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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Join Jon Paul Ferrara on Instagram and win copies of One Snowy Knight

Jon Paul Ferrara
is relaunching his website for
 Jon Paul Studios
 showcasing gorgeously beautiful cover art.

One of the dreams I had even before I sold was to have
 a Jon Paul cover on one of my books, and the model would be John de Salvo. 
That dream became real when Jon Paul allowed me to use this amazing cover
 for my third book in the series of the Dragons of Challon.  MY DREAM CAME TRUE (with a little  I have liked or loved my covers before, but when I saw
 this image I knew it was PERFECT for 

One Snowy Knight
So, to get the word out about his new Instagram account and his coming website, he is showcasing "our" One Snowy Knight this
Easter Sunday 8pm EST on Instagram.

Call it my DREAMS COME TRUE contest.

Click to ENTER:

Go over to his Instagram  page and follow him
like and comment
And just post "I want a copy" to the thread and from the posters over the next week I will pick three to received the beautiful trade size paperback of my book (and his cover!)

So, give Jon Paul a little following love and you could win a copy!

Jon Paul on Facebook

and on Instagram


  1. I love this cover--always have, always will. I will definitely get over to Instagram and follow Jon Paul!

  2. When I saw the cover I knew it was meant for One Snowy Knight, but when I ask him if it was available and could I contract for it I figured I would get a no. I about fell over when he said yes. He was so kind and has continued to be kind. I cannot say enough about his talent or his personal compassion.

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Deborah. Fabulous cover.