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Monday, August 8, 2016

TWENTY QUESTIONS - The Author Version

Recently on Facebook, I was tagged to answer twenty questions about my writing. I decided to be lazy--- er, efficient, and post my answers here for all of you. 

1.) What is your Author name? Tracy Garrett.  I worked too hard to get published and didn't want anyone to not be able to find my books. lol

2.) What is the first book you ever published?  TOUCH OF TEXAS

3.) What is your publiversary? October, 2007

4.) What is your favorite book you've written thus far?  The one I’m working on right now. Seriously! Once they go out into the world, they get to live on their own.

5.) What book took you the longest to write? My first published one.

6.) How long did it take you? It took years to write, edit, edit some more…

7.) What kind of music (If any) do you listen to while you write? Celtic, mostly.  I don’t set up playlists or choose theme songs. I want music that will get me into the zone and keep me there.

8.) Who is your favorite character from any of your books? Now that’s like have to choose a favorite child. Probably Jake from TOUCH OF TEXAS.  He was my first and that makes him pretty special to me.

9.) What are you currently working on?   I’m working out the plot points on two novellas, one in the River’s Bend series and one that will be a spin off series. 

10.) Do you have anything you snack on while you write? Nuts, celery (not because I love it, mind you!).  CheezIts used to be my snack of choice, but…

11.) What is your favorite quote or line from one of your books?   This is a tough question—I’ve never considered quoting myself. But, since you asked, this is from WANTED: THE SHERIFF. Martha (the heroine) is discussing Martha’s obsession with Sheriff Matthew Tate and Mary is urging (read badgering) Martha to ask the man to the spring dance.
   Mary…slipped an arm around Martha’s waist as they walked to the door. “Please don’t be angry with me.
   It’s just that I know how you feel about Matt.”
   “And you want me to be happily married, like you.”
   Mary hugged herself and danced a little jig with surprising grace for a woman soon to deliver her first
   child. “Sorry, but no one could possibly be as happy as I am.”

12.) Are you a self published or traditional published author? Traditional, with Kensington/Zebra Books & Prairie Rose Publications.

13.) What is your writing inspiration? Everything around me. Sometimes a song will start a storyline in my head; or I’ll read an article that fills in a plot point.  Even the names of my ancestors can set characters up for me.

14.) What genre do you write?  Western historical romance

15.) Do you have any writing rituals?  Nope.

16.) Do you have a specific place you write or time?  Anywhere I have time.

17.) Do you have any advice for inspiring writers?  Write. Write more. Then write some more.

18.) What are your writing goals?  To make the New York Times list and to supplement our retirement income—someday.  Well, you did ask...

19.) What authors inspire you and your writing?  There are many who inspire me—some inspire me to keep going even when the going is tough; some to try something new; some set a lofty example for me to strive to each; others have become dear friends and cheerleaders (you know who you are).  And I couldn’t do this without any of them.

20.) What will be your next release?  Since HER SANCTUARY just came out in the fabulous A KISS TO REMEMBER   You’ll just have to check in on me and see. 
anthology, I’m working on two stories right now, either of which could be the next one out.

Twitter: @TGarrett_Author


  1. Loved "Her Sanctuary", and enjoyed learning a bit more about you. Continued success on the stories you are meant to tell. Doris

  2. Great to get to know you better, Tracy.

  3. Tracy,

    I'm glad you posted your 20 questions & answers here. I probably would have missed seeing them on FB. Your responses to 16, 17, & 18 are the same as mine. (Brilliant minds think alike, you know.) *wink*

  4. Tracy, I think this is a fabulous idea! All of the Roses should use this 20-questions form and tell readers something about ourselves. What do you think?

    Love your answer to the writing rituals question. Who has time for rituals? :-D

    1. Good idea, Kathleen! I just love to start a new trend.
      Rituals?? I'm just happy to get words on the page, ya know?!

  5. Well Tracy, I wish I had thought of this when I was tagged with the 20 questions. That's me, inefficient. LOL I always enjoy reading about my cohorts in crime.
    BTW, I love Cheeze Its, too.
    All the best. I apologize for being so dang late getting here.

  6. Tracy, late to the party as usual, but I really did enjoy your post and getting to know more about you! And I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I feel like the people in River's Bend are people I have known forever.