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Thursday, February 16, 2017


The month of February is over HALF GONE! But the PRP Valentine’s Extravaganza continues on for two more days, through tomorrow, February 17!

We’ve still got two full days of excellent books at the low price of .99—or FREE—that you will not want to pass up! And there is something for everyone in your family (or for friends) as well as yourself right here at PRP and Imprints! Don’t forget to look back over the posts this week, from the 13th—17th, these prices or FREE offerings are in effect.

We’ve got a whole new slew of great reads for you today for pennies—or FREE.

Take a look at FLAME, the debut novel from Shelby Anne Watts for only .99.

The National Cheyenne Rodeo holds promise to seasoned rodeo contestants and fans of a grand finale for the season. No one expects one of the leading contenders for team roping, Randy Murray, to lose his life in a freak accident in the final round.

Devastated by her husband’s death, Cindy Murray faces life-altering decisions. What will she do with the ranch that had been the dream she and Randy had shared? And how will she deal with the pregnancy she had never expected—alone?

Cindy faces another crisis when she finds a pregnant horse dying in a trap. Can she save FLAME, the orphaned colt? Life is fast becoming overwhelming for her—but she has to do what’s right. From the ashes of her hopes and dreams, a new beginning becomes possible.


Here’s another .99 bargain from author Zina Abbott. FAMILY SECRETS is a great story about a young woman who delves into genealogy…but does she really want to know about her family?

Jennie Graves Howell has a secret, including being thought of as a loyal wife to her husband serving in Afghanistan, a husband who has demanded a divorce.

Jennie’s family members do not want her to delve into the past. Grandpa Mike refuses to talk about his experiences in the Vietnam War and the aftermath. He wants the biggest mistake he ever made to remain hidden in the past.

Her new friends at the Golden Oaks Family Ties club are willing to teach Jennie the skills she needs to unlock her family’s secrets, but is she emotionally strong enough to learn what her family has kept hidden?


For the MIDDLE GRADE READER in your family, here are a couple of great story collections for FREE through Friday!
FABULOUS FIVE: FIVE NOVELS FOR MIDDLE READERS— Five excellent short novels about the American West that will entertain ages nine and up.

The Phantom Ranger and the Skateboard Gang—Livia and James Reasoner
Codi Jackson has started a new school—again. Will she ever be able to settle down in one place and make friends? It seems unlikely, especially now that she has the ghost of her great-great-great grandfather appearing at the most inconvenient times! How can she explain him to her history project partner—and her own father? But Codi is determined to come to her dad’s rescue when he corrals a gang of young thieves on skateboards at a nearby mall—and they get some very unlikely help!

Waiting For a Comet (Jo Harper Book 1)—Richard Prosch
Racing a Dog Star (Jo Harper Book 2)—Richard Prosch

Twelve-year-old Jo Harper is fascinated by what people are saying about the return of Halley’s Comet. The year is 1910, and her little Wyoming town is full of speculation. In the first two stories of this series, Jo and her best friend, Frog, unravel some puzzling mysteries that even the adults can’t solve. Join Jo and Frog as they help the new constable, Abby Drake, take on taming what’s left of the Wild West in Willowby, Wyoming!

The Apache and the Pale Face Soldiers (The Saga of Indian Em’ly Book 1)-Sara Barnard
On the Colorado Trail (The Saga of Indian Em’ly Book 2)-Sara Barnard

Wind That Knocks Down Lodges and his little sister, Cactus Flower, must learn to survive among the Pale Faces who have taken them prisoner after their parents are killed. But how can a twelve-year-old boy protect himself and his sister from the Pale Face army men who are taking them away from their familiar surroundings into the unknown? Come along with Knocks Down and Cactus on their incredible journey that begins in the first two segments of the Indian Em’ly Saga, included in this collection.



Have you ever known a dog that had his or her own certain brand of magic? Each story in this collection tells of a canine friend with a special gift. Heartwarming stories for ages 9-12!


Here’s an excellent .99 read from our Prayers and Promises Imprint—WHO IS ELIZABETH? by Patti Boeckman.

Pit a feisty she-cat against a reluctant interloper and watch the sparks fly.

