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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Book review: Wild Texas Hearts by Tracy Garrett

Wild Texas Hearts by [Garrett, Tracy]


A broken man…
Revenge has driven Wolf Richards since the brutal murders of his wife and young daughter. Returning home with his son, Cal, he faces memories and loss at every turn. Raising Cal alone seems to be more of a challenge than he can handle. He can never replace his perfect Emily—until a rough-edged female falls into his arms—and living becomes a new adventure.

An unlikely woman…
Lizzie Sutter is as rough as a cowboy and as compelling as a stormy sky. Dressing as a man allows her to hire on with a cattle drive, only to be discovered and set adrift near Civil, Texas. When she stumbles onto an abandoned cabin, she makes herself at home. Then the owner of her newfound home shows up and Lizzie discovers just what’s missing from her life—and her heart.

Two wild hearts tamed…
Lizzie hasn’t a feminine thing about her, yet she calls to something deep inside Wolf, something he can’t deny. Being a woman has always left her feeling lacking, until he shows her their WILD TEXAS HEARTS belong together…

My Review:

My heart melted with this slow burn romance.

Wolf and his son Cal had alot of healing to do after the death of the rest of their family. But in the midst of it, their lives entangle with Lizzie.

I loved the way Wolf was as a father, a grieving widower working through the pain, and then as the man who was figuring out what a treasure he had in Lizzie, and then not letting her go.

Lizzie, for being a not typical woman in that time frame, still had her own beautiful sense of femininity and grace, just packaged and wrapped a little differently, and gave her all to Wolf and Cal as only she could. She proved to be an amazing woman, perfect for the Richards men.

After reading Texas Gold, I was thrilled to discover that Wolf got his own hea and I loved how it turned out for him, Cal, and their Lizzie.

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