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Monday, August 21, 2017



All good things must come to an end, but in this case, the end is only the beginning. Today is ECLIPSE DAY—y’all be sure to get your special glasses! And speaking of beginnings, hopefully by now you have all snapped up every one of these wonderful bargains and have them to look forward to reading as things start to cool off some and summer draws to a close.


And, this is also a chance for us to give you all a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all the support you’ve give PRP and IMPRINTS over the last four years!

What are we featuring today? LET’S FIND OUT…

How about SOUTH OF RISING SUN by J.D. McCall, since the “sun” is a big theme for us right now! At just .99 right now, you can’t pass this one up!

U. S. Marshal, Alistair Taggart, has spent almost seven years protecting the citizens of Bleeding Kansas from the lawlessness surrounding its push to achieve statehood. Now, Kansas has entered the Union as a free state, but the violence threatens to continue when the Civil War erupts only three months later.

During one of Taggart's regular visits to the former Kansas territorial capital of Lecompton, local rancher, James Harper, enlists the marshal's help to catch the cattle rustlers intent on stealing his livelihood. But Kansas is just beginning its reign as the wildest state in the Union, and Taggart must also deal with Jayhawkers, highwaymen, unpredictable weather and those hell-bent on revenge. Taggart finds his job further complicated by a runaway slave and animals gone delinquent, along with his own concerns that age may finally be catching up with him.

Solving the case will prove harder than Taggart ever imagined, and its resolution will cost him dearly. Sometimes, justice only comes with a price.

If you’re in the mood for something a little “weird”, try MILE MARKER 59 by B.J. Betts! It’s FREE right now, and talk about one of those books that will keep you guessing—this one certainly WILL!

In one fateful moment, Marissa Daniels loses everything—her fiancĂ©, her best friends, and her sanity. Everyone in the small town of Cutter’s Bend, Iowa, knows about the many car accidents that happen at MILE MARKER 59…and about the sightings of a huge wolf at that very spot. But what is known as local legend is very real to Marissa—she knows what she saw at the moment her fiancĂ© lost control of the car—the moment everything changed in her life.

Strange dreams lead her to only one conclusion: she must discover what really happened that night. With the help of the local sheriff, Michael Morris, and the victim of yet another near-tragic wreck at MILE MARKER 59, secrets are uncovered—and spells are finally broken.

Can Marissa face a supernatural danger more powerful than anything she ever could imagine? Asking Michael to help her unravel the mystery of the Sioux curse that exists in that spot could lead to his death—and hers.

The occurrences at MILE MARKER 59 are what holds this little town’s secrets in silence—and what could rip Marissa’s life apart…

Do you love zombie stories? If so, here's a thriller by Jackson Lowry. PUNISHED BOOK 1: UNDEAD is the first of a trilogy—and it will scare you silly. Where else can you get this kind of excitement for only .99?
The day the Yankees came and took everything from wealthy landowner Vincent Bayonne was a day he’d never forget—how could he live with the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to his wife and children? Forced to watch as his plantation was burned to the ground by one of the slaves, Bayonne has sunk to the bottom of the barrel. A drunkard who has only his consuming hatred to sustain him, he makes his way from Louisiana to San Francisco, barely managing to survive on the Barbary Coast.

Just when he thinks he has nothing to live for, he discovers that William Sherman, the former slave who torched his home, is alive and well—and Sherman bears a hatred for his former master to match Bayonne’s. When Sherman bests Bayonne in a fight, the once-wealthy Southerner wakes up in a coffin, prepared for a fate he could never have imagined.

Hatred fuels Bayonne’s survival, but Sherman has cursed his nemesis with powerful voodoo magic that dooms him to an eternity of only half-living in the twilight existence of a zombie. Can an old Chinaman provide the answers Bayonne needs to survive in the world of the UNDEAD?

How about some lighter fare? Have you ever read any of Sarah McNeal’s Wilding family books? FLY AWAY HEART is one that will captivate you from the very first page. Right now, this story is one of the very best bargains around—it’s FREE! Don’t pass it up!

