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Sunday, January 7, 2018


There are three 'Cs' in my life at the moment. The three are Cats, Colorado and Creativity. I'm sure if I took the time, I'd find more, but these three will do for now.

Cats! I love cats, always have and probably always will. As I sit here writing, I can look up at a photo my mother sent me. I was about two years old at the time. Our dog is lying on his back looking up at me. I am holding not one, not two but three cats in my short, two year old arms. I loved out dog, a collie mix, but the cats were something special to me. Even today I have two that share the house with me. Gabriel came to me because the wife of his owner got mad because he scratched their three year old. Of course my thought was, teach you child how to be around cats. But I was the winner. Gabe is so special, easy going and so loving. Of course he is primarily a black cat. (Did I say, I love black cats?).

Gabriella came to me from a co-worker. She was from a litter and no one would take this sweet little black kitten. Since I had an eighteen year old at the time, I knew Gabe would be alone soon. As a result, I took Gabby in and she soon was ruling the roost. She lives life on her own terms, and sticks to it. Still, she and Gabe manage and both bring me a lot of joy.

Gabe on the left, Gabby on the right
Colorado! I've talked about my adopted state many times. I look out my windows and see the mountains. Pikes Peak is always in view, except for those few cloudy days. And speaking of cloudy days, we get very few of those. We average over 300 days a year where the sun shines at some point during the day. 

I also am enamored of the history of the state, and the region I live in. While many areas were settled by people who were 'leaving' for reasons wide and varied, Colorado was settled because the people wanted to be here. Usually it was for the mineral that came out of the ground. What most may not know, Colorado was a large volcanic plateau. Pikes Peak is not a volcano, it is solid granite, but a lot of the area around the peaks were very active. That activity created the minerals, gold, silver, gemstones and more, that brought so many to this region. Also the clear, dry climate was a haven for health seekers even as the gold seekers were heading to the mountains. 

Pikes Peak seen from the Northeast
Creativity!  As I've moved from my first and second career, I decided I would try writing. I love telling stories, you could have asked my mother when she was alive, of the validity of that statement. What most may not know, I've always had creativity as a focus in my life. 

I started performing for audiences when two and a half. I've always sang. I started playing the piano at five, and sometimes still sit at the keyboard. Unfortunately the piano I inherited from the lady who raised my mother was destroyed by the flood. I've written plays, music and even recorded, both as an actor and musician. Yes, I've done film, even directed a short movie. I've taught acting and worked as a semi- and professional actor. 

Helen (Hunt) Jackson at Seven Falls
All these 'Cs' fuel my life and my determination to keep doing what I love. There are other 'Cs' and more, but the three I mentioned are at the forefront of what is happening in my life now.

What is your focus? What fuels your life? What makes you happy? That's the joy of life. We all have those things that make getting up in the morning worthwhile.

ALSO: If you have been following, you know that Prairie Rose Publications and its imprints are now doing a themed 'blog a book scene' marketing tool.  If you are not on the Yahoo Group, just watch Twitter for the hashtag #blogabookscene and if you see it, retweet it. Check with Kaye Spencer if you wish to know more. 

Thus ends my first Sunday blog post for Prairie Rose Publications in 2018. It's a great venue to get your name and work/passion out there. We can all grow if we support each other. Life changes, but friends can be forever.

Doris Gardner-McCraw -
Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in
Colorado and Women's History
Member of National League of American Pen Women,
Women Writing the West,
Pikes Peak Posse of the Westerners

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  1. I always love reading about you, Doris. You're a fascinating person. And one of the nicest people I've ever met. And yes, I still want you to come to Silver City. LOL.

