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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Book review: Sir Thomas and the Snow Troll by Lindsay Townsend


What nonsense is this!?  A winter book review in spring?  There really is logic to my madness.  Just read on.... ;)

My review on Sir Thomas and the Snow Troll:

I just recently finished reading the 2nd book in the Knight and the Witch series by Lindsay Townsend and had fallen in love with Magnus and his Elfrida.  When I mentioned my infatuation with the author and desire for more of their stories, I was delighted to discover that there was another story in the One Winter Knight anthology.  So I quickly found myself in the gorgeous heat of a spring day reading a winter story.  TOTALLY worth it!

Shortly after his father dies, Thomas' mother confesses the truth of his paternity, and in a mix of rage and confusion, Thomas sets off to meet his biological father.  Along the way, he runs into Ruth - almost literally - and discovers something even stronger to settle his tumultuous head and heart.

I adored Ruth's strength and attitude, and her willingness to grasp a hold of the goodness she found.  I loved Thomas's logic and drive - his sense of honor and ability to quickly claim what he needs and wants out of his life - in all aspects of family.

I loved the concept of soul-father vs biological father and how Magnus welcomed his "prodigal son or not" home.   Getting a little more time with Magnus and Elfrida and their gorgeous bond just made this little story all the more perfect for me.  And the way both immediately opened their arms to Thomas?  Be still my heart!

This is a terrific little addition to The Knight and the Witch series world.

If you want to experience Magnus and his Elfrida's stories, you can see my reviews and get purchase links here:

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One Winter Knight Blurb:

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  1. Thank you, Michelle, for this wonderful review! I am thrilled and delighted you enjoyed my novella, "Sir Thomas and the Snow Troll".

    The title I used as a link between Sir Thomas and his natural father Magnus, as Magnus is often described, both unkindly and not, as a troll.

    Thank you again, Michelle! Much appreciated!


  2. Congratulations, Lindsay. Awesome review. I too loved that story.