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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Well, phooey. We knew Valentine’s Day was only here for one day, then gone for another year…BUT our PRP VALENTINE’S EXTRAVAGANZA is still going strong through FRIDAY!

Do you have a favorite TRUE romantic story? I’ll tell you mine—though it might not seem all that “romantic” to some. I mentioned I just celebrated my 38th wedding anniversary on the 10th of February to my hubby, Gary. When we met, we were in college and he invited me to a stock car race—I’d never been to one before and was THRILLED. Long story short, a knife fight started and Gary broke it up. Then, he sat down and put his arm around me and asked, “Are you alright?” Well, how could I let HIM get away? I knew right then I was going to marry him—and I did.

While you’re thinking of your romantic story, here are MORE FREE AND .99 BOOKS to jump over to Amazon and stock up on through FRIDAY of this week (the 17th) so don’t wait. And be sure to check previous posts for other great reads you might be interested in—all FREE or .99!

How about we start with a FREE Christmas collection? Our western heroines are in search of the perfect PRESENT FOR A COWBOY!

Livia J. Washburn’s TINSELTOWN kicks off this exciting holiday collection. Set in the “Roaring ’20’s” in Hollywood, western movie actor Pecos must rescue a young woman in danger—and finds love in the bargain.

The rescue of a young, abused boy in Gail L. Jenner’s JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS opens the door to love for a young woman and a loner who has sworn off relationships.

Linda Carroll-Bradd’s CLARI’S HERO features a man who views himself as anything but a hero—and a woman who shows him otherwise.

Lorrie Farrelly’s CHRISTMAS TREASURE is an unexpected gift that can’t be measured in gold.

In Sarah J. McNeal’s story, a lonely widow’s perceived indiscretion may cost her and her cowboy their happiness WHEN LOVE COMES KNOCKING.

This sweet/sensual collection of wonderful Christmas stories has something for everyone—and you can put it up until Christmas or read it in July! Just jump over and buy it now so you’ll have it FREE when you take a notion to read it!


What is Christmas all about? Wonderful memories! This collection of thirteen stories celebrates the very best and most poignant memories of the past, and is sure to have you laughing and crying right along with the authors who shared their stories in MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A.—THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Who can forget those special Santa gifts that brought such joy to us in our childhood? Those toys we fervently hoped ol’ Santa would bring for us if we were good? This is one wonderful collection of heartfelt stories that you will not want to pass up—and it also makes a great gift for all ages—if you still believe in Santa!


Ready for another FREEBIE? Take a look at Diana Tobin’s story, KISSING COUSINS!

Augusta Thompson has lost everything—her parents, her husband, her home…and now, her only child. Then, a legal notice arrives asking her to travel across the country to claim an inheritance from an unknown relative—a grandmother she never knew she had. There’s only one catch: she must share her grandmother’s beautiful old home with handsome Olympic contender Charles “Web” Webster—the only other person named in the inheritance—for one year.

Web finds it difficult to believe Augusta never knew about her family in Maine, the family Augusta’s mother turned her back on. As time goes by, he realizes Augusta was mentally and emotionally abused by her ex-husband, and her heart and soul are wounded.

Can Augusta learn to trust in others once more and make a new life for herself? Can Web’s love for Augusta heal her broken heart and allow them a future together? Will the conditions of the inheritance prove to be a help or hindrance for these KISSING COUSINS?


Looking for something for the YOUNG ADULT reader in your house? THIS SUMMER STORM IS FREE RIGHT NOW!
THIS SUMMER STORM is a collection of some of the best young adult stories out there today! In this exciting group of tales, it seems "one of everything" happens. Tornadoes, comets, hurricanes and raging river waters are all set to wreak havoc. But just when things can't get any worse, along comes a life-changing experience in each story that is just as unsettling as the threatening weather.
WAITING FOR A COMET—RICHARD PROSCH – Can Jo and Frog solve the mystery of the cattle rustlers, or will Halley's Comet evaporate the earth first?

