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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Book review: Hollow Heart by Sarah McNeal



Madeline Andrews is a grown up orphan. Sam Wilding made her feel part of his life, his family and swore he’d come home to her when the war ended, but he didn’t return. With the Valentine’s Ball just days away, the Wildings encourage Madeline to move forward with her life and open her heart to the possibilities. But Madeline is lost in old love letters and can’t seem to let go.

My review:

I was looking for a shorter story that would still dish out all the feels, and this one popped up and I'm so glad it did!  I've read a couple of the Wildings stories and this was an awesome addition to their family's tales.

Set just after WW2 has ended, Madeline and her "adopted" family through the man she loved are grieving his loss - MIA in the war.  They're encouraging her that it's time to start living again and not hiding away. Her sense of sweetness and abiding love for Sam and his family shines off the page.

While we don't see Sam much in the story, he is present on every page, because the memory of him lives on in Madeline and his family.  You can still feel the sense of honor and love Sam carried for his family, and the responsibility he had in the war.

The ending was perfect - all the feels and even some tears may have been falling.  The words and the moment combined with that same abiding love that was felt from page one of the story delivered a breathtaking conclusion.

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  1. Oh, yes, Michelle, this was a true tear-jerker, emotional story that had me on the edge of my seat wondering HOW IN THE WORLD it was going to be "right" in the end. But Sarah always makes things come out the way they should and this story of hers was no exception. I love the Wildings--every one of them!

  2. Michelle, since I've been I'll O missed this review until Cheryl told me you wrote it. Thank you for all your kind words. It means so much to me that you would enjoy a story I wrote and give a review. My spirits are lifted.

  3. Thank you Cheryl. You are always a Support for me and I appreciate all your encouragement.

  4. I just bought this. Michelle's review hooked me. I look forward to reading this. One of my favorite time periods to read is in and around WWII. Sarah, I know this will be great.

  5. Oh, short stories are perfect right now, where my attention span isn't quite what it should be. Thanks for the recommendation.