When Elizabeth McDaniel's reclusive existence is invaded by Derek Huston, she cannot possibly imagine the stunning result of his intrusion into her life. And he has no idea how enchanted he will become with the lovely, spit-fire redhead who demonstrates her dead-eye, rifle aim on their first encounter.

Their first clash of wills precedes a budding romance, the flowering of Elizabeth's musical talents with a guitar provided by Derek, and Derek's acceptance into the family. No one suspects that Derek has a hidden agenda so explosive that, when revealed, it turns Elizabeth's world upside down and her image of herself inside out.

No longer able to trust Derek on any level, she erases him from her life and from her heart.

Is there any hope that Derek can regain her confidence and her love?
Find out in this delightful, warm, touching, account of two people who have to sort through the rubble of their existence before they can know if they have a future together.



Authors John D. Nesbitt, Kevin Crisp, and Les Williams offer up an assortment of nine stories of western action that will keep you turning the pages until you finish every last exciting tale! Settle back in your easy chair and snag your copy of TRIPLE SHOT WESTERNS for some mighty fine western reading.

Author Michael E. Gonzales has penned an excellent sci-fi story, THE UNBORN GALAXY BOOK 1: DARK MOON RISING, of moon colonization—and catastrophe—that you won’t want to put down.
When a disastrous quake strikes the Moon, only eight survivors remain. One man rises to lead the others to safety, only to discover an alien base beneath the Moon’s surface. Can the small band of humans trust the aliens to help them back to Earth, or will they bring global genocide, instead? Will Earth live to see the Dark Moon Rising?
This week you can snap up DARK MOON RISING for only .99!

Did you miss these FREE ANTHOLOGIES? Be sure to look back through this week’s posts for MORE BARGAINS AND FREE BOOKS!
Oh, here’s something different for the cat lover in your life! From magic to murder, from felines to faeries, the authors of NINE DEADLY LIVES spin thirteen tales featuring those sometimes aloof and occasionally dangerous but always adorable creatures we know and love as cats! Whether it's mystery, fantasy, historical, or romance, these cat tales provide plenty of entertainment and thrills!

Growing up is a miraculous time. Fond memories of pedaling bikes through honeysuckle-scented streets with a pack of neighborhood friends and playing “kick the can” and stickball on warm summer evenings alight with fireflies are accompanied by the inevitable loss of people and places dear to the heart—and a seminal moment when we know we’re leaving childhood behind.
These are the stories of a turning point—when the world shifted, and nothing would ever be the same. In this first collection of the MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A., series, Sundown Press brings you real-life stories, from the touching to the humorous, the inspirational to the adventurous, and a wonderful group of childhood memories you’ll never forget. LEAVING CHILDHOOD BEHIND is available now for FREE!


Oh, oh, here’s another GREAT story from author C. MARIE BOWEN! It’s the first of her paranormal western series—and it is wonderful! Did I also mention PASSAGE: SOUL OF THE WITCH IS FREE THROUGH FRIDAY!??? Well, it is, and it’s one of those stories you won’t want to put down.

Here’s a little bit about it:
After a car accident, Courtney Veau has a “near death” experience, and returns to her past-life in the post-Civil War west. When she wakes in a present-day hospital, Courtney realizes she’s returned to her own hollow existence. Heartbroken, she knows she left behind not only a family she loves, but life with the man who shares her soul, a man she’ll love forever, Merril Shilo.

A carriage accident nearly takes beautiful Nichole Harris’s life, stealing her memories completely. Plagued by amnesia, she is confused by flashes of memory that are out of time with the world around her, and seem to belong to someone else. Only Nichole's own strong emotions remain to guide her—and as others try to take control of her life, she fights a desperate battle to survive. Merril Shilo is someone she should know, and though her memories fail her, she is stunned by her passion for him—and the remembered agony of a broken heart.

Merril Shilo is the love of Courtney’s life—no matter when that life might be. The memories and emotions of her life as ranch heiress Nichole Harris consume Courtney’s mind—and her heart. Courtney soon finds her desire for Merril threatens her sanity, as he beckons from a past she can no longer reach. Can she find the PASSAGE back to the soul-mate she left behind?



Free Feb. 13-17 

99 Cents