TO MAKE THE MAGIC LAST—CHERYL PIERSON – When a tornado threatens, rookie police officer Steve Cooper tries to save his new neighbor Christy—but gang warfare erupts in the apartment stairwell below them.

A CURRENT SO SWIFT—KRISTY MCCAFFREY – Amy's a heroine when she saves her rafting group—but Sawyer's sudden interest keeps her from wearing her familiar cloak of invisibility.

TAKEN BY STORM—DIANA STUART –Panic attacks have ruled Angela's life—until she faces something far worse than she ever could have imagined.

WEEKEND WHIRLWIND —ANGEL DREW – Cassie's family life is on the verge of disaster, but when a tornado strikes, everything changes—again!

THE LAST OF HER KIND—CHERYL PIERSON – Will Cassie be able to undo her father's terrible mistake by getting rid of his new wife?


What better way to spend reading time than with some handsome cowboys and feisty heroines who are determined to fall in love despite their supernatural powers—or lack thereof? It's always a good time to take a chance on love—and to see what these Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 2 stories might reveal to the unsuspecting reader—YOU! FREE THROUGH FEBRUARY 17!

Cheryl Pierson’s Spellbound will have you on the edge of your seat as safecracker Brett Diamond and witch Angie Colton take on a border gang leader who is pure evil. Can Angie’s supernatural powers save them? No matter what, Brett and Angie are hopelessly Spellbound.

C. Marie Bowen’s Hunter and Lily Graham is an unforgettable tale of a beautiful school marm’s love for her children that surpasses all. When a Cajun bounty hunter known only as “Hunter” shows up, Lily Graham knows he, and no one else, can help her save a young girl.

Have Wand — Will Travel is Jacquie Rogers’s offering about a handsome young mage, Tremaine Ramsey, who has a wand and knows how to use it…sometimes.

Will Kaye Spencer’s character, Mercy Pontiere, be able to break a centuries-old curse and find true love all at the same time? It all depends on Reid Corvane and what he’ll do For Love of a Brystile Witch.

In Kristy McCaffrey’s story, The Crow and the Coyote, Hannah Dobbin is after an evil Navajo sorcerer who murdered her father, and she’s determined to see him dead. But she’ll need a bounty hunter, The Crow—to help find this vile man.

A failed bank robber, Tombstone Hawkins, along with a fake gypsy fortune teller, Pansy Gilchrist, set out to make both their deceased fathers proud in one final spectacular heist. Family Tradition is Kathleen Rice Adams’s tale of the discovery of true love amid the commission of a crime—or the failure to commit a crime—while being overseen by the ghosts of the couple’s fathers. How can there be a happy ending?


We can’t forget the guys in our lives—especially the day after Valentine’s Day! Here’s a gritty story for the man in your life—the first of Bret Lee Hart’s THE HALF-BREED GUNSLINGER series! You can’t go wrong with this one—ONLY .99 THROUGH FRIDAY!

Hunter James Dolin raised himself in the swamps of Florida. Half-white and half-Indian, he belongs in neither world—and he knows it. A loner, he’s matchless when it comes to a fight of any kind—but can he outgun the private armies of two powerful tycoons who unite for a single purpose?

Lilith Montgomery is the adopted “daughter” of one of these men, Richard Montgomery—but it becomes clear she is more to him than a daughter. Hunter swears to free her from the life she’s been forced to endure, but he’s going to need the help of his old friend, Matt, the saloon owner.

When the entire town explodes in a field of fire, Matt and Hunter face a force that seems unstoppable. But Hunter’s a gambler, and he’s determined to win this bet—with Lilith and a young boy’s lives at stake, THE HALF-BREED GUNSLINGER can’t afford to lose.


Now, here’s a fun story by Karen Mihaljevich called DIGGING HOLES IN PARADISE—ONLY .99 NOW THROUGH FRIDAY!

