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Friday, December 4, 2015


In the days before the internet, people communicated by handwritten notes. Those who set out to tame the Wild West eagerly awaited letters from home in order to catch up with family goings-on. Who married? Who moved away? Who added a child to the clan? Letters brought great joy to separated sweethearts … and great pain to the families of fallen soldiers. Letters delivered comfort … and spoke of sorrow.

We’re looking for Valentine’s Day stories in which the hero and heroine are brought together by a letter. The missive needn’t be one of love, although it certainly could be. Let your imagination run wild. Perhaps she receives a note meant for someone else, or maybe he carries a dispatch across the country for a friend. Whatever the situation, the letter — and a little help from cupid — deliver a man and a woman into one another’s arms.

Send us your tale about a happily-ever-after Valentine's Day in the Old West. Manuscripts may have a heat level of sweet to spicy, but no erotica, please. Attach the completed manuscript to an email addressed to Cheryl Pierson at, and include a brief synopsis in the body of the email. All manuscripts should be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. Please put LARIATS, LETTERS, AND LACE in the subject line.

We look forward to reading your story.

If you have questions, please e-mail me at or

Happy writing!


  1. Cheryl, Question about desired length. I assume short-story length, 40K-60K?

  2. Cheryl, this sounds a good one. If my characters continue to talk to me, I just might have one for this go round. It not, I'll still enjoy the anthology. Doris

  3. Sean: I read the PRP website call and it said for 10K - 15K words....I'm assuming that's right as I've started a story, too, for the anthology! Love the concept, Cheryl :-)

  4. Sorry to be so late in responding. Yes, that's right Gail, it'll be 10-15K, but Sean, since this is under our PRP line it is open to women only. I'm sorry!