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Friday, June 13, 2014


Sweet Danger was my first contemporary romantic suspense novel. Up until this point, I had stuck with writing western historicals, though my Time Plains Drifter, which was re-released recently through Prairie Rose Publications, is also a bit of a departure from that, venturing into the paranormal/time travel aspect, as well as historical.

Sweet Danger is the story of Jesse Nightwalker, an undercover cop, and Lindy Oliver, his beautiful next-door neighbor. They’ve been very much aware of one another for the past year or so, but have never formally met, until one fateful Friday morning when they both come into the local deli and end up next to each other in line.

But things turn deadly as a gang of criminals takes over the deli in what seems to be a robbery. Unfortunately for Jesse, the leader of the pack is Tabor Hardin, a vicious cop killer that Jesse helped put behind bars. Hardin’s purpose changes instantly. The robbery was only a fa├žade for a much more heinous crime—kidnapping the governor’s children from the adjoining daycare. Now, Hardin swears to make Jesse pay for his part in Hardin’s imprisonment before anything else takes place.

As if things couldn’t get worse, one of the other children in the daycare is Jesse’s own son, Nash. Jesse has to walk a fine line to figure out what he can do to save his son and Lindy, as well as the other hostages—even though it means certain death for himself.

When his wife died four years earlier, Jesse cut off all romantic feelings, immersing himself in his undercover work. Now, Lindy Oliver has reawakened those feelings at a most inopportune time, and Jesse is incredulous at what’s happening between them, now that he stands to lose it all at Hardin’s bloody hands.

I loved the premise of this book, and especially loved figuring out how to make it all “come around” so that Jesse and Lindy could have the HEA they so richly deserved.

Sweet Danger was re-released with FIRE STAR PRESS recently. It’s also available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon, among other distributors. I’ve posted the blurb and an excerpt below for your reading pleasure! Please leave a comment. Visit my website at


When bookseller Lindy Oliver and undercover cop Jesse Nightwalker sit down to share a pastry at the local deli, they're strangers. But as breakfast suddenly becomes a heart-stopping life-or-death ordeal, a stolen kiss changes everything between them. Escaped convict, Tabor Hardin, blames Nightwalker for his imprisonment. With Lady Luck on his side, the brutal murderer plans to quickly gain a fortune, then make the cop pay with his life – very slowly. Hardin's gang enters the deli in a hail of bullets, and Jesse shoves Lindy beneath a table to shield her. But as he does, he steals one hot, life-altering kiss that forms an unbreakable bond between them. Now, with someone to live for, survival takes on new meaning for both of them. Secrets and vengeance are bound to crush any thoughts of a future between them. Fate provides a glimmer of hope for true love, but can it last in the firestorm of this Sweet Danger?


This excerpt takes place in the first chapter. Jesse Nightwalker, an undercover cop, runs into his neighbor, Lindy Oliver, in the local deli. Though they've never met, they are very aware of one another. The deli owner introduces them officially and points them toward the only available booth. But their Friday morning takes a quick nosedive in the next few minutes. Here's what happens.

Jesse looked past her, his smile fading rapidly. As the flash of worry entered his expression, Lindy became aware of a sudden lull in the noisy racket of the deli. Jesse’s dark gaze was locked on the front door, a scowl twisting his features.

“Damn it,” he swore, reaching for her hand. “Get down! Under the table, Lindy…”

But she hesitated a second too long, not understanding what was happening. In the next instant, the sound of semi-automatic gunfire and shattering glass filled the air.

Lindy reflexively ducked, covering her head. The breath of a bullet fanned her cheek as Jesse dragged her down beneath the sparse cover of the small table. He shielded her, his hard body crushing against her, on top of her, pushing her to the floor. The breath rushed out of her, and she felt the hard bulge of the shoulder holster he wore beneath the denim jacket as it pressed against her back.

Her heart pounded wildly, realization of their situation flooding through her. A robbery! But why, at this hour of the morning when the take would be so low? The gunfire stopped as abruptly as it had started. From somewhere near the counter, a man shouted, “Come out and you won’t be hurt! Come out—now!”

