent to his plan and become THE VIKING’S YULETIDE WOMAN?

My Review:

Ohh!  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve traveled to Viking days, and now, thanks to Ella and Bronwolf’s story, I’m wanting to stick around more!

The barbaric Vikings aren’t warring according to normal rules (hahaha! But of course!) and Ella finds herself playing the part of the princess hostage.  Which may have been the right decision to make...or maybe not…  Balancing between acting the princess and standing up to the Viking invaders, and bowing to the evil prince and keeping him at arm’s length, Ella finds herself also fighting off an attraction to Bronwolf. Which is hard to hide as well as deny.  And really, who would want to deny Bronwolf?

Bronwolf, while one of the prince’s closest men, stands apart from his fellow Viking warriors.  He’s been able to keep a hedge around himself to prevent the evil from his prince to leak into his heart.  And because of that, has devoted men and a presence that draws others to him.  Especially a particular princess-playing maid.  His ability to command, to lead, and to protect just make his struggle-filled pursuit of his Ella all that more swoony-sigh worthy.

With just enough drama, heat, excitement, and danger, Ella and Bronwolf’s story enchants and keeps you turning the pages till you at last reach the last page and really consider begging for just another chapter, or two, or three….

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  1. Wonderful review of a book that sounds fabulous. Doris

  2. Congratulations on this wonderful review, Cynthia! I know you must be very happy about it.