The Great Depression…Rum Runners and Old Fears…Love Against the Odds

Lilith Wilding can’t remember a time when she didn’t love the English born Robin Pierpont, but she knows he loves another so
she hides her feelings beneath a hard veneer of self-protection.

Robin Pierpont dreams of flying airplanes and winning the heart of the one he loves, but when he gets involved in illegal rum running to help a friend, those dreams seem to turn into just a fantasy. When he is called upon to face his worst fear to save Lilith’s life, his fate may be sealed in death.

How about some western historical romance to tickle your fancy? Patti Sherry-Crews has penned a wonderful story that you will long remember. MARGARITA AND THE HIRED GUN is only .99 right now, and a better bargain you’ll not find anywhere! Snap it up while you can!
Pampered Margarita McIntosh is not used to being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do—but when her father, Jock, sends her away for her own safety, she has no choice. The long journey from Flagstaff to Durango tests her personal strength of will as never before, and the secret she carries in her saddlebag could be the death of her.

A rough Irish gunman, known to her only as “Rafferty”, is entrusted with getting her to her destination “safe and intact”—something he fully intends to do to claim the reward he’s been promised by Jock McIntosh. With a price on his head, the promised money is Rafferty’s ticket to a new life, and he’s not going to jeopardize that for anything—not even love.

But there are steamy nights and dangers all along the arduous trail for MARGARITA AND THE HIRED GUN, with deadly secrets between them that passion cannot erase. With her father’s enemies after her and the secret she conceals, will Rafferty’s protection be enough to save their lives? And will the heat of their passionate love be enough to seal their future together—if they do survive?

Here's another one you’ll want for only .99, as well! DOUBLE CROSSING, by Meg Mims, is a sweet romance that keeps you guessing. WINNER of the 2012 BEST FIRST NOVEL Spur Award from Western Writers of America AND a 2012 FINALIST for the USA BOOK NEWS Awards – for Fiction: Western!

August, 1869: Lily Granville is stunned by her father’s murder. Only one other person knows about a valuable California gold mine deed — both are now missing. Lily heads west on the newly opened transcontinental railroad, determined to track the killer. She soon realizes she is no longer the hunter but the prey. As things progress from bad to worse, Lily is uncertain who to trust–the China-bound missionary who wants to marry her, or the wandering Texan who offers to protect her … for a price. Will Lily survive the journey and unexpected betrayal?
We draw to a close with our featured books today with two anthologies—a couple of wonderful collections that are sure to give you a taste of some authors who may be new to you and some that are old favorites.

A COWBOY CELEBRATION is filled with some excellent western historical romance short stories that take place during the Fourth of July AND contains some scrumptious recipes mentioned in the stories! Right now it can be yours for only .99! Take a look!

When the Fourth of July rolls around, it’s time for a good, old-fashioned, rip-roaring COWBOY CELEBRATION! And what could be better on this steaming hot holiday than to relax with a book bursting with stories about—AHEM—even hotter cowboys and their feisty ladies? A COWBOY CELEBRATION pops and sizzles with six colorful, sensuous stories by some of PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS’ best authors. As an added bonus, each story mentions a tasty picnic dish (with recipes included!) for your next COWBOY CELEBRATION !

Winner Takes All by Meg Mims—Cora Peterson's plan to beat her rival at a picnic auction brings about a surprising end and an unexpected love...

For the Love of Grace by Julia Daniels—Poppy travels west to find her sister—but her own happily-ever-after awaits, as well.

Brighter Tomorrows by Beverly Wells—Callie trusts no man. Chase Matlock is fearful to love again. He gets his man, she gets her adventure, and together they find it all.

Second Chance at Love by Agnes Alexander—A temporary living arrangement might lead to something else when love enters the mix.

Never Had a Chance by Angela Raines—How can a deadly trick bring two people the love they didn't know they needed?

Forged by Fire by Linda Carroll-Bradd—Can a wounded soul find solace in the attentions from a cook who nurtures through her culinary creations?

