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Sunday, August 20, 2017


What’s today? The day before the ECLIPSE! We aren’t letting up on the celebration and “hoopla” going on here at PRP! We’ve got a ton of great books in all genres on sale through tomorrow for your reading pleasure—and that of your entire family—for only .99 or FREE! Yes, that’s right—some of these books are available at the unheard-of price of only .99 and many of them are being offered FREE.

There is no better time than NOW to snap up some great reading bargains for “later on” when those winter months loom.
Remember, ALL THESE BOOKS AT THE END OF THE BLOG ARE FREE OR .99 THROUGH TOMORROW—and here are our featured selections for today!

Let’s start today off with Celia Yeary’s debut novel, ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS. If you’ve never read any of Celia’s books, this one is highly recommended. Celia and I have known each other for many years, and this is one of my favorite stories of hers! Right now and through tomorrow, you can snap it up for only .99!

To escape an arranged marriage, beautiful, proper Cynthia Harrington from East Texas impulsively marries Ricardo Romero, a striking, sensual Spaniard who ranches on the far western edge of the Texas frontier. She naïvely steps into a hotbed of anger, rivalry, and strong wills. She struggles to gain a foothold in the hostile household and foreign ranch community, determined to make a place for herself—but will she also find a way to make her husband love her?

By marrying an “outsider”, Ricardo brings down the wrath of his mother, Felicitas, on his unsuspecting bride. Cynthia must also contend with beautiful Starr Hidalgo, a wealthy, jealous young neighbor, who has always believed she and Ricardo would be married.

When the Texas Rangers arrive looking for a killer, Cynthia daringly manages to save Ricardo’s mother in a confrontation with the wanted man. Ricardo’s bride has more grit and spunk than he ever imagined—but has she been pushed too far to stay on at the ranch with him? Can he convince her that they both want—and need—the same thing? Cynthia is in search of nothing more than what she’s told Ricardo from the very beginning—a loving home and husband. But is it already too late for them? With a rough beginning to their married lives, can their love survive—and give them all their hopes and dreams?

Here's a story from yours truly that you will enjoy—TIME PLAINS DRIFTER is one of my favorite books I ever worked on! If you haven’t read it, I hope you’ll snap it up for only .99, now through tomorrow. Here’s what it’s all about….

Trapped in Indian Territory in 1895 by a quirk of nature, high school teacher Jenni Dalton must find a way to get her seven students back to the 21st Century. Handsome U.S. Marshal Rafe d'Angelico seems like the answer to her prayers: he is, after all, an Angel. In a race against time and evil, Rafe has one chance to save Jenni's life and her soul from the Dark One – but can their love survive? 4.5 Stars (Highest Rating) from Romantic Times Cheryl Pierson's fresh, well-crafted novel pits some unlikely heroes against evil incarnate. The characters are vibrant and tell a story of courage in difficult circumstances. An open thread invites a sequel. —Donna M. Brown Romantic Times

And how about another great .99 western romance with a paranormal twist, offered by Kaye Spencer? THE GUNFIGHTER’S WOMAN is one excellent tale that will have you on the edge of your seat—and you won’t want to put it down until you have read the entire book! Here’s more…

When beautiful widow Brenna Gérard comes upon semi-conscious gunfighter Matt Caddock, all hell is about to break loose. An unholy storm’s a-brewin’, and Brenna makes a split-second decision to save Matt from the spectral fire-eyed cowboys who forever chase the devil’s herd—and pick up lost souls along the way.

Once they reach the safety of the ranch, Brenna cares for Matt’s wounds and makes him welcome—no questions asked. But Matt must learn to accept the fact that Brenna is being guarded for a while longer by her deceased husband’s spirit—and he’s not leaving her just yet.

Though Matt and Brenna are fast falling in love, there’s the matter of a fortune in gold that stands between them—gold that Matt never wanted, but now must find and use to keep Brenna’s ranch from failing. Archer, an outlaw who Matt once partnered with, wants that gold just as badly—and he’s prepared to kill for it.

Can Matt settle the score with Archer and keep Brenna safe? And when the ghost riders return on the next lightning-laced storm, will they be taking Matt with them? Or will the love of THE GUNFIGHTER’S WOMAN be enough to ensure the future they hope for together?

Ready for Christmas? WHAT??? Waiting for this eclipse must be getting to me! But…it’s August, and sometimes we DO wish for cooler temperatures and the holiday spirit—and that’s where this next collection of stories comes in handy. Best of all, it’s FREE through tomorrow!
MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A.—THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! is the 2nd edition of wonderful TRUE tales from some excellent authors about the best Christmas they ever had. It’s FREE through tomorrow! Here, take a look at what this collection is all about!
What is Christmas all about? Wonderful memories! This collection of stories celebrates the very best and most poignant memories of the past, and is sure to have you laughing and crying right along with the authors who shared their stories in MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A.—THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Who can forget those special Santa gifts that brought such joy to us in our childhood? Those toys we fervently hoped ol’ Santa would bring for us if we were good? Livia J. Washburn, Cheryl Pierson, and Tanya Hanson write about some of those hopes and dreams for that certain gift with a special, personal twist to each story.

But Christmas memories also sometimes hold a special place in our hearts because of a person that was somehow important in our lives. Authors Sharon Cunningham, Beverly Wells, Carol Huff and Gigi Meyer weave that aspect of Christmas into their beautiful holiday tales, with remembrances of some very special people in their lives—and why Christmas means so much because of them.