In 1859 Missouri, Josette Stratton discovers that women have little more control over their lives than horses on the auction block. A chance identity switch gives her an out from a marriage of convenience mandated by her father, and Josette heads for the untamed Nevada Territory to assume the position of a seamstress.

In Nevada City, a madam sells raffle tickets for one lucky man to spend the entire night with her new prostitute who is due in on the next stage.

Naïve Josette is horrified to discover on her first night in town, that “seamstress” is just another name for…Oh!

Her fellow traveler is dark, heavily armed, and doesn’t say much. And he doesn’t like Josette. But Wolf needs her for THE PLAN—and he intends to have her. His intentions are honorable, of course—but can she trust him? He IS a man!

Nevada’s Comstock Lode bonanza adds color and excitement to this fast-paced adventure, where plans crumble, love sizzles, and everyone is DIGGING HOLES IN PARADISE!


How about a little “forest romance” with TIMBERBEAST by Jae Hall? Right now, you can grab this heart-stopping thriller for ONLY .99 THROUGH FRIDAY!

Kelsy Bowen takes life seriously, and she’s got it all: Family, Fiancé, Future...until she meets tall, dark, handsome—and dangerous.

Fox has secrets and demons of his own. With Kelsy in his forest, the Indian logger's job just got a lot more interesting—if he can manage to keep his mind on what he's doing.

Kelsy’s loyalties are torn. Becoming an environmental spy will ensure her rise within the workplace, but there's a price. From their first meeting, Fox manages to blur the lines between Kelsy's mission and desire. In the forest, everything changes...and the certain future she's planned is on rocky ground. The dangerous heat of temptation threatens to consume them both.

Destiny leads her headlong into the world of the Indian logger, and the dreams she's held tight to begin to fade. For Kelsy, searching for the TimberBeast becomes more than a mission as a spy—it becomes everything. Will she return to the corporate ladder she left behind—or will she embrace the unexpected life she's found within the forest?

Oh, LAWZIES! Get it right here, y’all!

Here are a couple of previous bargains from the past couple of days—be sure to go back and check the rest of the posts from this week for a complete list SO FAR of all the FREE and .99 selections available during our PRP VALENTINE EXTRAVAGANZA!

What would Valentine’s Day be without a story of medieval love? Author Keena Kincaid presents ENTHRALLED—a story that is guaranteed to keep you spellbound! William of Ravenglas wants only one woman—his foster sister, Ami—but she is promised to another, a fate sealed by his father’s recklessness. Ami, true sister to Aedan ap Owen the minstrel, refuses this decision. She wants William. But when his kiss awakens her dormant magic, it triggers cascading events that sweep her into the queen’s fiendish web and threaten William's life. Now Ami must learn to control her fey powers or watch William die. But with a mystery lover in his past, even if she succeeds will he truly be hers?

Snap ENTHRALLED up for some powerful Valentine’s Day reading for only .99!

And here’s one that is great for any age—young and old alike. A great coming-of-age story by master storyteller James J. Griffin, A RANGER TO RIDE WITH is the first of a wonderful set of books about a young eastern tenderfoot, Nathaniel Stewart, whose life changes in the blink of an eye when his family is murdered by a band of marauding raiders on the Texas plains. They’ve made one terrible mistake…they didn’t finish the job. Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel is very much alive and ready to exact the justice his mother, father, and older brother deserve. Taken in by a company of Texas Rangers, he begins to learn what it means to survive in the rugged wilds of Texas. Each of the Rangers have something to teach Nate, as they come to call him, and he’s a fast learner. When some of the same raiders later return, Nate proves his mettle when he saves the Rangers from being ambushed and wiped out. A RANGER TO RIDE WITH is the first story in this exciting western series, LONE STAR RANGER—and right now, A RANGER TO RIDE WITH is available for only .99!


And I still want to hear your TRUE romantic story in the comments, y'all. Everyone has at least ONE, I know!


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    1. And it "ain't over yet" either! Two more days of excellent bargains headed out to everyone! YAY!

  2. Even though I'm commenting two days late, I have to say there are some fun stories in this batch.