    1. Jacquie, you made me blush. I still want to make it up there, but until I retire, retire it may be a bit. Thank you for being a friend. Doris

  2. People who love animals are always on my love list.
    You said some interesting things about Colorado I didn't know like Pike's Peak being made of granite. I don't know that much about Colorado being a southerner from North Carolina, so I discover it in a voyeur kind of way from people like you. I have been to Colorado once and thought it was a beautiful place.
    I admire your ability to stand before an audience and perform. I would be frozen to the spot and wouldn't be able to speak one syllable of intelligence, let alone an entire dialogue.
    So many things make me happy: my cat and dog, my family and friends, peace and solitude, gratitude for the blessings I've been given, good music, and the ability to create stories.
    Thank you for mentioning PRP's book blog.
    As always, I enjoyed reading your post. You always bring up something unique to discuss and think about. All the best to you, Doris.

    1. Sarah, I agree with your statement about people who love animals.
      I guess, since I love my adopted state so much, I just love to share it's specialness with others. I am glad you can enjoy it through my eyes. I do like visiting the south, but the mountains always call me back. *Sigh*. As for being in front of people, it's almost like breathing to me. It is just something I do. I guess in many ways that is a blessing when you want to share stories about people you admire. Like me performing as Helen, or Katharine. I so appreciate your support and kind words. Guess that's why I love being a part of PRP. Doris

  3. You're making me want to move to Colorado. I love my cat and my little dog. I think all pets but especially cats (at least in our house) are healers. There's nothing like walking around with her in our arms! I think those of us that have a strong creative streak are blessed and you sound VERY blessed. One thing we'll always be able to do, no matter how old or feeble we may become, is write. Thanks for plugging the blog a book scene, which reminds me I wanted to do that today.

    1. Patti, when I first visited Colorado, I had no intention of living here, but when I came back the second time, well, I've not left. LOL.

      I agree, my cats keep me calm, happy and they inspire my creativity. I also agree, we can write, no matter what our age. In so many ways, I've lead a very blessed and happy life. Not perfect and not without problems, but overall, I've been blessed.

      Look forward to the scene and will be watching on twitter. Cool. Doris

  4. Doris,
    I love that your cats are named Gabe and Gabby!! Do you ever get them mixed up? Haha. I value my family, my pets, and a regular and quiet routine. That's the best sustenance for my creative life. Happy 2018!

    1. Kristy, When I got Gabe he already had the name Gabriel and I loved it. When I got Gabby, it was just natural, plus she chose, the name Gabriella.

      I'm a bit envious of your quiet routine, but I have no one but myself to blame. Still, the 'brats' help to keep me sane. (although some doubt that, (HA HA HA) Hope you also have a great 2018! Doris

  5. Doris,

    I'm a native to Colorado, and even though I've lived in other states, Colorado is where my heart has always been. I'm an animal lover, too. I have lots of cats and two dogs that have access to a large yard via two pet doors. My focus for the last few years has been grandchildren and writing.

    Life. Is. Good.


    1. I can understand your loving Colorado. It got under my skin and into my bloodstream.

      Because of the traffic in my area, my two don't go outside, but they don't seem to miss it. Still, when I lived in a small town, my cats did go out.

      I for one am glad you are focusing on writing. We get to read them. Of course grandchildren are always the most important, along with children.

      You are correct. Life. Is. Good! *hugs back* Doris

  6. Doris, I'd commented the other day though it took a while since my one eye is fuzzy but getting better. I hit the publish button but obviously it didn't work.--must have thought I hit it. Pretty soon I'll see better. I loved this three C blog. I love all animals, mostly dogs, but then cats too, and your two are adorable. Have never been to CO, but look forward to it someday. As always in your blogs, I so enjoyed your trip through CO as I felt as if I were there with your descriptions. Thank you. This will have to hold me till I get there. Keep writing your great stories and hoping 2018 is full of joy.

    1. Thank you Bev. You just made my Wednewday. I confess, I do love my cats, and my adopted state. Both are inspirations for my writing.

      I hope you get to see Colorado soon and you eye gets better. May your year and the years to follow bring you joy, love and a lot of fun creative outlets. Doris