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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Book review: Texas Rose by Tracy Garrett

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Texas, 1847~


A loner with a heart of ice and nerves of steel. A dangerous, fast gun for hire. Jaret Walker has only his honor and the reputation he’s built for himself to call his own. When a promise sends him to isolated Two Roses Ranch and Isabel Bennett, the woman he’s come to protect, all he can think of is making her his—in every way. But she’s the kind of woman a man like him can never have—for he’s a man with a past that haunts him, and with no future to share.


The moment Isabel Bennett lays eyes on Jaret Walker, the dreams she’s pushed aside for so long suddenly seem possible. She’s sworn never to marry and give a man control over her ranch. But when Jaret rides into her life, she’s tempted to taste what she’s sworn to give up—a passion that burns out of control with each kiss…desire that consumes them both…and a bold challenge from the future that neither of them believed in…until now…

My review:

What else besides sparks and explosions could happen when you mix a hard-headed bossy cowboy with a protective streak with a strong-willed independent Spanish beauty.

I loved the instant attraction between Jaret and Isabel - it knocked both of them for a loop and it was fun watching them dance around each other.  While I did wanna shake both of their stubborn hides a time or two for being more like Lucifer (the horse) than adults, it provided some sweet moments within the chaos.

Jaret's sense of honor and responsibility kept him close to Isabel, even though he fought through feelings of impostor/inadequacies.  Although in my opinion, he was definitely worthy of the home and love that was just waiting for him to grab hold of.  I was so happy when he finally got his head sorted out!

Isabel sure had a strong stubborn will and gumption, which served her well most of the time.  There were a few times she had lessons to learn on when to give in and let go.  But I did love it when she had an opportunity to hold an intense grudge, and she didn't - that was a beautiful gift she gave herself (and Jaret).

The mystery kept me guessing and the drama kept on rollin' up to the very end. If you're looking for a historical romance where the sparks ignite a passion and you're swept into the adventure, this is a story to escape into.

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  1. Love a historical mystery romance, and this sounds like it's right up my street.