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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Book review: A Husband For Christmas by Sarah J McNeal



Jane Pierpont and her son, Robin, survived the Titanic, but her husband went down with the ship and the emotional scars of that night have kept her and her son locked into that frightening event. Robin is terrified of deep water and Jane has nightmares and survivor’s guilt. She yearns for a family, a loving husband and maybe another child, but she feels disloyal to Michael’s memory whenever Teekonka Red Sky comes near her.

Teekonka Red Sky loves Jane and her son, but all his efforts to help them past their painful memories of the night Michael Pierpont died have been unsuccessful. Unwilling to give up, can his Lakota beliefs help him bring peace to Robin and free Jane to love again?

My review:

Teekonka and Jane's (and Rob!) happily-ever-after delivers a preciously sweet and heartwarming Christmas story, perfect for a quick read amidst the busy of the season.

Teekonka embodied patience and gentleness pursuing Jane, and built a special relationship with her son.  He knew what he wanted and he was willing to do what was necessary to get the family he needed, and provide them with their dreams as well.  Jane showed beauty and devotion while she sorted out her head and embraced the gift of a future she craved.

It was fun getting to reconnect with previous characters from the Wilding series and see what they're up to.

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  1. Congratulations on a beautiful review from Michelle, Sarah! Sounds a perfect Christmas romance!

  2. I loved all the Wilding stories! I know Teekonka had to be one of the hardest to write! He was one of my favorites!

  3. A lovely concept for a story linked to the Titanic. There must have been so much misunderstood survivors' guilt and PTSD in those who escaped.