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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Book review: Guarding Her Heart by Livia J. Washburn



Julia Courtland was on her way west to marry a man she had never met. Henry Everett, the marshal of Flat Rock, Texas, was the grandson of her uncle's best friend. It seemed like a good match for both of them, and the wedding was scheduled to take place on Valentine's Day.

Grant Stafford thought the young woman who got on the stagecoach at Buffalo Springs was the prettiest thing he had seen in a long time. She wasn't too friendly, mind you, but she was sure easy on the eyes. Not that Grant had time to worry much about such things. He was the shotgun guard on this run, but more than that, he was an undercover Texas Ranger on the trail of the vicious outlaw gang responsible for a string of stagecoach robberies.

Fate threw Julia Courtland and Grant Stafford together on a cold February day in West Texas, but it also threw deadly obstacles in their path. A runaway team, a terrible crash, and bullets flying through the air threaten to steal not only their lives but also any chance they have for happiness. If they're going to survive, they will have to learn to trust each other . . . and maybe steal their hearts back from fate.

My Review:

Guarding Her Heart is an adventurously charming fast-movin' little story that keeps you smiling from beginning to end.  Provin' how captivating a Texas Ranger can be, Grant doesn't lack in the sweepin' me off my feet department... er... sweeping Julia off her feet.  haha!  Julia owns a essence that will serve her well in her future as Grant's wife.  I love how despite her need to be protected, she can surprise you with her spirit - exactly what a man like Grant needs and wants in his life.
If you're looking for an hour or less read to fully experience, grab this story!!

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  1. WooHoo, I enjoy Livia's mysteries, now I can add romance also. Thanks for the heads up on this one. Doris

    1. You're so welcome!! I haven't gotten to any of her mysteries yet, but someday!

  2. Everything Livia writes is awesome. No, really. I promise, it is. This one is NO exception! I enjoyed your review, Michelle!

  3. Michelle, thank you so much for this review. I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Michelle,

    I heartily agree with you. Guarding her Heart is a good, quick read. ;-)

  5. Lately I've been doing more reading than writing, and after reading Michelle's wonderful review, I want to add this to my TBR list. A quick read, Kaye said, so it'll be the perfect book for relaxing in the gazebo.

  6. Thanks ladies! <3

    And Elizabeth -- I read it while relaxing on my deck, so being in a gazebo would be sweet too! :)