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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trivia Game: “If I could…” by Kaye Spencer

My Prairie Rose Publications sister-in-writing, Tracy Garrett, posted a delightful and insightful author version of “Twenty Questions” about herself on August 8th (Click HERE). Since she threw down the gauntlet, so-to-speak, I’m sharing my ten “If I coulds…” for your reading enjoyment.

1. If I could have any vice without repercussion, it would be...
Cuban cigars & Scotch whisky.

2. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be...
Fairplay, Colorado

South Park City - restored mining town - Fairplay, Colorado
South Park looking north - Fairplay is on the right hand horizon

3. If I could spend time with anyone from history, it would be...
William Shakespeare.

4. If I could spend time with a living actor and actress, it would be...
Sir Patrick Stewart and Meryl Streep

5. If I could have any X-Men attribute, it would be…
Wolverine's claws and ability to heal quickly.

6. If I could live in the future in any sci-fi movie/tv show, it would be...
As a former Browncoat in Firefly/Serenity.

7. If I could live in any time period of the past, it would be...
the American Old West between 1865 and the turn of the century 1900-ish.

8. If I could have any type of house I wanted, it would be...
a lighthouse.

9. If I could spend time with any author from any time period, it would be...
Louis L'Amour.

10. If I could change the ending of any classic novel, it would be...
Phantom of the Opera and Christine would stay with the Phantom.

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  1. I loved so many of your answers. A lighthouse for a home would be awesome. Ya know, I rather liked the Phantom, too. He should have been more the hero of the tale. Maybe it just goes to show how easily a villain could be a hero.
    I liked the vice without repercussions. I would drink Grand Mariner and eat cupcakes. Discipline is such a drag.
    I loved reading this blog, Kaye. You are such a wild child.

    1. Sarah,

      My lighthouse will have to be located close to land. Much as I *think* I'd like to live in a lighthouse, I'm such a land lubber at heart, it might be a bit challenging for me. :-)

      And I agree wholeheartedly. Discipline is a drag.

      A wild child... *snort* in my younger days. Now... I'm a fuddy-duddy stay-at-home-er" according to my grown children and my older grandchildren.

  2. You know Kaye, I love Fairplay, but Gunnison is a close second. But...where I love now (Colorado Springs) is still a favorite.

    Having said that, I think you have made some excellent choices. A good Scotch can cure a lot of ills. Doris

    1. Doris,

      Scotch will cure a lot of ills (even a not so good Scotch). *grin* I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Fairplay and I visited there a lot in my youth. I make it there every couple of years. South Park is the primary setting for a family saga-length western romance manuscript that I have languishing on my computer. Someday I'll publish it... someday.

  3. Kaye--I love this! What a fun post. You and my daughter are one and the same. Her goal in life is to live in a lighthouse.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Kristy,

      I had to delete my first comment. It posted with some strange characters that made it hard to decipher.


      While I *think* I want to live in a lighthouse, the reality is, I'm an "I need solid ground under my feet" sort of gal. I'm not afraid of water, but lighthouses and large bodies of water seem to go hand in hand and that combination gives me the willies. Sometimes wanting is better than having. *grin*

    3. Kaye, one of my wild dreams is to be a pilot, have a plane of my own and live on it. Ha! I'm afraid of heights and terrified of flying. Still, it's nice to have the dream. Right?

    4. Haha, I think we all have dreams like that. I really want to swim with sharks. But there are so many issues (seasickness being a big one) but also the terrifying nature of doing it at all, that I can easily talk myself out of it. But, still, I think a lot about it... :-)

  4. Love this, Kaye! I couldn't live in a lighthouse since I can't do stairs very well. But IF I could, I might have a lighthouse or an elaborate treehouse for a home! LOL I missed Tracy's post--now I've gotta go see what she answered. I think we should all do one of these!

    1. Cheryl,

      I enjoy reading responses to the "If I could..." and the author version of "20 Questions" more than straight/traditional interviews. They adapt well to all personalities from the serious to the outrageous and everyone in between.