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Monday, August 11, 2014

Her Christmas Wish - Tracy Garrett

Even a woman capable of living on her own…
Kathryn McConnell is a widow celebrating a milestone birthday alone. Though she feels a woman should be able to mourn the passing of her thirtieth birthday any way she wants, she won’t turn away a cowboy in need of lodging—until she learns it’s the man she’d expected to marry thirteen years earlier.
…never forgets her first love.
Will O’Brien had challenged his father’s prejudice against the woman he loved only to discover he was unable to stand against his family’s wealth and connections. Without a way to support his bride, Will struck out for the west, determined to earn a living for them both. When he returned after two years with no word from Katie, he found she’d married another and moved away. Heartbroken, he returns to his work, but never stops hoping to find her.

When chance lands Will at the remote stagecoach station run by the widowed Kathryn, he grabs at the opportunity he’s been handed, hoping to win back the only woman he has ever loved.

“Originally published in the PRP Christmas anthology Wishing for a Cowboy, the story twists the enduring star-crossed lovers plot, giving Romeo and Juliet the happy ending they deserved but were denied.”  (Kathleen Rice Adams, author of Peaches, released in the Wishing for a Cowboy Anthology)

Her Christmas Wish is available for only .99!  Check it out at Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook, or Smashwords (most e-book formats).


  1. Tracy, it is a wonderful feeling to see your work out there as a single story. It is a beautiful story and I wish you success on this and all the stories that are in your heart to tell. WOOHOO! Doris

  2. This looks like a fun story. I haven't read it yet, but I look forward to doing so when I read WISHING FOR A COWBOY.

  3. I hope you enjoy it, Robyn! Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Tracy, I really enjoyed this story--heck, I've enjoyed every single one of your stories! Looking forward to the next one! Fantastic cover on this one, too!

  5. This was such a wonderful story, Tracy. I'm a sucker for reunited love and you did a beautiful job with Will and Katie's story. Much luck and many sales!

  6. Thanks, Cheryl! Love this cover too.

    And thanks for dropping in Kirsten!

  7. Congratulations on getting this story out as a single. I thought it was a terrific story in the anthology. I felt so sorry for Kathryn living alone in the remote outpost--until love returned to her. *sigh* Such a lovely story, Tracy.