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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Three Days of One Knight Stands - Saturday

Lindsay Townsend – Sir Thomas and the Snow Troll
Two lost souls, striving through long winter nights and days, find each other—but can they begin to truly live?

Sir Thomas no longer knows who he is, or even who his natural father is. Adrift, Thomas sets out on a winter journey to discover more, finding adventure and passion on the way that he ever expected. Fiery Ruth, a young woman who has escaped a terrible servitude to live alone in the northern forest, is proud of her independence from all others...but can Thomas protect her from the dreaded and terrible Snow Troll?

Deborah Macgillivray — ARROW TO THE HEART (a Dragons of Challon ™ novella)

In the season of Yuletide, when the Holly and Oak Kings battle, the magic of love can be an arrow to the heart.

Fletcher St. Giles had always felt alone.  But being a bastard rarely troubled his mind…until Lady Geljon Seacrest came to the mighty fortress of Coinnleir Wood.  Though Geljon was betrothed to another, she vexed him at every turn, following him like a shadow.  With little to offer a woman of her station, Fletcher kept his distance.  Only, denied love became an arrow to the heart.  In the season of Yuletide, all things are possible…and even wishes of the heart can be granted.

Patti Sherry-Crews  To Play With Cats

Will he give up his dreams to follow his heart?

Caterina Glanville is sent to live in the household of the earl in order to make a match. Life at the castle is not easy—and is complicated by the arrival of a handsome knight just before Christmas. Sir Hugh De Lacy is determined to make his own fortune. Rebuffed by a lady who can give him both wealth and title, he gets her attention by courting Cat. But Cat is a match that speaks to his heart. Will he choose wealth over love?  And when Cat finds she's been used, can she forgive Hugh?

Cynthia Breeding – Capture Her Heart

She had no idea her captor would capture her heart.

When Kaitlin Coltan is abducted, she assumes Adair MacDouglas is after a ransom.  Instead, her captor tells her he is after something far more important—revenge.  Kaitlin’s brother has taken Adair’s sister’s virginity—and returning Kate to her family ruined is the only just reward he can think of. But Adair is increasingly attracted to her and less willing to seek revenge, after all. Now, he must explain that to Kaitlin’s father and brother when they catch up to him—with a sword at his throat.

 Linda Carroll-Bradd – A Promise Kept

Will opposing political beliefs and family loyalty keep the lovers apart?

Thordia Ulfsdottir can’t wait for her brother to request payment for the sword he crafted—the money is needed for food. She demands an audience with the earl, but is thwarted by a knight. Rory MacGuignard flirts, thinking she’s come to provide entertainment. Realizing his mistake, Rory arranges a temporary job for this poor, but proud, woman. 

Time spent in his company softens Thordia’s heart, but political upheaval and family loyalty rip them apart. Can Thordia find a way back to Rory’s side?

 Beverly Wells — The Chalice 

Might the quest for the Chalice finally bring these two lonely, longing hearts together?

A brave, valiant knight he be, yet a foolish, vain man when faced with true love. She had loved him from afar, but could she now injure him to aid her mother? Might the quest for the chalice finally bring these two lonely, longing hearts together?

Cheryl Pierson My Forever Love

She only wants to marry her forever love…is that too much to ask?

Her mother’s plans for an arranged marriage send Noelle Breasal running into the woods to fend for herself at a nearby cabin. When a wounded soldier shows up in a snowstorm, she has no choice but to care for him—even when she realizes he may be the man she’s avoiding. Logan O’Malley swears to defend her from an evil rival for her hand, Dalon McTierney, when he finds them at the cottage

 An unavoidable fight to the death may see Noelle losing her forever love before she has a chance to claim him!

Keena Kincaid – Beyond All Else

His honor is the only reason she is alive, but his misplaced chivalry could get them both killed.

War. Murder. Alais of Roundtree hides amidst the chaos of civil war, stealing her daily bread and barely keeping ahead of pursuers. Grym, Earl of Warfield, finds the captured female thief an amusing break from the hunt for his brother’s murderer—until he realizes she has information he needs. Honor dictates his actions, but his interest in the thief takes a turn just as his brother’s killer targets him. 

Will he listen to Alais’s warnings or will he hold to honor and lose everything?

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Saturday’s Question:  
Would you like to go back into Medieval Times?
Why yes or no?
Be sure to come back on Sunday 

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  1. Nope. LOL the lack of indoor plumbing, hospitals and electricity would make things very difficult. For simplicity yes. Callie Pyke

  2. Realistically, only the wealthy could truly enjoy medieval times with its pomp and pagentry--as long as one hand was over their heart and the other over their sword. I love the chivalry and grace, but not the dire poverty and gloom for most of the common folk. I guess I'm a modern girl with a romantic heart.

  3. I love the period, and might like to visit, but I have to agree I want my creature comforts of hot water, heating and cooling and

  4. Is my travel ticket return or one way? I'd love to visit for a short time (maybe not in winter). There are still many things we don't know about everyday life like did women wear underwear! And I'm a foodie and the food for the wealthy looks almost exotic: they really loved their sauces. But as an introvert, I think the lack of privacy would get to me. Privacy as we know it was not a concept in a time where people slept in the same room or maybe even used communal toilets.
    I've read every story in this anthology I have the pleasure of being in, and loved all the stories! Perfect read for a snowy day.

  5. I would like to go back for a SHORT time, just to see it in person. But, truthfully? I don't think I could stand their treatment of animals and even sometimes, of other human beings. It was a different time, for sure--and the way we see things now in those areas was not something they did then. Those were some brutal, brutal times. Also, I would miss the privacy, as Patti mentioned, and my central heat and air. LOL Oh, and so many other things--conveniences we have today. So yes, I'd go back for a short time, as long as I knew I was coming back to my present time! LOL

  6. To visit, yes, it would be fascinating. To stay, no thanks. Imagine the dentistry!

  7. I think I'd have to agree with most comments above. I'd love to go back to that time and stay to see what it really was like, but I too would want a ticket to get home to today's date. When I visited Scotland and Ireland a few years ago I visited a bunch of castles from the the parapets to the dungeons and loved every second. I tried to find the ghost in one--I think she was on vacation. And then I got to sleep in one and couldn't have more delighted. Being a nurse I think of the illnesses and diseases, the poor hygiene and the unfair treatments and staus of most women and cringe. But I can dream and read Medievals to transport me back in time. Thanks again, Deborah, for doing these three days of blog.

  8. I would want to go back to find the truth of some myths and folk tails, but no to having to stay. *Smile* Doris

  9. It might be interesting to see what life was like in Medieval times, but I doubt I would want to stay since women were subservient to men and there was no indoor plumbing or antibiotics. It's a romantic notion to go this far back in time when men had to be ambitious, fit, and,hopefully, madly in love. I love to read romance stories in this time even though I would never fit into that social or cultural realm.

  10. No. It’s fun to read about but the reality of everyday life would be horrible.

  11. A day at a medieval market would be fun, but I’d want to be home by night fall. Vermin lived in those sheets.

  12. Not really,my life is too reliant on modern medicine. I need hypertension meds and glaucoma check ups to keep it under control. Also, I have to admit to loving my indoor plumbing and hot water showers. Go ahead, call me a whimp! But I love to read about my medieval heros!