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Monday, December 12, 2016

There's No Place Like My Favorite Reading Chair for Christmas!

 Tracy Garrett

Are you one of those readers who plan what you’ll read when you get those few extra hours once the presents are open and the dinner is a memory? I am! I love having time to dig into a new story—or three—once all the Christmas gatherings and church services are over.

This year, I have far more to choose from than usual. Some would say I have a book-buying problem. I think I have a not-enough-time-to-read problem!

Now, I readily admit that my tbr (that’s to be read for those not sure) is more a mountain—or it would be if it wasn’t all housed on my handy dandy e-reader. I remember the days of taking a larger suitcase on a week-long vacation just so I had enough books along. The e-reader is much lighter. But, it has it’s issues, too. Mostly, I don’t see a teetering stack of paperbacks so I think, hey, I need something new to read, and off I go. Again. Anyway—

I have so many books I really want to read cued up to start the moment I get a, well, moment, but I think I’ll start with something from Prairie Rose Publications:

Check out Angela Raines’s newest, The Gift of Forgiveness.

And Livia Washburn's adorable short story, Naughty or Mice.

Want a few more? Something a little different? These are next on my list:
   The Viscount and the Vixen by Lorraine Heath – I’ve been waiting for this character’s happy ever
       after forEVER!
   And, for you Sherlock Holmes fans, A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro, which I started
       this summer, but had to put away when real life interferred.
   And At Last & Just Once by Addison Fox.
   And The Christmas Match by Allie Burton.

Okay, I'll stop now.  You get the idea.

Of course, that list doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Prairie Rose Publications has so many more new books out, I could start there and not come up for air until spring. Check out … Oh, forget it.  Just go HERE to choose your own.

Your turn.  What’s whispering to you from your TBR mountain? If we all share, there's still time to add to that list of books we want from Santa!


  1. My TBR is very long also. Next on that list is the Cutter's Creek series, a 13 book series by Kit Morgan, Vivi Holt, Annie Boone and Kari Trumbo. The 14th book in the series comes out next month so I had better buckle down.

    1. 13? You'd best get started, Nancy! And thanks for dropping in today.

  2. I need to catch up on the anthologies. I still haven't read all of the Christmas anthologies that just came out. Also, I want to read the Bride Brigade series by Caroline Clemmons. I just finished a book by Livia--is she awesome or what?

    But... I have 3,000 books on my Kindle and I've only read about a hundred of them, so obviously I can't actually list my TBR here. But you know, I just LOVE having all those books! I never run out of books to read, and before the Kindle, that happened more often than not.

    But for Christmas, I don't read. We watch movies together. Okay, sometimes I read while I'm watching the movie but Mr R says that's not possible. LOL. Men.

    1. Jacquie, I love Caroline Clemmons's stories! She and I learned together. :)

      Any traditional movie favs, or just what's on?

  3. Tracy,
    I'm with you about the TBR and not realizing how many I have because they're all on my Kindle. This year, I made a conscious effort to make a dent in them, but I still have so many more. So, my New Year's resolution will be the same -- to finally read all the wonderful stories on my ereader and on my bookshelves. Happy Holidays!!

    1. That's a resolution I can get behind, Kristi!

  4. Tracy,

    I can feel your pain. I would rather spend my time reading than just about anything else, other than maybe writing or hiking. I remember one Christmas break, once the festivities were over, I went into my room and polished off "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse. To this day, I still read whenever I can. Doris PS Thanks for including my story.

  5. Tracy,

    I second what Kristy said. My Kindle is overloaded with books I want to read. Someday... *grin*

  6. Like you, Tracy, mine is a problem of time restriction rather than books. I love my Kindle and it is loaded with books I'm eager to read.
    Summertime is my favorite time to read because I can go outside on the deck and while away the hours reading. Winter should be the best since it's too miserable outside to really hang out and read, but I keep finding things in the house I should take care of instead. Now maybe if I had a cozy recliner things would be different. I'll have to see about that.
    I see from the other comments, we all share a great fondness for reading. I'll have to look into that book you mentioned, A Study in Charlotte. I loved reading Sherlock Holmes so I'm certain I would like it.
    Happy Holidays, Tracy!