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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Book review: Sisters by Lynna Banning



When Ellie Grenfell’s fiancé, Deputy Sheriff Jack Mallory, is wounded in the line of duty, she does what she’s done her entire life—she sends for her older sister!

Widowed Verity Varner returns to Smoke River, Oregon, to help Ellie and serve as her chaperone until the wedding takes place. But shortly after Verity’s arrival, she realizes Jack’s wound has become infected, and he loses part of his arm.

Over the months of Jack’s recuperation and learning how to cope with his disability, Ellie reveals her selfishness and disinterest in Jack’s daily struggle. Verity understands the obstacles Jack faces, offering sympathy and encouragement—and she also understands something else: Ellie is not the person Verity thought she was.

All her life, Verity has been a surrogate mother to Ellie, putting her sister’s needs before her own. But, now, the unthinkable has happened—Verity and Jack have fallen in love, even as his wedding to Ellie draws ever closer. How can Verity choose between her love for Jack and her loyalty to Ellie? Will she risk her chance for true love to preserve the bond between SISTERS?

My review:

This book was a surprise for me!  With an “oh, I think you’ll really enjoy this story” encouragement echoing through my head, I picked it up intending to just read the first several pages to see if it would in fact capture my attention.  Two hours later I was a quarter of the way through the story and didn’t want to put it down!

The dynamics among the two sisters and Jack were so well fleshed out I was sucked into everyone’s point of view - and let me tell you, switching between the extremes sometimes was shockingly harsh - not in the way it was written, but literally feeling the emotions and struggles and attitudes of everyone was pulling me every-which-way and around again.  That part of the story-telling was right on target!

I warmed up quickly to Verity and enjoyed the strength she found within herself.  I could understand some of the choices she made, even though being on the outside I wished for different decisions.  I loved the way she stepped up to the plate and refused to let Jack fade away.  I also empathized with her struggle on dealing with Ellie.  Now that girl - she was a handful and then some!  You wanted to shake her as much as you wanted to just throw up your hands and walk away.  But then Ellie could turn around and have a moment where you thought just maybe she might...and then you’re just left bereft and wondering what happened.  I loved the way Jack battled his way through to finding himself again and watching how the two sisters nurtured that discovery in their own ways.  His determination, honor, and respect shown through his actions and words. 

I greatly enjoyed my time in Smoke River and discovering the town and its people, and watching Jake and Verity find their way to each other.  If you’re looking for an engrossing story filled with some family drama, all sorts of feels, and triumphant moments with just a dash of heart-pattering steam, you found a book to try.  Maybe you’ll be surprised, too.

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  1. Wonderful review, Lynna. Congratulations. The story premise is fascinating--I have sisters! LOL
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Thank you, Sarah, for your enthusiastic response. I have no sisters, but watched my mother and HER sister battle it out when I was young.

  3. What a great, well-deserved review. I have to agree 100%. I didn't want to stop reading either! This is one of those stories that you just enjoy from beginning to end, and then breathe a sigh of satisfaction when you finish that last page. Loved it!