Lindy looked up into Jesse’s face, scant inches from her own. What would he do? They were somewhat concealed here at the back of the deli, but these men were sporting semi-automatic weapons.

“There’s a back door,” Jesse whispered raggedly. “Get the hell out of here. I’m gonna be your diversion.” She didn’t answer; couldn’t answer. He was likely to be killed, helping her go free. He gave her a slight shake. “Okay?”

An interminable moment passed between them before she finally nodded. “Get going as soon as I get their attention.” He reached to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes, his own gaze softening as he leaned toward her and closed the gap between them. “Take care of yourself, Lindy,” he whispered, just before his mouth closed over hers.

The instant their lips met shook her solidly. Every coherent thought fled, leaving nothing but the smoldering touch of his lips on hers, burning like wildfire through her mind. Soft, yet firm. Insistent and insolent. His teeth skimmed her lower lip, followed by his tongue, as he tasted her. Then, he pulled away from her, their eyes connecting for a heart-wrenching second.

“Safe passage,” he whispered.

Lindy didn’t answer, more stunned by the sudden sweet kiss than by the madness surrounding them. Jesse pushed himself out from under the table and stood up, directly in front of where Lindy crouched. Only then did she hear his muted groan of pain, his sharp, hissing intake of breath. The blossoming red stain of crimson contrasted starkly with the pale blue of his faded denim jacket as his blood sprang from the bullet wound, soaking the material.

He’d been shot!

Lindy gasped softly at the realization. How could she leave him now?

Warning- if you are going to read Sweet Danger, then make sure that your schedule is clear for the next few hours. I say this because once you start this; you're not going to want to put it down.
This suspense story has so many twists and turns, it's filled with plenty of action. Readers will be at the edge of their seat, biting their nails until the last page is read.

Fans of top notch romantic suspense will surely enjoy Cheryl Pierson's Sweet Danger. It has a perfectly blended amount of romance, tension, suspense, and soul searching.

Lindy Oliver is one of the strongest, bravest heroines I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. She is a fighter, and amidst a scary situation she manages to stay calm and brave.

This is an amazing story, and Cheryl Pierson has me hooked!

Here’s what Pepper from Romance in the Back Seat had to say about Sweet Danger!

Sweet Danger has some delightful touches of humor (which it needs to break up the tension) and also some touching moments, though Pierson doesn’t make it easy for her characters. Things start out bad and just get worse. I thought as I watched the relationship between Jesse and Lindy develop, that Pierson had a good handle on how extraordinarily tense and dangerous situation can change people’s attitudes and make them look at what’s really important. I also thought Pierson had an excellent conception of what a hostage situation must be like for both the hostages and the cops trying to free them. I can only imagine how difficult it must be on everyone concerned. But Pierson portrayed it very well. If you like romantic suspense, I don’t think you can go wrong with Sweet Danger. Just be prepared to bite your fingernails.

I'm giving away a copy of SWEET DANGER today to one lucky commenter! Be sure to leave your contact information in your comment so that I can reach you if I draw your name!

If you just can't wait to see if you won, here's the Amazon link:


  1. Cheryl, I love that you are sharing your earlier work. For those who love your stories (that would include me) it is like an early holiday.

    This one sounds just delicious! Thank you. Doris

    1. I really do love this story. I had thought it would be really tough to write an entire novel that takes place in only a couple of days' time, but it wasn't--I think because I had to let the reader know what was going on inside the deli, outside the deli, and in the minds and hearts of Jesse and Lindy. Thanks so much for your very kind words, Doris!

    2. Thank you! This is one I hadn't purchased yet. Life is good. Doris

  2. DORIS! YOU ARE MY WINNER!!! LOL Something is wonky with the blog today, so, thankfully, your comment posted before everything went south. You are my winner of SWEET DANGER--if you have already read it let me know and I'll gift you something else.

    I'll e-mail you!

  3. Love the sound of this one Cheryl! Yet another to add to the TBR pile! I reckon I could build a house with the amount of books in that pile!

    1. Oh, Jill you will love it. It's gritty and harsh and you wonder if they're going to make it and how can they? But...well, you know I don't leave my characters w/o their HEA but they sure have to go through the wringer to get it.