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Monday, September 10, 2018

Critters and Creatures #BlogABookScene

I’m excited about this #BlogABookScene. One of my readers’ favorite scenes is from my first book, TEXAS GOLD. An unexpected blizzard hits Lucille, Texas. My heroine, Rachel, refuses to lose their animals to the weather, so she and her brother fashion a corral and bring them into the cabin. Imagine our hero’s surprise when he wakes up in a strange house to find two goats, four chickens and his horse just across the plank floor.

Where am I? Jake lay still and took stock of his surroundings. He was definitely inside a structure. Though the air was ripe with the scent of animals, he didn’t think he was in a barn. 
Something lay across his body, holding him in place. He listened for the sounds of people, footsteps, whispered words. Nothing. The silence was broken only by the shifting of a log in the fire. If anyone stood watch, he couldn’t hear them. 
Taking care not to give away the fact he was awake, he opened his eyes a slit. He could see out of the right one, but the left eye was blurry and swollen nearly shut, thanks to a lucky punch from that murdering pack of thieves that jumped him.
How had he gotten here? The last thing he remembered was dragging himself through a raging blizzard after Harrison and his men had beaten the holy hell out of him. Now the scents of animals, wood smoke, and lavender surrounded him. 
Glancing down, he found the source of the lavender. A woman lay stretched out on top of him. Silky blond hair the color of the summer sun ran in a river across her shoulder and onto his bare chest. Her forehead was smooth and she had a small nose that turned up a little at the end. Long lashes a little darker than her hair fanned across the milky skin of her cheeks. In spite of his battered body, he had a sudden strong desire to taste that skin. 
He shook his head to clear it and bit back a curse as the movement shot pain through his skull. In a rush, the memories of the previous day returned. And so did the agony. Besides his head and face, they must have landed a few boots to his ribs. His side burned like hell-on-fire. 
Taking shallow breaths to ease the pain, he looked around. The rising sun glowed around the edges of the window shutters. He couldn’t see a guard, but he hadn’t really expected to find one. If Harrison was around, a half-dozen guns would have finished the job they’d started last night. 
He turned his head a little to one side and located the source of the smoke. A poorly built red-stone chimney staggered in drunken lines all the way to the whitewashed ceiling. Whoever had built it must have been working his way through a jug of moonshine at the same time. The floor was probably plank since he didn’t smell dust, but all he felt beneath his fingers was wool and the give of a straw mattress. 
He rolled his head to the other side, stretching aching muscles. The room wasn’t large, but it was well kept. There was a curtained doorway behind him and stairs in the far corner led to an attic or second floor. Plenty of places for someone to hide. He’d check them out, as soon as he could coax his battered body to move. 
A sturdy rocker was pulled up close to the warmth of the fire. There weren’t any fancy things lying around. A small plank table with benches down both sides separated the kitchen from this side of the room, but the table was bare except for a couple of books and a guttered candle. Nothing to give a hint of where he was or who’d taken him in. 
He looked to the other side of the room and blinked his good eye to clear his vision. It didn’t help. In the far corner, he thought he saw two goats, four chickens in dilapidated cages, and his horse. There were animals inside the house.

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  1. Great excerpt, Tracy--sexy and funny. Who doesn't love that combination? I wish you great success with TEXAS GOLD!

  2. Thanks so much Sarah! I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. Love the excerpt. Sexy is always funny. Congratulations on the book. It's sure to be a huge success judging from this.

    1. Thanks, C.A.! Texas Gold will always be my favorite, I think.

  4. Loved this book, Tracy. After reading it, it took me a long time to stop wondering what I'd do if all these animals ended up in my condo. Especially the horse. I don't think I could handle the smell. Of course, I'm a wimp compared to those who settled this country. :) Thanks for posting this. I'm sure it will bring you a slew of readers.

    1. Thank you, Agnes! I have a reader who's six-year-old son always wanted his mom to "read the part about the animals in the house." lol

  5. Tracy,

    I grew up on a farm/ranch. Critters in the house wasn't unusual, especially during the coldest part of winter or during a snowstorm. Baby goats or calf in the bathtub. Baby chicks in a cardboard box with a heat lamp. I snickered and nodded when I read this part in Texas Gold. It brought back really nice memories.

    1. Maybe that's where this scene grew from. We weren't farmers (though my dad was) but lived out in the country. We got to help with the baby chicks and the heat lamp was a surprise the first time.

  6. I was right there with Jake, odors and all. Great scene. Doris