Kathleen Rice Adams pens a sentimental story of a wonderful gift to her mother from her father. And Charlie Steel’s story of hunting for the perfect Christmas tree with his father is sure to make you smile. Jim Landwehr, Tina Holt, and Randy Lee Eickhoff all give us a backward glance at the love and traditions from the past that make Christmas what it is, while Christine Waldman tells a poignant tale of Santa looking for his lost reindeer in the snow.

This is one wonderful collection of heartfelt stories that you will not want to pass up—and it also makes a great gift for all ages—if you still believe in Santa!

Here's a story for Young Adults (and OLD adults, too!) Pit a feisty, she-cat against a reluctant interloper and watch the sparks fly. That’s just what happens in Patti Boeckman’s story, WHO IS ELIZABETH? Take a peek—and snap it up FREE through tomorrow!

When Elizabeth McDaniel's reclusive, sheltered existence on her grandfather's farm is invaded by Derek Huston, she cannot possibly imagine the stunning result of his intrusion into her life. And he has no idea how enchanted he will become with the lovely, spit-fire redhead who demonstrates her dead-eye, rifle aim on their first encounter.

Their first clash of wills precedes a budding romance, the flowering of Elizabeth's musical talents with a guitar provided by Derek, and Derek's acceptance into the family. No one suspects that Derek has a hidden agenda so explosive that, when revealed, it turns Elizabeth's world upside down and her image of herself inside out.

No longer able to trust Derek on any level, she erases him from her life and from her heart.

Is there any hope that Derek can regain her confidence and her love?

Find out in this delightful, warm, touching account of two people whose lives are dramatically changed by each other and who have to sort through the rubble of their existence before they can know if they have a future together.

Ready for a compelling sci-fi story for Young Adult readers? Well, we’ve got it coming right up—and it’s only .99! POLARITY: CHILDREN OF THE ORB is C.A. Jamison’s debut novel and WHAT a debut novel it is!

Rush James and his brother, Chris, are “plasmetric” people—a unique life form born of human parents. Their blood cells are alive with alien electronic energy—and living a normal life in the human world creates havoc for those of their kind.

But Rush and Chris aren’t alone—there are others. As their parents slowly die, the Children of the Orb must find one another to survive. Rush must share his life with the only woman in the world that can keep his blood cells charged.

Trulie Morgan is the positive to Rush’s negative. When they touch, polarity moves energy, their passion grows, and the battle of opposites begins. Trulie’s kind heart is naïve to the dangers that surround them, and Rush must learn to use her optimism and strength if he wants to claim victory, and love.

But the danger is very real for all of them--both from humans and from others of their kind. As they search for the answers they're desperate to find, someone is killing humans and animals. When an attempt is made on Trulie's life, Rush is determined to get to the bottom of it--even if it means it could be one of their own--one of the CHILDREN OF THE ORB.

Got a western reader in your family? Jerry Guin’s ONCE A DROVER is just the ticket! And at .99, it’s a steal of a deal!

Sam Hall was ONCE A DROVER, but everything changed for him when he stood up for what was right. From small town saloons along the trail to the larger city of Fort Worth, Sam can’t stand by and watch when things start to go south—even if it means jail time for him.

When Sam meets beautiful Ellen Riggs, he thinks there might be a chance for a future with her. But Ellen disappears, and Sam returns to his aunt’s spread near Fort Worth, determined to stay on and help her. He puts away his fast gun for a more settled life, at last.

A chance meeting with the elusive Ellen Riggs makes Sam realize that she’s in trouble—a tight spot she can’t handle alone. When she goes missing, Sam knows her worst fears have been realized, and she’s in the hands of the cruel gambler she once married. Can Sam save her from the abusive John Riggs? Do Sam and Ellen have a chance at a future together? No matter what, it’s up to him to put on his gun once more and find her…

And last but not least today, we’re featuring Isabella Norse’s first novel, DIAL V FOR VAMPIRE for only .99 through tomorrow! What a fun read!

Maggie Robinson is a full-time server, part-time blogger, and 24/7 skeptic. Her love life? Non-existent. Why bother? Her parents' divorce is proof that "happily ever after" is a fairy tale. To make matters worse, she has no idea that her tongue-in-cheek blog, Life with Zombie, has placed her at the top of the werewolves' Most Wanted List.

Noah Townsend is a vampire with a broken heart. It has been two years since his wife's death, and he is still recovering. Instead of dealing with his grief, he has thrown himself into his duties as the head of a security firm that specializes in protecting paranormal beings and hiding their existence from humans.

Worlds collide when Noah saves Maggie from a werewolf attack. Can Maggie overcome her skepticism, and Noah his grief, in time to realize that they were made for each other? Or will the ripples started by Maggie's blog grow into a tsunami that will tear them—and Kudzu Korners—apart?

We have a whole slew of books available for FREE or .99 through MONDAY, AUGUST 21, and we’ll feature some here on the blog every day—but just remember, THEY'RE ALL ON SALE OR FREE THROUGH TOMORROW! JUST TAKE A LOOK BELOW!



  1. Tell everyone about our sale--tomorrow is the last day! Lots of great reading here!

  2. This is great for my bank account, but my poor e-reader is groaning. *GRIN* Doris