Winding down our featured books on the blog today is another great anthology chock full of rousing tales of the old west, SUNDOWN WESTERN TALES! It can be yours for only .99, so be sure and grab it while you can!

Do you love stories about the untamed days of the Old West? Well, pardner, this is one collection of short tales you will not want to pass up! From old standards like Max Brand and Zane Grey to new authors and those in between, you’re sure to find these stories to your liking. Settle back in your easy chair and get ready for ten fantastic tales of action and adventure that will pull you right in and have you reaching for your own pistol as you read!

In Zane Grey’s story, “The Horses of Bostil’s Ford”, a man’s horse means everything…

Richard Prosch’s “Storm Damage” is the tale of a man finally getting the woman he always wanted.

There’s nothing better than a dog in Big Jim Williams’s “Riding Fence”—where a loyal canine friend saves a ranch hand’s life in a blizzard.

They say there’s a fortune to be made in picking up “Buffalo Bones”. Charlie Steel’s character, Smiley, will keep you guessing.

The young son of a gallows-builder places a bet with a school chum that a hard-to-hang prisoner will meet his fate, at last, in Kyle Rudek’s “The Man Who Wouldn’t Hang”.

In “Love’s Lonesome Serenade—The River Romance”, Lane Pierce pens a tale of escape and unexpected romance between a young gunman and a soiled dove.

W.M. Shockley’s “Mordecai” is a man determined to hold on to what’s his to the very end—even if he’s not sure he wants it.

A young man is killed, and a beautiful horse is accidentally shot, changing the course of several lives in Robert Steele’s “The Good Shooting”.

The Hicks brothers stir up trouble with the wrong drifter in Gordon L. Rottman’s story, “Missing But Not Missed”.

“The Cure of Silver Canyon” is a wonderful Max Brand western short that blends plenty of drama, action, and emotion into an exciting read.

Don’t miss this new western anthology from SUNDOWN PRESS!

Appropriately for ECLIPSE DAY, we'll end our featured books blog with Celia Yeary's WISH FOR THE MOON. What a wonderful story this is!

At the dawn of the Twentieth Century, sixteen-year-old Annie McGinnis wishes for a chance to see more of the world, since all she’s ever known is the family farm in North Texas. A mysterious visitor arrives who will change not only her life, but her family’s as well. To save Max Landry from a bogus charge, she follows him and the Texas Rangers back to the coal-mining town one county over where a murder occurred. The short journey sets Annie on a path of discovery—new horizons, an inner strength, and quite possibly…love.

Thanks so much for being with us over the last four days! Happy Eclipse Day, and thanks for stopping by!

We have a whole slew of books available for FREE or .99 through MONDAY, AUGUST 21, and we’ll feature some here on the blog every day—but just remember, THEY'RE ALL ON SALE OR FREE THROUGH TODAY! JUST TAKE A LOOK BELOW!



  1. Sorry to see it end, but oh the stories I'll be reading this year! Doris

    1. I know, Doris! We're always so excited when we have these sales. We hate to see them end, too! LOL

  2. Sure wish I could take advantage of this, but my Kindle is all messed up and I can't download. But I believe these books are all worth the regular price. (The ones I have, sure were.) I'll be buying when I get this problem cleared up.

  3. Agnes, I'm sorry to hear you're having Kindle issues! That's awful! Hope you get them straightened out soon and can get back to reading some of these great stories!

  4. What a fun promotion! I did pick up some books myself. Big thanks again to PRP. Is there any bigger thrill than to see the story you've been walking around with in your head becoming a book you can share with others. I never get over it. Best wishes for continued success. Onward and upward!

    1. Oh, yes, Patti! I know what you mean--just so rewarding to see it go from thoughts, to a story idea, to writing it and then getting it published and seeing it FOR REAL out there! Yes ma'am! Onward and upward for sure! I love Margarita and The Hired Gun. One of my very favorite stories, because the characters were soooo real to me.