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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Book review: Kissing Until Christmas: A Mail Order Bride by Livia J. Washburn

Christmas is almost here!! And they'll be kissin' till Christmas! I'm ready, are you??? ;)



Shawn Killian and his young son Wes came to Briar Hill, Texas, looking to escape their past. The last thing Shawn wanted to complicate his life was a mail-order bride. But because of some mysterious mix-up, that's what he found himself having to deal with when Abby Demarest showed up. Shawn knows the smart thing to do would be to send her back where she came from, but that would have been easier to do if she wasn't so smart, pretty, and determined. What Shawn doesn't know is that Abby has some secrets of her own that threaten the life he has planned for him and Wes, and it may be that love is the only thing that will save all of them!

My Review:

Ohhh! Talk about an intriguing mix of sweet and mysterious and heart-warming and heart-pounding all wrapped up in a pretty Christmas story!

Abby heads off to Texas to meet her groom... only she gets quite the surprise once arriving there. I adored her strength, her stubbornness, and the way she worked through opening up her heart to Shawn and Wes. The secrets she had hounding her -- whew, they sure catch you off guard and make her all the more desirable and worthy of a woman, wife(to-be), and mother(to-be).

Shawn -- he's definitely a mystery as well and manages to keep himself pretty closed off. You just want to dig in like Abby does and find out what's hidden in his head and chaining up his heart so you can give him the love and healing he so desperately shows he needs, and wants, but is scared to accept. Same as Abby - when those secrets are revealed - whoa baby - they're a shocker.

Wes, Shawn's boy, is just absolutely sweet and has so much love to give. Even to cantankerous geese.... haha!

If you're wanting a charmin' sweet Christmas story with just a bit of suspenseful intrigue, grab Kissing Until Christmas. It'll keep you warm and smilin' from beginning to end!

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  1. Congratulations on your excellent review, Livia. I love this story premise and the title is, well, it makes me smile.

  2. I remember this one well! Loved this story. Congratulations on this well-deserved review, Livia!

  3. Wonderful review, and judging from the blurb, well-deserved. Thanks for another wonderful Chritmas story.