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Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Release -- Coming Home by Tracy Garrett -- Giveaway!

Please be sure to leave a comment along with your contact information to be entered in the drawing for a digital copy of Tracy Garrett's novella, Coming Home.


When a man who believes he’ll never have a home and family…

Former U.S. Marshal Jericho Hawken should have been shepherding a wagon train to new territory, but he unwillingly left them vulnerable to a vicious raider. The murder of the settlers he was supposed to be guarding is the hardest thing he’s ever had to face…until he meets the sister of one of the settlers. 

…finds a woman who has lost everything…

Instead of a joyous reunion with her brother, Maryland Henry has come to River’s Bend to take responsibility for her three orphaned nieces. Fired from her teaching position and with no other family on whom to rely, Mary believes Jericho Hawken is responsible for all her woes. Or is he what she’s been searching for all along? 

It takes a lot of forgiveness and a few fireworks to realize that together their dreams can come true.


He watched Mary’s throat work as she battled back tears that made her blue eyes seem huge in her pale face. When she squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, he knew his time for avoiding the truth was over.
“What happened, Mr. Hawken?”
Self-loathing threatened to choke him. “I’m not sure.”
She glanced at Matt, then returned her piercing gaze to Jericho. “I don’t understand. Did it happen at night? Was it too dark for you to see?”
He gulped down the liquid in his glass and carefully set the crystal aside when he wanted to hurl it against the stone hearth. “I wasn’t there.”
“I was in jail.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Tracy. I'm hooked. I'd loved to win. But if I don't, I'll definitely be picking up a copy.

  2. The excerpt is short and quite intriguing. Would love to read more.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. I'm so glad your story is out now, Tracy. A woman who has lost everything can be quite a handful because she has nothing left to lose. Your hero must be top dollar to win her over. I wish you all the best.

  4. What a great premise to a story that sounds fabulous. Best to you. Doris

  5. This is such a wonderful story. I always love your characters so much!

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  7. Thanks, all for stopping by! I'm so excited about this release--and the lovely cover--that I've decided to give away TWO copies of COMING HOME.
    Congratulations, Alisa & Debby! Email me at