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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Book review: A Christmas Visitor by Sarah J. McNeal

A Christmas Visitor by [McNeal, Sarah J. ]


Matilda Barton’s broken heart may never heal. The love of her life, Sterling Thoroughgood, has been gone three years with no word. Is he dead or alive? Why should it matter to her? She’s spent the past three years trying to save her father, her ranch, and her dignity—but her heart has taken the worst battering of all. Now that her father has died, the livestock has been sold off, and the ranch is in disrepair, her life is empty. When Sterling Thoroughgood rides up to her house on Christmas Eve, is it any wonder she greets him with a shotgun instead of a kiss?

Sterling Throughgood has worked hard to build a ranch in Hazard, Wyoming. Admittedly, it took longer than he thought, but he had to have a good start for Matilda, the woman he’s always loved. Arriving at her house on Christmas Eve, he discovers a lot has changed in three years. Her father, his mentor, has passed away—and Matilda has become bitter because of what she felt were empty promises Sterling made in the past. But Sterling is not a quitter, and he will pit his determination against Matilda’s iron-clad will any day of the week—even on Christmas Eve.

He hopes that the puzzle box he made for her with his special gift inside will prove to her his ever-constant love, but is it too late for that? Can Matilda understand his three-year absence amidst all the loss she’s gone through? Is their love lost forever, or does the peculiar puzzle box hold the key to happiness for both of them? Can Sterling be more than just A CHRISTMAS VISITOR…

My Review:

What a cute Christmas story! Matilda and Sterling were sweethearts, but Sterling decided before he could marry her, he needed to make something of himself. Sadly, miscommunication left Matilda behind feeling lost and abandoned while Sterling strove and struggled to become worthy of her. Years past before Sterling returned, finding things weren’t quite as he expected.

Matilda used her stubbornness and strength to survive everything life had thrown at her after Sterling left, and your heart hurts for the depth of her dashed hopes and dreams. You also find yourself cheering for her as she works through her pride and reaches out to grab hold of her happy. 

Good thing Sterling also had a stubborn streak to keep up with Matilda and kept proving to her over and over his love for her - and it’s a good thing his heart was in the right place! I loved how he refused to give up and gifted Matilda with something she desperately needed.

This second chance love story offers a sweet and short Christmas time heart-warming happily ever after.

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  1. Michelle, thank you so very much for this wonderful review. I so appreciate it. THANK YOU!

    1. (hugs) you're so very welcome!! I loved getting to hang out in your story world again. And am looking forward to my next visit!! :)

  2. What a nice review! And what a wonderful surprise to wake up to! LOL Congratulations, Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. I see you also have some good news with a great review, too. It feels great to get a good review.