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Thursday, June 4, 2020

New Release -- The Master Cook and the Maiden by Lindsay Townsend

Vengeance…or love? Will Alfwen have to choose between them? And what part will the handsome Master Cook, Swein, play in her life?
Thrust into a convent against her will by her selfish brother, Walter, Alfwen hears nothing more from him for eight long years. But one fateful day, Walter’s dog, Teazel, appears at Saint Hilda’s convent. Around his neck he carries the dark message, “Avenge me.”
Alfwen now knows Walter is dead, possibly murdered. He demands vengeance from the sister he wronged so long ago. What will she do?
Swein is a Master Cook, generous and proudly independent, the youngest of a loving family and heir to a powerful crusader and a witch. When he rescues a strange girl from the river, even Swein cannot foresee the dangers and adventures he and Alfwen will need to overcome.
Facing down outlaws, bullies, potential poisoners, a corrupt priest, and brutal knights, Swein fights with Alfwen to recover her lands and title as Lady de Harne in her quest to find justice for Walter. But can they rescue each other from a deadly conspiracy? And will their marriage of convenience ever truly become one of love?


     The bell for Terce continued to toll, and Alfwen detested its sweet intrusion.
     Anger sharpened her, tempered her dull acceptance of convent life into more than resentment. In a blast of sudden added colour, she saw the white and pink daisies by her feet, the blue glow of a kingfisher farther down the riverbank, the glint of gold amidst the dirty yellow of Teazel’s collar.
     He has something pinned to his collar.
     A shadow fell across Alfwen before she could unpin the tiny roll of parchment, but thankfully it was merely a cloud, not a nun coming to drag her to service.
     No, the good sisters of Saint Hilda’s will be hastening to church. I will not be missed until after the latest holy office.
     Alfwen flinched as the gold brooch scratched her fingers, and then the thing was undone. Heart hammering, she smoothed out the parchment.
     Two words, only, in her brother’s hand, but a message to her, all the same.
     “Avenge me.”



  1. Thank you so much for this, PRP! I love the cover!I hope readers will love this as much as I did in writing it

  2. Many congratulations on your new release, Lindsay. Fabulous cover cover and great excerpt.

  3. Oh, I love that cover, too, Lindsay! This was a wonderful story. I loved it!

  4. Love the cover. Congrats, Lindsay!!!

  5. Congrats, Lindsay. I too love the cover and your excerpt this story is awesome. A must read for sure. Wishing you much success.

  6. Congratulations, Lindsay. I love the cover, too, and the excerpt.

  7. Thank you so much, Ann, Beverly, Becky, Deborah, Christine and Cheryl! I loved writing about my medieval cook, who in his own words, “A cook may not start a fight but a cook usually finishes one.”