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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Book review: Yesterday's Flame by Livia J. Washburn


When smoke jumper Annabel Lowell's duties propelled her from San Francisco 2000 back to 1906, she faces one of the worst earthquakes in history. But she also finds the passion of a lifetime in fellow fireman Cole Brady. Now she must choose between a future of certain danger--and a present of certain love--no matter how short lived it may be...

My review:

With a tiny dash of mystical, Livia Washburn delivers an engrossing story filled with history and charm.

To keep herself safe from a fire disaster, Annabel seeks out refuge in a cave. However, her safe harbor turns out to be a time portal that whisks her back in time to 1906. It was a blast watching her acclimate to her surroundings - from the way she talked to how she dressed, to how women were perceived and how she should behave. Annabel quickly figured out how to toe the line between who she was as a woman, and who she needed to be to not get tossed in the asylum! She had no problem with pushing boundaries and proving herself, even to the delight and frustration of the man who caught her attention.

Cole Brady is a mix of refinement and down-to-earth gentleman. Balancing both the burden of a wealthy business and the calling of a fireman, finding Annabel at her most vulnerable allowed him to be exactly what she needed. He had his hands full with her and knew from the first moment he saw her, she was someone special to him - he just didn't know what to do with her all the time, as she wasn't like any other woman he ever encountered - and became a challenge he enjoyed.

I loved watching history come to life around the characters, and thus myself. In fact, I ended up googling more pictures and articles just to keep learning more. :)

Mix in a wonderful setting of early 1900s San Francisco city with real life history, a touch of suspense, and a lot of charm, you'll enjoy Yesterday's Flame.

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  1. It was a wonderful story. Great review. Doris

  2. Time travel stories can be hit or miss for me, but this one sounds right up my alley -- definitely going to read it!

  3. Love time travel stories, and this sounds great. Congratulations on your fabulous review. Well-deserved, judging by the blurb.

  4. I loved this story--I'm a time travel story freak, and this one was just wonderful.

  5. Michelle, thank you for the wonderful review. Like you I found the time intriguing and had to keep researching the area and time period. This book was so much fun working with the present and the past. I also appreciate all the kind comments from everyone. A big thanks to all.