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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Book Review: Prodigal Gun by Kathleen Rice Adams



Rancher Jessie Caine buried her heart with the childhood sweetheart Yankees killed on a distant battlefield. Sixteen years later, as a Texas range war looms and hired guns arrive to pursue a wealthy carpetbagger’s agenda, Jessie discovers the only man she ever loved isn’t dead.

At least not yet.

Embittered by a brother’s betrayal, notorious gunman Calhoun is a dangerous man, come home to do an unsavory job. A bushwhacker’s bullet nearly takes his life on Jessie’s land, trapping him in a standoff between the past he tried to bury and the infamy he never will. One taste of the only woman he ever loved puts more than his life and her ranch in the crossfire.

With a price on his head, a debt to a wealthy employer around his neck, and a defiant woman tugging at his heart, Calhoun’s guns may not be enough to keep him from the grave. Caught between his enemies and hers, Jessie faces an agonizing choice: Which of her dreams will die?

My Review:

You know those movies where someone opens a forbidden book or door or game and gets sucked into it?  Yup, it happened to me! :)  One minute I was in 21st century American heartland, settling down on the deck to start a new book, and the next minute I was transported to Texas, 1877, right before a range war really stirred up the dirt.  I was not prepared for the intensity of emotions and connection I would encounter while I experienced this story.  

Jessie amazed me with her strength, her grit, her loyalty, her faith, and her unending desire to claim hold of her dreams.  Mason's sharp-edged presence called to me (just as much as he called to Jessie) and made me want to help him heal and let go of things and grab hold of his deepest desires.  He coincidedly melted me and shattered me with every "Mockin'bird" he uttered.  These two lived and breathed out their love for each other, although sometimes to the point of frustration. haha!

Prodigal Gun delivers a captivating story filled with love and passion.  KRA has this way of using words to bubble and boil and build her world around you, bringing the characters and setting to life.  It's a overwhelming journey you don't want to miss out on.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Michelle, and I love the way you put that about the way Kathleen's way of using words "bubble and boil and build her world around you, bringing the characters and setting to life"--Kathleen is an excellent author! I loved this book so much.

  2. Prodigal Gun is one of my 'keeper' books. It's a darn good story.

  3. A story worth reading more than once. Doris

  4. What a wonderful review, and this certainly sounds very compelling. Michelle is so good at distilling a book down to the best bits to draw us in.

  5. I love Michelle's enthusiasm that is palpable in every review she writes, but what I also appreciate is she reveals just enough estory to get you hooked without "spoiling" by telling too much. Keep up the wonderful reviews, Michelle and kudos to Kathleen for writing a great, compelling story.