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Monday, April 13, 2020


When researching for my latest work in progress, I started wondering if my 1870s heroine would bake a chocolate cake for that church social she was planning to attend. Since cocoa manufacturing was being done in the American colonies by 1765 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, she just might have.

Cocoa is the chocolate powder made by pressing most of the cocoa butter from ground and roasted beans, leaving behind powder and cocoa butter. In 1847, Fry and Sons, an English company, combined cocoa butter with chocolate liquor and sugar to produce what we know today as chocolate.

In 1876, Daniel Peter of Switzerland added dried milk to make milk chocolate. Milton Hershey, after seeing the German’s chocolate processing machinery at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, started his own chocolate company. And the rest is history.


  1. Not fond of chocolate, but seems most are. Doris

    1. You're the third person I call friend that doesn't like chocolate. More for those of us who do. Thanks for dropping by, Doris.

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  3. I never knew they had dried milk in 1876, so I learned soemthing!

  4. My grandmother and my mother used only cocoa powder when baking. Although I am not a chocolate fan, I DO like chocolate cake and I use a recipe from a Hershey recipe booklet that once came with a can of cocoa powder. It's called Wacky Cocoa cake. It's a vegan recipe with no dairy and a surprising ingredient of vinegar.
    All the best to you, Tracy.