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Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Release — A Dangerous Liberty (Women of Destiny) by Mary Sheeran

World-renowned composer and pianist Elisabeth Winters returns to the United States from Europe only to discover her life is in terrible danger. Though she wants nothing but to perform her concerts, she finds herself embroiled in layers of political and personal turmoil that have intertwined through the years she’s been abroad. The stakes are high—her life is in certain jeopardy.
When she meets handsome William de la Cuesta under odd circumstances, she can’t deny her immediate feelings of trust. Yet, there is something that disturbs her about him, as well…a memory she can’t quite grasp. How can she trust someone she doesn’t know—someone like de la Cuesta, who could have everything to gain by her murder? Does she have a choice?
As Elisabeth invokes controversy on many levels, her world becomes even more chaotic with the treachery she discovers taking place in her own inner circle. As the daughter of a prominent senator who was murdered many years before, she takes up the causes he fought and died for—and discovers those powerful men who killed him are now out for her blood, as well.
In a post-Civil War America, can one woman fight to vanquish the same injustice her father battled? Elisabeth believes she can—for love of family, country, and William de la Cuesta—the love of her life— taking the risk of A DANGEROUS LIBERTY is worth everything!


     “Is this your night shirt, señor?” she asked.
     His smile narrowed, he cocked his head, and he reached up one long arm so that his hand could grab the back of his own neck. He looked sheepish.
     “My good clean one,” he said, looking back at her and grinning.
     She saw her clothes then, hanging over wooden chair backs near the fire. Her blue velvet riding habit was probably ruined, but her petticoats, stockings, and drawers would survive. How good of him to take care of her things.
     He had gone from sheepish to embarrassed, but when he looked up through tousled locks like a bad boy caught with a firecracker, his eyes gleamed with some amusement.
     “Señor,” she said, gravely, “did you undress me?”
     He shrugged. “Someone had to. You were soaked.”
     She regarded him for a moment, trying to guess what he was thinking. She wondered what she was thinking! Did she mind that this very handsome man had undressed her and rubbed her down without her even being conscious? She looked at his huge hands, placed palms down on his muscular legs.
     She mustered a nervous smile and stuck her hand out of the covers.
     “Señor, thank you for saving my life,” she said sweetly. “I am Elisabeth Winters.”



  1. Hurray, Mary! Mary is an old friend, a fabulous soprano (I am an adequate alto; we sang together in various choirs for years and occasionally still do), and this is her fourth book, but her first with Prairie Rose. Read it, folks!

  2. Congratulations on your new release, Mary. I love that provocative excerpt. Ooh-la-la! That your story involves music tantalizes me even more.
    I wish you the greatest success with A DANGEROUS LIBERTY.

  3. Mary, I loved this story soooo much. Such intrigue all the way from beginning to end, and that's one thing I love about a good romance story! I really enjoyed A DANGEROUS LIBERTY! Congratulations on your new release!

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. This book was sleeping in my laptop for a couple of years, and Prairie Rose woke it up!

  4. Congratulations on your new release, Mary! What a unique plot and intriguing excerpt. Best of luck and welcome to the Prairie Rose family.

  5. A great premise for a plot. Many congratulations on your new release, Mary.

  6. Congratulations, Mary. Sounds like a great story. Enticing excerpt.

  7. Thank you very much! First, a correction. I need to point out that Cate Simon is NOT an adequate alto; hers is a strong and accurate voice, and the Christmas concert choir this year really missed her!! And I would also like to thank Livia for that gorgeous cover! I am very glad to have found Prairie Rose (it's that alto's fault!) and that "A Dangerous Liberty" could find a home.

  8. Lindsay, I apologize, I accidentally removed your corrected comment without meaning to!!! I'M SORRY! LOL

    Please come back and comment again!!! MY BAD!

  9. I want to wish you congratulations Mary, and look forward to what you have to offer in the future. Doris

  10. No worries, Cheryl!
    Many congratulations, Mary! Loved the intriguing, tense excerpt that instantly drew me in. Wishing you much success!
    Congratulations, too, to the choir you and Cate are in. I used to be in one as an alto.