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Thursday, October 3, 2019

New Release — In All Innocence (The Innocents Mystery Series Book 4) by C. A. Asbrey

Nat and Abigail have decided that Canada is their best bet for a clean start with their new baby. It’s the place where American and Scottish accents go relatively unnoticed, and newcomers can get lost in a crowd. The problem is that Canada doesn’t have a transcontinental train, so they have to sneak back into the USA to get to the West coast.

They catch a night train heading over the mountains, and are delighted to find it’s one of the new Palace cars, designed to allow people to sleep, and get the remote areas behind weary travelers. The train is packed full of English butlers heading west to join a new employment agency. They hope to make a fortune providing the New World nouveau riche with the Old World class, which they are desperate to buy for their children.

When the train is stuck in a rock fall, they find that a woman has been attacked in the night, and her moonstone stolen. Our heroes decide it’s best to solve the mystery rather than face too many questions.

They unravel a mystery which has evil tentacles reaching across oceans. Will they be caught up in them too?


 “Ma’am, this is Halifax Port. Not a nursery. Why didn’t you feed it before you disembarked?”
     “It?” Abigail’s eyes sparked in indignation. “He. His name is Timothy—and no. He wouldn’t eat earlier. Babies don’t work to a schedule.” She lowered her voice and muttered under her breath as she scanned along the long line behind them. “Much like yourself.”
     The man in the peaked cap rolled his eyes and turned to her husband. “Papers.”
     Nat Quinn handed over a sheath of documents. His normally tawny-brown hair had been dyed as black as a raven’s wing by some concoction Abigail had mixed up from sesquichloride of iron and acetic acid. It suited his brown eyes, making him look roguishly Latin with his neatly trimmed black beard. The same mixture had been applied to Jake’s hair, but when put on dry hair it only resulted in the dishwater blond becoming a boring, dull brown. Oiled flat around a center parting, the gunman looked almost pedestrian.

Special sale on the Kindle ebook, only $3.99 if purchased today, October 3rd, 2019.



  1. Christine, I absolutely love your Innocents series--every book has been wonderful and kept me turning the pages--so much so I forgot I was editing, and had to go back many times and re-read! Excellent stories! Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thank you so much for your support and care on this journey. Since writing the first book the learning curve had been a straight up trajectory, so thanks for your patience too!

  2. Congratulations, C.A.! I wish you all the best with this exciting new release.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I'm just waiting for the first reviews. The nail-biting bit!

  3. Christine,

    Congratulations! Keep these stories coming. ;-)

  4. Christine, I've enjoyed the other books very much and know I'll adore this one as well. Wishing you much success with this No. 4.