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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Book review: Walk the Promise Road by Anne Schroeder



Mary Rodgers has lost everything—or so she believes. Her entire family has been struck down with influenza, leaving her alone in the world—except for her cousin Philip. But Philip is bound for Oregon to meet up with Laurel, his fiancée, who’s waiting for him. Though Mary begs him to take her with him on the Oregon Trail, he resists. What would people think?

Mary’s plan is simple. They already share a last name. They will pose as husband and wife. The wagonmaster is a firm man—and if he finds out the truth, he’ll force them to marry, dashing Philip’s dreams of a life with Laurel. But Mary promises it will be their secret, and Philip can’t leave her behind after all she’s lost.

When Luke Sayer, their half-Indian trail scout, begins to spend evenings at their fireside, other travelers notice the obvious mutual attraction between him and Mary. Though Mary denies it, she struggles to keep her promise without bringing harm to either her dear cousin, Philip, who has risked everything for her—or to Luke, the love of her life.

Mary's grit and determination will see her through the hardships and sorrows she encounters, but Luke’s love will give her hope for the future as they WALK THE PROMISE ROAD…

“With exquisite details of wagon trains, women and the West, Anne Schroeder takes us on an authentic journey of love and hope giving us characters to cheer for and moments of meaning to cherish.” — Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of ALL SHE LEFT BEHIND.

"The most accurate novel I've ever read on the Trail." — Michael Smith, Oregon Trail Preservation Committee

My review:

Take a journey along the Oregon Trail and discover a piece of our American history in a new way. Walk the Promise Road reads almost like a journal that has been reformatted into an educational storybook with a splash of a love story. The meticulous work that Anne Schroeder put into the story to make us feel all the trials and hardships along with the moments of joy and relief really shines through.

Mary, when this is done we will have made a part of history. Your journal will be read by your children and theirs. Lives will be changed because of what we did out here. A new country will be formed. Have you thought about that?

While I've always had a special fondness of Oregon Trail stories, Lucas and Mary's story has something different with how the everyday events and unique trials and adventures are brought to life. Traveling westward to settle new lands definitely wasn't a glamorous expedition. I think I was just as relieved as the emigrants to finally arrive in Oregon City and find a soothing place to be restored and settled!

Maybe the trail is like life itself. If you knew what was in store up ahead, you might not even have the nerve to start, but having no choice, you do your best; and in the end, you triumph through your own grit.

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  1. The western romance genre needs more stories of these pioneering women, whether they journeyed via the Oregon Trail. Santa Fe Trail, Mormon Trail, California Trail, etc.

    1. ha! That's what I was thinking, I wouldn't mind finding some stories along the Santa Fe Trail... and even the OUTLAW Trail! :)

    2. I so agree. My passion is writing "non-traditional westerns" as True West Magazine called another novel, Cholama Moon. It's a coming-of-age story of a young girl set in early California. My other books deal with Mission Indian women under the thumb of the Spanish, Mexican and American rules. I love gritty stories of women that shock our beliefs and expectations. Thanks Kaye for stopping by.

  2. I agree, women's stories need to be told. I find myself drawn to write and read just that. Thank you again for another useful review. Doris

  3. Walk The Promise Road sounds like a wonderful story full of hardship, adventure, and love. I wish you all the best.

  4. Thank you for this great review, Michelle! I really enjoyed hearing what you thought of Walk the Promise Road!

  5. Thank you, Doris. Your books add much to the women's story.

  6. Sarah, Thank you. I hope you get a chance to read it.