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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Creativity (An 8-Part Series): Part VII - Synchronicity

By Kristy McCaffrey

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Synchronicity is a meaningful convergence of inner and outer experiences. Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity to describe the profound significance of coincidence in our lives. Author Sera Beak describes them as 'Divine winks'. Poets and mystics speak of it when they say, "As above, so below." The world is a playground in which to bring forth ideas from the other, known by many names—heaven, inspiration, God, inner self. Creative flow is unlocked when we navigate the world via coincidence.

The world is alive around you, responding to your thoughts and intentions, with none other than synchronicity. In creative endeavors, this can lead to the right path if you can trust in the process. I've experienced this in my fiction writing. The sooner I can focus my story, the better, because then pertinent information seems to flow toward me from all directions. The key, of course, is to be open to the method. Sometimes, the material isn't what I thought it should be. In resisting, I often come up frustrated and empty-handed.

I encountered synchronicity while writing this series on creativity. (Along with a fair number of bird feathers appearing at every turn, a sign I took to mean I was on the right path and the muses were happy with me.) At first, I had an ambitious idea to write about the creative process. I had no idea where to start. I've read so many wonderful books relating to this, but how was I going to compress this into something usable and short? The first step was to take a leap of faith.

And to practice that faith again, and again, and again. I didn't know all the answers, but as I moved forward with intention, the material came to me, either sprouting directly into my mind (the whispers of angels, as some would say) or through a book I came across, or a conversation with someone, or a link I found on social media. The key is to begin moving. Remaining still slows the process. The avenues for synchronicity are endless. And to those who say they don't happen to them—you're simply not paying attention. They happen everywhere, and everywhen.

Be open. Compartmentalizing life can cut the flow of symbolic relations from finding you. Learning can happen at any time, not when you deem it time.

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  1. Fantastic series. Yes, I've been paralyzed by lack of faith, and only when I allow the wall to come down between me and the "everywhere" does the wheel start to turn again. How many times does one have to (re)learn this lesson? Sigh.

    1. Hi Jacquie,
      I think we constantly have to face this lesson lol. We will never 'arrive' to that perfect state of bliss, although we all want to. Sounds cliche, but it's always the journey, and it helps if we always embrace the beginner's mind.

  2. A big YES to what you wrote. I've encountered this principal time and time again in various projects that I've done. This also includes my pursuing my writing and research career. In fact, I can't think of a time when I decided something and thought and decided that it did not happen, just not always as quickly as I hoped or in the way I hoped, but the signs were there. (Yep, sometimes I just wasn't looking. LOL)

    Another great post. Thanks Doris

    1. Hi Doris,
      Thanks! I think if we step back from the grinding of our minds, we would see a lot of serendipity happening in our lives.

  3. A great reminder to be open to what's around them and to just let it flow. Sometimes the muses which just happen along are way better than anything you planned.

  4. Divine winks! I love that! Everything you said resonates with me. I'm very aware of any coincides that crop up. I take it as a sign I'm on the right path. And what you said about keep on moving is so true. Just go forward even when you're not sure of where you're going, because a path opens up. Thanks for putting together this series. Our minds are amazing things...especially when you let them wander.

    1. Hi Patti,
      I love the term 'divine winks' too. I think it helps to have a sense of humor about all of this, because this process can bring sadness as well. Everything's connected.

  5. Kristy,

    Coincidences have always intrigued me. Do they occur because we're paying attention to the possibilities of coincidences, or do they occur so we will pay attention to the possibilities of coincidences? The saying, 'When the student is ready, the master will appear' fits into the overall idea of coincidences.

    Have you seen the romantic comedy,'Serendipity'? (2001, Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack). While it's a romance at it's core, the message of paying attention to coincidences - aka 'serendipitous moments' - and going with your 'gut feeling' is the theme that drives the plot. (Plus it's a fun, lighthearted movie.)

    1. Kaye,
      I've seen that movie and really enjoyed it. Our focus creates a kind of magnetic field, bringing synchronicity into our lives. It's sometimes called the Law of Attraction. So focus on the good!

  6. I believe, when the universe turns in your favor, it's like a miracle from God...accept it, be grateful, and DO something in return.
    The times that synchronicity has taken place in my life, it has made me take a deep breath of surprise and wonder almost overwhelming me.
    I loved this post Kristy!