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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list? Or maybe you just want to splurge for yourself on a few Christmas reads? Well, take a look at what Prairie Rose Publications and Imprints has to offer! We have some wonderful stories for every reader, from kids to adults. And at these prices, you’re sure to check off most everyone on your list with some of the best bargains and most appreciated gifts out there!

Livia has a wonderful new story out, a short Christmas novella that is sure to warm your heart. Look at this darling cover she came up with--and the story is just as cute!
Dan Callahan's daughter was supposed to take care of her fourth grade class's pet mice over the Christmas vacation—or so she claimed. Melissa Logan, the little girl's teacher, wondered why she had gotten close with the handsome single dad, only to have him back off unexpectedly. But when the mice went missing, the truth about everything came out, and the search for the elusive creatures led not only to unexpected secrets from the past but also to the answers that two lonely people had been seeking without even knowing it.

NAUGHTY OR MICE is a heartwarming Christmas novelette from award-winning author Livia J. Washburn. Funny, poignant, and romantic, it's a charming "tail" you won't soon forget.

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If you are looking for a Christmas anthology with a wide variety of old western romances, take a look at A MAIL-ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDE. You can’t go wrong with this one!
What could be better this holiday season than a warm fire, a cozy chair and a heartwarming collection of mail-order bride Christmas stories? A MAIL-ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDE includes eight wonderful reads by some of your favorite authors, including Livia J. Washburn, Kathleen Rice Adams, Patti Sherry-Crews, Tanya Hanson, Jesse J Elliot, Meg Mims, Jacquie Rogers and Cheryl Pierson.

Prairie Rose Publications is proud to bring you another wonderful collection of Christmas tales for your reading pleasure! A MAIL-ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDE is sure to bring you hours of enjoyment.

What is Christmas all about? Wonderful memories! This collection of stories celebrates the very best and most poignant memories of the past, and is sure to have you laughing and crying right along with the authors who shared their stories in MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A.—THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

If you’ve got someone on your list that loves nostalgic stories, try Memories From Maple Street, U.S.A. series—The Best Christmas Ever! Available in print and in digital formats.

This is one wonderful look back to the days of Christmas past—jam packed with memories!

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For readers of contemporary romance, Di Tobin’s latest release, SANTA NICK, is the perfect story to bring a sigh of happiness at the wonderful happy-ever-after ending she manages to bring about in this heartwarming tale.

With Christmas on the way, six-year-old Faith Reynolds is determined to get the very best present ever for her widowed mother—a new husband—but one that would be a nice daddy, too. Though Faith’s mother, Jenny, is not a big believer in Santa, a chance meeting with handsome high school teacher Nick St. Clair might just change everything.

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Do you love stories of knights and ladies? What could be better than a tale of chivalry at Christmas-tide?

Come join us around the Yuletide fire in a comfortable chair with a flagon of ale as we celebrate the upcoming holiday season with ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT! This wonderful collection of Christmas stories from the medieval time period will take hold of your imagination and won’t let go until long after you’ve turned the very last page.
You’ll be entranced with these seven tales of knights and their ladies from some of today’s top medieval authors, as well as some rising stars in this up-and-coming genre.

Deborah Macgillivray, Lindsay Townsend, Keena Kincaid, Livia J. Washburn, Tanya Hanson, Angela Raines, and C. Marie Bowen offer you some of the best medieval Christmas stories written, filled with romance and intrigue, laced with holiday traditions and celebrations of this rich era.

Prairie Rose Publications is proud to introduce yet another wonderful collection of Christmas tales for your reading pleasure. ONE CHRISTMAS KNIGHT is sure to bring you hours of enjoyment as you read on to find out how these knights and ladies will find their very own "happily-ever-after" endings at this very best time of year—Christmas!

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If you just can’t get enough of “knightly tales”, try this novella by author Clay More! The first in a series of novellas of intrigue and heroic deeds carried out by the secret society, the Order of the Black Rose, this story, THE APOTHECARY’S QUEST, will whet your appetite for more.
Apothecary Thomas Smythe has been betrayed by a fellow knight in the Order of the Hospitallers in a foreign war. Home in England once more, Thomas lives out his life as a simple apothecary. When he is summoned to attend Sir Percival Fitzroy, who has been taken ill, Thomas realizes that Lord Fitzroy has been poisoned.

