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Friday, December 8, 2017

Three Days of One Knight Stands - Friday

Deborah Macgillivray   — The Selkie’s Daughter  (a Dragons of Challon novella) 
Sir Rhys de Valyer, on his way to Scotland to join his liege, Julian Challon, becomes lost in a blinding snowstorm. But this is only the start of his troubles. In a brutal ambush, he and his men are attacked and left for dead. Rhys only escapes the horrible fate due to his trusted steed, who manages to drag him away from the battle. Fearing death’s approach, he never expects a beautiful snow angel to come to his rescue.

After being cast out by her family for being the bastard child of a Selkie, Annys Bràigheach has made her life in the sanctuary of Rowenwood Forest, far away from the world. In spite of her acceptance of the solitary life, her heart still yearns for more. To her surprise, after making a Yuletide wish, she discovers a handsome knight, clinging desperately to his horse, half-frozen with two arrows piercing his body. Her healing skills may save him, but can she reach his heart?
Magic can happen at Yuletide if only you can believe….

 Keena Kincaid An Unexpected Gift 
When Meryk the Outlaw finds a badly beaten woman beside the road, he almost rides on. With a price on his head and a winter storm raging, even a short delay could cost him everything. But when he discovers she’s ready to give birth, he takes the risk and vows to protect her.

Ada of Bew doesn’t want the outlaw’s help—much less his protection—but she has no choice. Unable to run any farther and ready to give birth, she must place her faith in this stranger…or die at the hands of the men who want to kill her unborn son.

In the struggle against the cold and would-be kings, Meryk and Ada discover love is the most unexpected gift of all, but will they survive long enough to claim it?

Livia J. Washburn Keepsake 
Sir Hugh Tarrant returns home from war with a limp from an enemy's sword and a hole in his heart from the death of his beloved. Lady Margaret Dillon is filled with anger at the man she believes deserted her sister. On a stormy Christmas Eve night filled with danger, fate throws them together and makes unexpected allies of them. Will passion ignite as a result...or will they survive to find out?

Angela Raines Lost Knight
Annalisa has lost everything to her uncle. Taking sanctuary in a convent for safety, she yearns to go back and reclaim her rightful place. When she discovers a seriously wounded man, she realizes that he might be the one who can help her.

Jack wakes up in a convent, wounded and fearing for his own sanity. The last thing he remembers is a firefight in the Middle East, and the pain of being shot. Waking up centuries in the past is not what he expects—but Jack has his own code of honor, and when Annalisa asks for his help, there’s no way he can turn her down.

With the help of Mother Albrade, a nun who has powerful visions and knowledge of the future, Jack and Annalisa begin a journey of discovery and bravery that just might change both their lives—or end them.

Tanya HansonCanticle
To save her family’s fortunes, Lady Alisoun must wed an elderly earl the day after Christmas. But in the chapel on Christmas Eve, her heart collides with that of an elegant, mysterious stranger. Is he…one of King John’s spies?

Raised in a monastery, Lord Kitt has no experience with love, but finds his heart lost to a lovely lady. Yet he cannot succumb, for the day after Christmas, he must marry a woman he has never met.

Lindsay Townsend Sir Baldwin and the Christmas Ghosts
Ambitious and arrogant, the young knight Sir Baldwin returns to his family’s lands and estate at Brigthorpe to face disaster. The pestilence has struck, destroying his parents and all his family save for a young half-brother, Martin, whom Baldwin does not wish to acknowledge because Martin is the bastard child of a serf. Baldwin needs to learn kindness and how to be a lord–and quickly.

Into this hopeless situation comes Sofia, a young woman who can see glimpses of spirits, of the restless dead. These revenants are very restless around Sir Baldwin.

Somehow, Baldwin and Sofia must work together, to make a true Christmas for the survivors of Brigthorpe and the Christmas ghosts.  Can they do so in time—or will the gulf of class and custom make any love between them impossible?

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Friday’s Question:  
What do you enjoy about Medieval Romances?

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  1. Since I have all three of these books and could kick myself for not being part of ONE CHISTMAS KNIGHT, but wised up and joined the next two, I will still answer your question. Medievals take me back to a place of big castles, proud, strong and determined women(though they had little rights)and men who were strong, brave, gallant and with purpose. Oh, and knights wore chain mail. And I'm a sucker for that vision. I especially like reading Medieval anthologies--so many stories, each totally different yet each transport me to another realm. Nice blog, Deborah.

  2. I have these books. Haven't gotten to them yet, but eager to dig in. I love Medieval stories, so I'm eager to get started reading them.
    I hope y'all have huge sales. All the best to all of you...

  3. Thank you for doing this, Deborah! (One Knight Stand, love it!). I'm reading One Yuletide Knight now and enjoying it very much. Great stories! I think because I grew up in the age of westerns on TV and movies like Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, much of my fantasy life was filled with cowboys and knights (some similarities, I think). Later, I studied archaeology at University of Wales. You can't go far in Wales without running into a castle, so I spent a lot of time exploring castle ruins (Beaumaris is my favorite). I couldn't help but try to imagine the empty walls filled with floors, furnishings, and people.

  4. I enjoy the adventure and magic in medieval stories, the high stakes, courtly love, the courage of medieval women and bravery of medieval peasants, toiling on assart land to win their freedom. I like knights, too, especially younger sons who don't get everything handed to them, and clever, resourceful damsels

  5. It's love, love, love from me. Love the heroes. Love the heroines. Love the anthologies. Great blog.

  6. Deborah, thanks so much for coming up with this wonderful idea for these fantastic stories--I tell you, Livia and I have had so much fun with our medieval authors and tales that we've published--so glad to have each and every one of our authors!

    There's a lot to learn about writing medieval stories, as I found out when I wrote mine. LOL Not sure if I'll try another one--I love them so much, but am by no means an expert on the times as so many of our authors are, but still it was fun to write ONE, anyway.

    What do you enjoy about medieval romance? Hmmm...can I just say, everything? LOL Love the knights, the ladies, the times and of course, the villainous men that are being "dealt with" by the dashing heroes of the stories.

    Thanks so much for putting this promotion together--that graphic you put together is just wonderful, too!

  7. Well for one thing I love the medieval era in general. When it comes down to the medieval romances I especially love the male hero’s character. They are strong and even though they may come of a bit gruff at times they usually have a soft spot in their hearts when it comes down to the Heroine.

  8. I love the clash of cultures, the seeking of truth and of course the journey to love. Doris

  9. Congratulations, again, ladies! A wonderful collection for those who love a knight in shining armor.

  10. I love the escape to a simpler time when chivalry was something lived and not just written about.Thd handsome hero riding in on his just as handsome trusty steed. I love the obligatory HEA, I don't read to turn the last page to be depressed. It was a time of both beauty and of desperation.