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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Book Review: Margarita and the Hired Gun by Patti Sherry-Crews


Pampered Margarita McIntosh is not used to being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do—but when her father, Jock, sends her away for her own safety, she has no choice. The long journey from Flagstaff to Durango tests her personal strength of will as never before, and the secret she carries in her saddlebag could be the death of her.

A rough Irish gunman, known to her only as “Rafferty”, is entrusted with getting her to her destination “safe and intact”—something he fully intends to do to claim the reward he’s been promised by Jock McIntosh. With a price on his head, the promised money is Rafferty’s ticket to a new life, and he’s not going to jeopardize that for anything—not even love.

But there are steamy nights and dangers all along the arduous trail for MARGARITA AND THE HIRED GUN, with deadly secrets between them that passion cannot erase. With her father’s enemies after her and the secret she conceals, will Rafferty’s protection be enough to save their lives? And will the heat of their passionate love be enough to seal their future together—if they do survive?
My review:

(deep breath) oh. my. word.

You know that awesome book hangover feeling you get when you've fallen HARD for both the hero and heroine in a story and you just can't quite start another book yet because your heart is still wrapped up in the pages of the one you finished? Yeah - this story did that to me.

Margarita -- she's like her drink namesake - she sure looks pretty, but wow, is there a surprise punch behind the first yummy lookin' sip! haha! What you think you know about her, you may be surprised after digging just a bit deeper. I ADORED her and found myself wishing that if I could have truly been her, I would have have the same vulnerable sweetness that needed protecting along with the same bad@ssness to hold my own till my rescuer arrived - and just the right mix of innocence and brazenness.

Michael (Rafferty)..... ohhhh, that man!! When we first meet him walking down the stairs in the brothel, his presence overflowed the page and filled the room in real life just as in the book. And I was swoon' with the rest of them. The more I got to know him, the tighter his hold on my heart became - until finally I messaged my friend and said, "That's it -- I'm done *grabby hands* he's MINE." LOL. He was a perfect hero for me: strong, stubborn, protective, bossy, little on the dangerous/bad boy side, but yet also sweet, caring, gentle, honorable, a lot a bit on the swoony side. And can we talk about his scruffy face?!!? (thud)

Watching the relationship grow and bloom between Michael and Margarita was so much fun -- I was laughing, swooning, grumbling, tearin' up as each new drama/danger/situation was faced. Each event organically builds on the next making it so you just gotta keep going and find out what happens next! Watching each individually learn to trust and become a stronger, better version of themselves was natural and beautiful as well.

This is one amazing story that I'm so delighted to have discovered. Margarita and the Hired Gun has totally enthralled me and holds a special place on my favorite shelf. I look forward to rereading their story and experiencing all the thrills and delights over and over again.

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  1. Michelle, thanking you from the bottom of my heart for such a glowing review! You're the best and we're so lucky to have you. Being Mother's Day I'm especially grateful because I did birth these characters and I'm happy I can share them and brought you such pleasure.

    1. Oh yes!!! I'm not kidding when I say that this book really settled deep in my heart and earned a spot on my fav list. I can't wait to when I can reread it and reexperience it!!

      And yes - what a happy Mother's day gift to be able to celebrate yet another thing that makes you special today! <3

  2. Oh, I agree with you completely, Michelle. I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH. It was one of those books you just couldn't put down, but you wanted to pace yourself reading because you didn't want it to be over! LOL Such a wonderful story, and how I loved those characters!

    1. hehe!! Yes, I love having the problem of wanting to RUSH RUSH RUSH because I love it and just have to know what happens next, and wanting to go SLOW SLOW SLOW so it doesn't end! hehe! I hope someday we get to revist everyone again!! I miss them! :)

  3. This story definitely stays with you after you've finished it.

    1. I love it when authors do that for me -- when their characters continue to live in my head/heart after being introduced. I lucked out recently and had a pretty long run (7 books I think?) of amazing books that just STUCK.