A trap, set in motion by a craven knight from Thomas’s past, threatens to see him murdered, as well. Thomas is still a knight, at heart—and there is only one honorable thing to do, no matter the cost to himself…

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Got a cat lover on your list? Take a look at this wonderful anthology of stories about some very special felines. NINE DEADLY LIVES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FELINE FICTION will be one of the most appreciated and unusual reading gifts you can give or receive during this holiday. These are not Christmas stories, so can be read and enjoyed all year round.
From magic to murder, from felines to faeries, the authors of NINE DEADLY LIVES spin thirteen tales featuring those sometimes aloof and occasionally dangerous but always adorable creatures we know and love as cats! Whether it's mystery, fantasy, historical, or romance, these cat tales provide plenty of entertainment and thrills!
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Got a younger reader in the house? Sara Barnard’s historic 4-book set, THE SAGA OF INDIAN EM’LY, based on a true story, is available for only .99! Available in digital presently, the set will be available in print soon, as well. While not a Christmas story, it’s a wonderful tale of perseverance and has a very happy ending! Suitable for ages 9-12, or MIDDLE GRADE READER.
Twelve-year-old Wind That Knocks Down Lodges loves his little sister, Cactus Flower, and the wildness of the desert canyonland the Apache call home. But in one night of misunderstanding and mistakes, Knocks Down and Cactus Flower’s innocent world is shaken as they find themselves locked in the nearby fort with the pale face soldiers and their mother’s lifeless body. With no one to lean on but each other, Knocks Down and Cactus Flower must make their way as children of The People in the pale face world—pale faces who have now become the enemy.

THE COWBOY WAY is a set of five wonderful stories for young boys of all ages—from 9 to 99! If you’re looking for some great western reads for yourself or a young reader you know, this is the collection for you—and at only .99, you can’t beat the value! Renowned western author Frank Roderus leads the collection off with his coming-of-age story, DUSTER, about a 15-year-old boy who joins a cattle drive in post Civil War days. Jim Griffin, known for his Texas Ranger tales, adds to the anthology with book one of his Lone Star Ranger series, A RANGER TO RIDE WITH. Cheryl Pierson’s complete Texas Legacy Trilogy rounds out this fantastic set of western tales. RED EAGLE’S WAR, RED EAGLE’S REVENGE, and TEXAS FOREVER tell the story of 10-year-old Will Green, saved from the Apache by Jacobi Kane—a man with a secret of his own. This anthology is full of action-packed stories that you will remember long after you read the last page! Come on and saddle up—you’ll ride the range with some mighty fine cowboys!

And speaking of wonderful book set deals—let’s mention this 5 book set that came out a few weeks ago, LOVE’S FIRST TOUCH.
LOVE’S FIRST TOUCH is powerful and sweet. It can move the heart to realize the true depth of emotion that only a first love can bring to a relationship. There’s some exciting reading ahead in these five full-length novels by authors such as Celia Yeary, Sarah J. McNeal, Meg Mims, Karen Mihaljevich and Agnes Alexander!

Come join the wonderful characters in these tales as they experience awakening feelings and tumultuous relationships that can only be discovered with LOVE’S FIRST TOUCH! The entire collection of FIVE BOOKS is available for only .99!

Make yourself comfortable in your favorite easy chair and grab yourself this special boxed set of Kirsten Lynn stories–SIX SIZZLIN’ MAVERICKS! These tales range from four short novellas to two full-length novels. Each one is a stand-alone story, introducing you to some of the toughest heroes, the most independent heroines, and of course—in Kirsten Lynn style—the hottest, most sizzlin’ love affairs a body could ask for! Available for only .99!

We’ve had many more new releases at Prairie Rose Publications during the last few months—too many to list here. Come on over to our website for more reading and gift ideas. Find us at


  1. Lots of wonderful reads here and all for great prices--good gifts for others or for your own reading pleasure!

  2. Thank you for putting them all in one place. Yeah! Doris

  3. Thanks for putting all of these in one place, Okie! These are delightful reads. You left out A COWBOY'S TOUCH! :-D (Here's the link: A COWBOY'S TOUCH)

    I'm especially fond of Livia's NAUGHTY OR MICE. What a cute story! It's perfect for a quick read when you need to escape from the holiday madness. :-)

    1. Well DANGIT! I knew there was something I was leaving out! LOL I love all these stories. Not a bad one in the bunch!

  4. I've got my wish list out. I tried to connect with A Cowboys Touch but it wouldn't come up. I'll try going to Amazon. Some talented writers and great reads for sure.

    1. Yeah, Barb, just type in A Cowboy's Touch at Amazon and it'll come up. Sorry Kathleen's link didn't work. That is a wonderful wonderful bargain for only .99! (If I do say so myself.) LOL