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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Book review: Einar of Vindemiatrix by Michael E. Gonzales


When King Thurban the Great is murdered at the hand of his younger brother, very few of his loyal knights survive. Sir Einar, one of the fiercest knights of King Thurban’s realm, has lost his entire family in the carnage. Giving up on a life of his own, he chooses to travel and teach others the principles of chivalry. For those who believe in a knightly code, he will also show them the deadly way to wield a sword in battle—including Ascella, a young woman who convinces him she is an apt student.

Though many years have passed since Einar’s painful losses and King Thurban the Great’s murder, the knight finds a way to avenge his honorable liege—but he cannot do it alone. To return Vindemiatrix to the rightful heir and restore the holdings to their former glory, he needs magic—the most powerful magic he can find.

With the help of a powerful witch, a dragon, an army of centaurs, and beautiful Ascella, Einar is determined to find a way to make things right once more in the land he loved. But he’s never fought an enemy so prepared to hold Vindemiatrix in its powerful grip—and this is a battle to the death. Can he risk losing everything he holds dear a second time?

My Review:

Oh! Did I enjoy my time in Vtramix and soaking up the magic and adventure of days gone by.  And Mike Gonzales has given me my absolute favorite story of his (so far!)!  I absolutely adored it and look forward to when I can reread this story and fall into the magic again!

Einar of Vindemiatrix delivered on so many levels -- you feel the rush of adventure, the despair of struggle, the thrill of victory, the tears of sorrow, the tension of danger, the sweetness of love.

Einar was a true knight, who even despite his world crumbling around him, carried on and kept true to the knight’s code.  He proved himself to be a man of honor, strength, and one who I’d feel safe having by my side.  While this story is so much more than Einar’s journey, without Einar, this odyssey couldn’t have happened.

Travel back in time to where knights battle forces of evil; and magic, dragons, centaurs and witches are a part of everyday life.  A time that was difficult in its simplicity, but held a charm all its own.  This is a story not to be missed!

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  1. Congratulations on this splendid review, Michael. I know you must be very happy. Keep the magic coming!
    All the best to you...

  2. This really was a wonderful story, wasn't it? I really enjoyed it too, Michelle!

  3. What a wonderful review, and such a great book to capture all those missing Game of Thrones. I wish Michael every success.