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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

September Reading – Historical Western Romances

By Kristy McCaffrey

September beckons us forward with the anticipation of fall leaves and crisp autumn air, and it’s the perfect time to settle in for some reading.

If you’re looking for an old west novel with a spunky heroine, a stalwart and somewhat brooding hero, three bumbling hooligans, a wolf named Bart, and the presence of a Navajo elder who may or may not be real, then please check out my full-length historical western romance INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS.

Arizona Territory 1893
Kate Kinsella has no choice but to go after Charley Barstow and talk some sense into him. After all, he's skipped town, leaving a string of broken hearts and his pregnant fiancée, Agnes McPherson. But Kate didn't count on being kidnapped by a band of criminals along the way!

Ethan Barstow is hot on his younger brother's trail, too. He rescues Kate, believing her to be Charley's fiancée, and suggests they try to find him together. Kate's reluctance has him baffled.

All hell breaks loose when they discover Charley in search of a copper mine—not wishing to be found by anyone; certainly not Kate! But, then, Kate was always trouble—and now she's brought it to his doorstep, with tales of a pregnant fiancée and his brother Ethan, who he hasn't seen in five years.

Can Ethan and Kate ever find their own love and happiness with one another through the dark deception and hurt? Or will they both return INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS...

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“With a vividly painted background, engaging and compelling characters and pages that just fly by, Into The Land Of Shadows is a superb read for any western or historical romance lover.”
            ~ Wendy, Romance Junkies

“…as if ‘Romancing The Stone’ and ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ and ‘Dances With Wolves’ got together and had a kid.” ~ Armenia, Reading Alley

A short excerpt from INTO THE LAND OF SHADOWS

“Smells like trouble, Whiskey.”

Ethan Barstow reined in his horse and the mare shook her head. From the cover of a band of pine trees, he had an open view of a clearing just below their hillside lunch break. A light breeze caressed the yellow tufts of grass and a startled coyote ran for cover in the distance.

Whiskey snorted and flattened her golden-brown ears. Ethan adjusted the brim of his hat and waited.

The distant sound of hoof beats became audible and a head bobbed into view over the crest of the open countryside. A torso soon appeared and then a donkey, toting the whole package and doing its best to move quickly.

Ethan frowned.

It was a woman. She wore a hat with a string cinched tight to her chin; her bouncing upper body was covered with a dark blouse and brown hair flowed behind her. She would have been a vision to behold if she hadn’t been moving up and down in the animal’s saddle like a woodpecker attacking a virgin tree.

The woman’s head whipped around to look behind her and Ethan followed her line of sight.

Three men on horseback materialized.

“Not a fair chase,” Ethan murmured.

If you’re more in the mood for a quick read, then check out these short novellas.


Grand Canyon 1898
In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon with a guide and a mule. When circumstances have her hanging from a cliff side, her rescue at the hands of U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty is fortuitous in more ways than one. He’s chasing the notorious Red Bandit, and it soon becomes clear that Annabel’s brother is mixed up with the criminal as well. While the marshal believes she may be in on a double-cross, she has a more pressing secret to hide. She can talk to deceased spirits, and she wonders whether to tell Angus about the old Apache ever near to him.

Available at AMAZON


Arizona Territory 1872
Lily Kingston has long loved Mesquite Joe Riordan, but when he doesn’t step forward to protest her betrothal to another man—arranged by her papa—her heart breaks. When Joe is blamed for the murder of a ranch hand and disappears, Lily knows exactly where to find him. Facing the truth of his past will test her resolve, but only her stubbornness can win his heart.

Available at AMAZON


Colorado 1888
When aspiring novelist Amelia Mercer travels from New York City to Colorado, the stagecoach is robbed and her luggage stolen. Bounty hunter Ned Waymire comes to her aid, seeking to impress the independent young woman.

Available at AMAZON

These stories are also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. Kristy, I enjoyed every one of the stories you've highlighted in this article. I highly recommend them as fulfilling and entertaining reading. ;-)

  2. Oh, what a Gordian knot of intrigue you have created! What a marvellous plot. Some great autumn reading here.

  3. What a tempting selection of stories to read, Kristy. I've always admired writers who can incorporate some mystical elements in their stories. More books to add to my TBR pile.

  4. I loved all these stories. Might need to take a second crack at them. (smile) Doris

  5. I haven't read all the books you've written on this lest, but I have read Into the Land of Shadows and I loved it. Lily and Mesquite Joe looks like a great choice. You are a wonderfully talented author so I know the books I haven't yet read must go on my list.
    All good things to your corner of the Earth, Kristy.

  6. All wonderful stories, Kristy. You really draw the reader into the story, every time. I love the mysticism you include in your stories, too. Just excellent, every one of them!