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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Comanchero's Bride by Kaye Spencer – June #blogabookscene #PrairieRosePubs @PrairieRosePubs

The #blogabookscene theme for June is On the road again.  The travel excerpt below is from my western romance novel, The Comanchero's Bride. Mingo and Isabel are moments away from embarking upon a literal run for their lives from Albuquerque in the New Mexico Territory to the safety of Mexico's border.


Mingo guided Isabel across the yard to the barn then set about tightening the cinches, checking the ties around the bedrolls, shaking and pulling at the packhorse’s load, and making doubly sure the saddlebags and canteens were secure.

Over his shoulder, he said, “Slide your shotgun into the scabbard and tie your bags to the saddle or hang them over the saddle horn.” Hearing no movement, he glanced her way and saw that she stood beside her horse, staring at it.


“The saddle.”

He looked at it, then at her, and shrugged, motioning for her to mount. “, and that is your horse.”

“But I’ve never ridden on a saddle like that.”

Grinning, he swatted her rear playfully then gave her a leg up. “You will have a few hundred miles to practice.”

She made a face at him as she adjusted her reins and settled her feet in the stirrups. “Why didn’t you ride your palomino here?”

“I need him to be fresh when we cross the border. An old friend is looking after him.”

“You’ve mentioned this friend before.”

He heard the curiosity in her voice. “For now, it is best he remains just an old friend.”

“You’re keeping secrets from me?”

He didn’t hesitate. “I am, but it is for both your protection and his if I am arrested. If we are caught, you cannot be forced to reveal what you do not know, and he would be accused of interfering with the law. I will not jeopardize him and, until we meet at the border, it is better you do not know. I ask for your trust in this.”

She nodded. “You have my trust, always.”

He turned for the door, but stopped when she clutched his shoulder. Looking at her, what he saw in her eyes made him lay a hand on her knee, concerned...

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July's Blog-a-Book-Scene theme: Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

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  1. On i like! I just got this box set!

    1. Caffey,

      So nice to have you drop by. *hugs* The boxed set has a nice variety of adventure and excitement as well as romance and heartbreak.

  2. Wonderful excerpt, Kaye, I felt like I was right there.

    I love these blog a book scenes, it opens up so much for the reader. Thank you. Doris

  3. Doris,

    (You mentioned in Kristy's comment section of yesterday that you had troubles leaving a comment--- Well, it's my turn today. *bleh*)

    Blog-a-book-scene is an experiment-in-progress. So far, it seems to be working. *grin*

  4. Ohhhh!!! Love excerpts!!

    And this makes me want to go back to read it again, as if it was a new to me story. But a reread is just as much if not more so enjoyable

  5. Michelle,

    *hugs* I reread my favorite books and I get something new from the story every time. ;-)

  6. I love the trailer, Kaye! Chills! This book really kept me on my toes. That bad guy just would not give up, and this is one couple who I felt for. Mingo is so dashing! The romance, the danger, the suspense! This book had it all. Cheers!

  7. Patti,

    Thank you. I'm trying something different with my videos. I typically make them around 30 seconds long, give or take a few seconds. Now I'm going for 15 seconds or under. *shrug* Experimenting. ;-)

    I like writing the villain, because he/she needs to be a worthy adversary for the protagonists.